Britney Spears Reveals She’s Writing A Book, And How It Is ‘Healing & Therapeutic’

Britney Spears Reveals She’s Writing A Book, And How It Is ‘Healing & Therapeutic’

On Monday, April 4, 2022, Britney Spears revealed a piece of exciting news to her faithful fans and gave them an update regarding her upcoming memoir and how the writing process has been coming so far.

After more than a month it was reported that Britney will be writing down a tell-all and also Britney Spears officially made it confirmed that she is writing a book.

40 years old Spears, revealed her plans about writing a book through a very detailed and lengthy post on Instagram yesterday, April 4, 2022, where she said the writing project has been healing and therapeutic.’
In a quite lengthy post on Instagram, the superstar penned down,

Well I’m writing a book at the moment and as it’s actually healing and therapeutic … it’s also hard bringing up past events in my life … I’ve never been able to express openly !!! I can only imagine that I do sound childish but I was extremely young when those events took place … and addressing it now … I’m sure it seems irrelevant to most and I’m completely aware of that !!!



She also went ahead openly and referred to the public apology of Justin Timberlake which he rendered to both Janet Jackson and herself in regards to the documentary, The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears, premiering on Hulu back in 2021, and before the release of The New York Times Presents: Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson that same year in November.

Instead of using my heart … I’m using the intellectual approach as Justin so respectfully did when he apologized to Janet and me … although he was never bullied or threatened by his family … he took the opportunity to apologize 20 years later !!!” she continued. “Timing is EVERYTHING !!! Good timing is the B—H !!! Anyway … I wanted to just let people KNOW I CARE !!! AND I’M SO SORRY !!!

Furthermore in her post, the heartbeat of Pop also condemned the memoirs published and written by Lynne Spears, her mother, and Jamie Lynn Spears, her younger sister, at the time when she was not allowed to do anything and “couldn’t even get a cup of coffee or drive [her] car or really anything” because of the legal conservatorship which had every aspect of her life controlled for whole thirteen years.

I’m not the type of person to bring up UNCOMFORTABLE CONVERSATIONS,” as she went on, but come on LET’S ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT IT…Why do I say this ??? Well because I never felt heard ever !!! I was screaming inside and no matter what I said it was always looked down on.


In the end, she concluded her post by giving another reference to the book Jamie Lynn wrote in her recent tell-all Things I Should Have Said.
She said,

So sorry if I’ve offended anyone by writing these stories … but just as my sister can legally mention my name in her book over 200 times … cry on TV … and get a heartfelt ‘awww’ from most … I also have the right to share a couple of paragraphs on my Instagram.

Sam Asghari, Britney’s fiancé also commented under her post, “I’m buying the first copy,” while fans also gave so much love and an outburst of support, for the post in the comments section.

In February Page Six reported that Britney Spears is done making a landmark deal with a publishing house, Simon & Schuster, for collecting up the chronicles of her life in a memoir which will talk about her family, career, and life altogether.

The deal was made after a bidding war over her book in which many bog names of publishers came.

A person from the inside told the sources that ‘the deal is one of the biggest of all time, behind the Obamas.’

Former US presidents, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama sold the rights of their memoirs in 2017 for an advance that was said to be as huge as $65 million.

In January Britney dropped a hint about the tell-all when she posted a picture of a typewriter placed next to a pile of pink roses.

‘Shall I start from THE BEGINNING???’ she wrote in the caption of the sepia-toned image.


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News of the book publishing deal came out after the release of a controversial memoir was published by Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney’s younger sister, Things I Should Have Said, is the book in which there are many shocking claims talking about the singer.

Jamie Lynn asserted that once her elder sister got both of them locked in a room with a knife in hand, and called her behavior at that time ‘erratic, paranoid and, spiraling.’

Though Britney vehemently denied the knife incident and responded by labeling her sister a ‘scum person’ for spreading ‘crazy lies’ around her.

As the matter got worst and the bad blood between the duo peaked, Britney also enunciated regret on her social media that she had not ‘slapped you and Mamma right across your f***ing faces!!!!!’

Within a week of the release of the book, Britney’s legal camp sent Jamie Lynn a cease-and-desist order over the ‘misleading or outrageous claims’ made in the book.

Lynne Spears, Britney’s mother, also has three publications to her name, including the memoir Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World. The other two books which include the novel A Mother’s Gift and Britney Spears’ Heart to Heart, has been co-written with Britney.

Jamie Lynn’s book was published just a few months after Britney’s contentious conservatorship was eventually concluded after 13 years.

Last year, she successfully managed to get her father Jamie removed as her conservator and later get her years-long conservatorship terminated altogether.

As soon as she was liberated, Britney has pursued a public verbal war with her family for the manners she claims her family treated her during the conservatorship.

‘Lord have mercy on my family’s souls if I ever do an interview,’ she took to her Instagram and posted a picture last year.

The war of words between Britney Spears and her family continues and it seems even the conservatorship has ended, the dusted hasn’t been settled between the two parties. Britney’s upcoming memoir will explain her journey throughout her difficult conservatorship and how, after it has been ended, she’s continuing her healing process as an individual.

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