How to Watch Fruit Baskets on Netflix in the US in 2022?

How to Watch Fruit Baskets on Netflix in the US in 2022?

If you are wondering where can I watch Fruit Baskets, you can watch it on Netflix. This guide will show you how to watch Fruit Basket on Netflix if it is unavailable on American Netflix with a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Fruits Basket (Japanese: フルーツバスケット, Hepburn: Furūtsu Basuketto), mostly abbreviated Furuba or Fruba (フルバ), created by Natsuki Takaya. From 1998 until 2006, it was serialized in the bimonthly Japanese shjo manga publication Hana to Yume, which Hakusensha distributes.

This article will guide you on how to watch Fruit Baskets on Netflix in the US, so let’s find out how to watch it by using a VPN;

How To Watch Fruit Basket on Netflix in the US (Quick Guide)

Even though Fruit Basket is geo-restricted, it is possible to watch it from anywhere in the world, especially the US using VPNs. To watch Fruits Basket on Netflix in the US, follow this simple step to step guide.

  1. Find a good and reliable VPN and subscribe to it. ExpressVPN works better.


    Sign into ExpressVPN.

  2. Download the ExpressVPN app.
  3. Start the app and connect to a server in Japan (Recommended server – Tokyo).
  4. Open Netflix and log in.
  5. You are now set and can watch Fruit Basket on Netflix in the US stress-free.

    Stream Fruits Basket with ExpressVPN!

Fruit Basket Trailer

This is the trailer for Fruit Basket.

Is Fruit Basket Available On Netflix?

Fruit Basket is available on Netflix, although it is available only in specific countries, so you might not find it on your Netflix. It is available on Netflix in only seven countries: Japan, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Singapore, Singapore, and the Philippines.

In another country like the US, you might not find Fruit Baskets in the US Netflix library. However, this simple guide will teach you how to access Fruit Basket on the US Netflix library.

An Overview of the Fruits Basket Manga Series

Natsuki Takaya is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Fruits Basket, sometimes known by the acronyms Furuba or Furuba. From 1998 until 2006, it was serialized in the bimonthly Japanese shojo manga publication Hana to Yume, distributed by Hakusensha.

The name of a well-known game played in Japanese elementary schools is the source of the series title, which is also a reference to the game.

Tohru Honda is an orphan who meets Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma. He learns 13 members of the Sohma family are cursed to transform into their animal forms when they are weak, stressed, or hugged by anyone of the opposite sex not possessed by a spirit of the zodiac.

The novel Fruits Basket clearly describes the curse. As the story continues, Tohru becomes aware of the struggles and suffering endured by the ill Sohma family members. Through her own selfless and compassionate personality, she aids in their emotional healing.

Tohru discovers more about herself and how much people care for her as she learns more about Yuki, Kyo, and the rest of the enigmatic Sohma family.

Why is a VPN Necessary To Watch Fruit Basket On Netflix?

Fruit Basket is only available on region-locked platforms; therefore, you will need a VPN to unlock the restricted content. A VPN is a tool that conceals your actual location and deceives the internet into thinking you are attempting to access it from a different location.

If you try to watch Fruits Basket on Netflix, you’ll be stopped dead in your tracks with a Netflix error NSES-404 message that says:

“Sorry, we can’t find that page. You’ll find lots to explore on the home page.”


You can’t access Fruits Basket without a VPN!

It accomplishes this by rerouting your Internet traffic through a different server and assigning you a new IP address corresponding to the nation to which you have linked yourself.

You may access the Netflix website in any other nation worldwide by using a VPN. Because of this, if Fruits Basket isn’t available through your Netflix subscription, you may use a VPN to change your location to Japan and watch Fruits Basket on your device.

By using a Premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, you can also unblock other streaming services like Thai TV, Megogo, and Brazilian TV in the US.

Best VPNs to Watch Fruit Basket on Netflix

Out of the 20+ VPN service providers we tested, only three made the list based on speed, cost, and the coverage of their servers worldwide. These include ExpressVPN, Surfshark and NordVPN.

1. ExpressVPN – Recommended VPN to Watch Fruit Basket on Netflix

ExpressVPN is the recommended Netflix VPN to watch Fruits Basket on Netflix. It has rightfully earned the top spot due to the incredible speed they offer its clients. With a download speed of 92.26 Mbps and an upload speed of up to 89.45 Mbps, ExpressVPN guarantees a smooth streaming experience.


Stream Fruits Basket with ExpressVPN!

During the speed test, ExpressVPN on Netflix offered a download speed of 92.26 Mbps and an upload speed of 89.45 Mbps on a 100 Mbps internet connection. However, we do not recommend using the Tokyo -2 server because it is slow in speed.


It offered a great streaming experience when tested on a 100 Mbps connection.

ExpressVPN has over 3000+ servers located in 94+ countries, four of which are located in Japan to allow you to access Japanese Netflix and you can also watch Your Name without any hassle.

You only need to pay an affordable membership fee of US$ 6.67/mo - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan to get ExpressVPN. To get the best value for your money, subscribe to the annual plan, where you save a whopping 49% and even get three months free!

ExpressVPN uses a military-grade encryption standard, AES 256-bit, that offers the highest security for your personal information. You are protected from prying government eyes, malicious attacks from hackers, and even your internet service provider.

MediaStreamer is an ExpressVPN tool that comes in handy when some of your devices, like routers, don’t support the VPN app.

With an ExpressVPN account, you can share with your friends and family and connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

ExpressVPN is supported on laptops, gaming consoles, routers, and smart TVs. You can watch it on LG SmartTV, macOS, Apple TV, Windows, PS4, and Android.

Recommended servers: Tokyo, and Yokohama.

Try ExpressVPN today on your mobile for a 7-day trial period. If it doesn’t suit your needs, there is a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee with no hassle, and if you face any issue, ExpressVPN has a customer support option.

Moreover, the Tokyo – 2 server is not recommended due to the slow speed.


  1. It is the fastest VPN provider.
  2. You can connect five devices.
  3. There are more than 3000 servers.
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee.


  1. More expensive compared to the other two.

Watch Fruits Basket with ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

2. Surfshark – Budget-friendly VPN to Watch Fruit Basket on Netflix

Are you living in the US and looking for a modest VPN provider to watch Fruits Basket on Netflix? Surfshark is the VPN for you. With a pocket-friendly price of a measly US$ 2.30/mo - 82% Off on 2 Years Plan, you can afford to stream your feel-good anime.


Stream Fruits Basket with Surfshark!

Surfshark is also fast enough to enable you to enjoy watching best movies and shows on Japanese Netflix with little or no interruptions. The VPN offers a download speed of 88.48 Mbps and an upload speed of 79.42.


Surfshark promisingly passed the speed test result on a 100 Mbps connection.

Surshark offers 3200+ servers located in 65+ countries with 12 servers in Japan.

Surfshark servers employ the iron-clad AES 256-bit encryption system to prevent third parties from accessing your data. In addition, surfshark has excellent tools like Kill Switch and CleanWeb.

There is a MediaStreamer tool recently developed by Surfshark for devices that don’t support the VPN app.

You can easily install and use the Surfshark app on iPhones, Windows, Fire Stick, macOS, and Android devices. Moreover, the Japan – Tokyo #17 server is the slowest.

 Recommended Servers: Tokyo #16, 23, 24

When unblocking Fruit Basket on Netflix, the number of devices you can connect is limited by your imagination. Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous device connection with a single account. With this VPN, you can easily change Netflix region and fix proxy errors within seconds.

A 7-day free trial is offered to mobile phones, and you get 24/7 live chat support assistance. There is no shame in admitting when something doesn’t work for you. If this happens with Surfshark, you are guaranteed your money back within 30 days.


  1. Surfshark has the cheapest membership subscription.
  2. You can connect unlimited devices in one account.
  3. 30-day money-back guarantee.
  4. Added security features like Kill Switch.


  1. There are a lot of buffering issues.
  2. Apple apps are slow.

Watch Fruits Basket with Surfshark30 Days Money Back Guarantee

3.NordVPN – Largest Server Network to Watch Fruit Basket on Netflix

NordVPN has the largest server network with the most coverage worldwide. It has 5543+ servers, which are located in over 60+ countries; NordVPN is a giant compared to the other two and includes about 80 servers in Japan. It is the most popular choice to watch Fruits Basket on Netflix.


Stream Fruits Basket with NordVPN!

The download speed that NordVPN offered was 86.49 Mbps, and the upload speed was 79.42 Mbps on a connection that was 100 Mbps. However, stay away from the Japan #568 server due to its slowness problems.


It offers fast speed for streaming when tested on a 100 Mbps connection.

Getting a membership with NordVPN is a wise money move. The monthly fee is only US$ 3.49/mo - Save 60% on 2 Years Deal, and you get a 60% discount on the two-year deal. From time to time, there are discounted offers like the Black Friday offer that gives a 68% discount and three months free on the 2-year plan.

 Recommended Servers: Japan #593, #527, #575

You are safe browsing with NordVPN as it uses superb AES 256-bit encryption, Double VPN, and DNS leak protection.

Using one NordVPN account, you can connect up to 6 devices with your friends and family to stream Fruit Basket on Netflix in the US.

The NordVPN app is compatible with Windows, Smart TVs, Roku, macOS, Linux, Chromecast, PS4, and Fire Stick.

There is no free trial offered in NordVPN, but there is 24/7 live chat support. You are guaranteed your money back after 30 days if you decide the VPN doesn’t suit you.


  1. Cheaper than ExpressVPN.
  2. 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee.
  3. You can connect up to 6 devices.
  4. There is a vast server network.


  1. Slow desktop apps.

Watch Fruits Basket with NordVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Can I Watch Fruit Basket on Netflix with a Free VPN?

Yes, you can, but the consequences are not worth it. There is no security guarantee when you browse the internet using a free VPN on Netflix.

Your data is exposed to hackers who can attack using malware, and your ISP can access your logs. Moreover, free VPNs won’t be able to bypass all Netflix geo-restriction blocks.

It is advisable to use premium VPN services with a paid subscription like ExpressVPN for protection.

Since there is a money-back guarantee with premium VPNs, you can withdraw your membership at the end of a month and get your money.

The cast of Fruit Basket

Some actors who voice the anime are:

Jerry Jewell Laura Bailey
Yuma Uchida Eric Vale
Manaka Iwami Yuchi Nakamura

Genre: Fruit Basket

The anime is supernatural fiction with some romantic comedy elements and a slice of life.

Rating for Fruit Basket on IMDb

When the anime show first aired in 2001, 5.8k people rated it 7.9/10. Whereas the Fruits Basket season 2 scored 8.6/10.


You can watch the fruit basket on other streaming platforms apart from Netflix.

AnimeLab is mainly used in New Zealand and Australia, Funimation in US and Canada, and Wakanim in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Crunchyroll and HBO Max are used globally to watch Fruits Basket.

Yes, the Netflix library has Fruits Basket in select countries like Japan, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore.

Otherwise, subscribe to a VPN if you are located in other countries.

The 2009 reboot stays on Hulu, although 2001 original is slotted to leave the platform. Many fans who loved the original version are heartbroken by this turn of events.

A New York Times writer named Tim Kreider wrote a rather vague statement citing, “if we want the rewards of being loved, we must submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known”. Fruits Basket anime portrays how difficult it is to form meaningful relationships.


This article provides a guide on how to watch Fruits Basket on Netflix in the US. Since the country is geo-restricted, you can only stream through a VPN like ExpressVPN. You can now stream your favorite Fruit Basket anime seasons.

If you’re thinking, is Fruits Basket on HBO Max? Yes, it is. You can watch it with the help of a VPN. Furthermore, Netflix has suspended its free trial option so purchase its subscription and you will get the Netflix cancel subscription option if you want to cancel it anytime.

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