Which Lucifer Character Is Your Perfect Match Based on Your Zodiac [March 2022 Updated]

Which Lucifer Character Is Your Perfect Match Based on Your Zodiac [March 2022 Updated]

Lucifer has some of the most interesting characters with intriguing personas but have you wondered who would be your soulmate based on your Zodiac?

Finding a soulmate in a city like Los Angeles is not a hard thing as you can stumble upon many romantics. Every character of Lucifer has a different aura and persona, may it be good or bad, it is still attractive. Every person has a different taste, so if you are fantasizing about your partner, then these will be the characters you will match with based on your Zodiac.

#12 Mazikeen – Aries


Aries are enthusiastic and passionate people who are always ready to take challenges happily. If you are an Aries, then you will definitely love Maze, whose passionate and has a softer side to her despite being Lucifer’s right hand. Aries love adventure and they tend to look for the same in their partner. Keeping this in mind, Maze would be an exciting partner for adventures during the day and night.

#11 Amenadiel – Taurus


If you are a Taurus looking for a partner, then your soulmate would be Amenadiel. He is the favourite son of God and he has came from the heaven. Taurus are always looking for partners that are reliable and patient. These qualities match with the character of Amenadiel as he is a practical, patient and reliable person. He listens to his heart just like Taureans.

#10 Gemini—Michael


The symbol of Gemini is twins and what better option do you have for a Gemini than Michael, who’s the evil twin brother of Lucifer. Geminis do not like repetition and neither does Michael, hes the perfect fit for Geminis as they love to try new gatherings and people. However, Michael can not be your forever soulmate, after all its a Gemini thing!

#9 Cancer—Lieutenant Marcus Pierce

People having Zodiac of Cancer are emotional, impatient and at times selfish. All of these traits are visible in Lt. Marcus, who displays all the characteristics that a Cancerian would fall for. It is not easy to make a Cancerian happy just like its not easy to earn Lt. Pierce’s respect.

#8 Leo—Dan


Leo’s are hard to put down and they are always there for the ones they love. Dan is the perfect match for a Leo because Leos love people that advocate for them and have strong spiritual strength. Leos do not like to be ignored and Dan is the perfect character that would give them the shine they wish for.

#7 Chloe—Virgo


Virgos are keen observers just like Chloe, who gives attention to detail and like to analyze things. Virgos are well-organized and very practical, which is why they tend to attract more virgos around them. Loyalty and respect are their biggest strengths just like Chloe, who is loyal to her work and loves to analyze every situation. If you are a Virgo, then Chloe would be the perfect fit for you.

#6 Candy Morningstar—Libra

candy morningstar

People having Libra star sign are people that love to socialize and they love to have company. For a Libra, a person who goes with the flow is their soulmate. In that case, Candy is the perfect fit for a Libra as she is she flows with the tide without hesitation. She is an easy going person that loves to be social and try out the new things in life, which attracts a Libra.

#5 Charlotte Richards—Scorpio

Scorpios are always on the hunt for truth and are always looking for facts in any case. They are trustworthy people and they keep secrets better than anyone, a trait they seek for in their partners as well. Charlotte was a ruthless attorney, a trait many Scorpios like. Another thing about Charlotte has, that many Scorpios find attractive is the continuous struggle to be better than before.

#4 Ella—Sagittarius


You can never hold back a Sagittarius just like you cannot hold back Ella. She is a smart investigator and loves to work freely. Sagittarius are doers and they like to listen to their own mind. Same is the case with Ella, who loves to do what she wants to do and does not like to be suppressed.

#3 The Mother Goddess—Capricorn



If there would be a perfect fit for a Capricorn, it has to be Mother Goddess. Capricorns are flattered and at times attracted towards people having ambitions, just like that of Mother Goddess. Sense of over-achievement is what brings Capricorns together.

#2 Aquarius—Lucifer


Lucifer may be the devil but he has a good side and he does care for the people that are close to him. This is one of the traits that an Aquarius has and also looks for in their significant other. Lucifer is charming, handsome and has a strong appeal that would definitely attract an Aquarius and both would make a great pair.

An Aquarius would let the devil play as he wishes to, knowing that the devil will not leave their side.

#1 Dr. Linda – Pisces


Pisces are emotional, caring and kind. They would go beyond their potential to help others and make others happy. A Pisces would love to be with someone who is soft, kind and understands their emotions and one who does not judge them. Dr. Linda is a perfect fit for a Pisces’ partner because she understands the emotions of other and she’s always trying to save people. She never gives up on anyone, a trait that many Pisces people appreciate and admire.

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