Callum Hole Involved in the First Cheating Scandal to Rock Love Island Australia

Callum Hole Involved in the First Cheating Scandal to Rock Love Island Australia

Callum Hole, the 24-year-old pool guy from Love Island Australia, has caused a stir in the Villa in the short time he has been there.

He is in a committed relationship with Layla at the moment. However, he has recently developed feelings for Vakoo and shared with her this week that he is interested in getting to know her.

In contrast, he also shared with Layla that he wants to devote himself to their relationship completely. Stream all of the episodes of the season 4 of Love Island Australia and experience the spicy activities that occur within the villa.

This whole Callum-Vakoo scene transpired after he and Mitchell had begun a game of secret truth or dare with Vakoo and fellow Bombshell Phoebe H, which ultimately resulted in his enjoying a three-way kiss with both of the females.

Here’s how the scene begins:

Phoebe H was challenged by Callum to take off Mitch’s shirt and “kiss him on the cheek” after licking him from crotch to chest. At this moment, Vakoo intervened and exclaimed, “No, kiss him!”

Phoebe (Mitch’s girlfriend) was skeptical of what Mitch was up to, so she, Stella, and Claudia crouched behind a wall nearby to observe the game of Truth or Dare that was taking on.

Before she unbuttoned Mitch’s shirt and jeans, Phoebe H chuckled nervously and asked Mitch, “Is this going to get you in trouble?”

Phoebe eventually emerged from her hiding spot at this time and saw Phoebe H removing Mitch’s belt.

After seeing this, Phoebe reacted angrily and marched out, where she instantly started sobbing uncontrollably and fell to her knees, all while Stella cuddled and comforted her.

However, Phoebe H. met the conditions of the dare by licking Mitch and then kissing him on the cheek.

After Phoebe H was through, however, Mitch sat down with his hand covering his mouth and seemed to be in a state of mild shock in response to the whole event. It is how this event wrapped up.

Callum has had shared his experience before moving into the Villa, that his romantic relationships have always been “chaotic” He went so far as to disclose that he had cheated on his partner with an ex-girlfriend.

He has grown as a result of his experiences, and he is looking to cultivate a deep connection with an individual with whom he may have a relationship in the outside world.

“I have definitely cheated, I cheated once before, yes,” he said.

“I was seeing this girl, and we were a little bit on the rocks… and then I went out, and I bumped into my ex-girlfriend and she still had a big thing for me and she roped me in.

“I slept with her… then the next morning, I packed up and I went straight to my girlfriend’s house and I told her straight away.”

When asked what happened with his then partner, he added: “She was still happy to take me back, no problems.

“But then I broke up with her a couple of months later. Obviously, it wasn’t the same.”

He went on to say “I fall out of love faster”.

He further added, “I don’t think I’ve ever had a relationship that’s smooth sailing, I always get myself into sticky situations.”

“Getting caught out, having a bit of a flirt or whatever, couple of messages… always a bit of drama. I’m always in the dog house!”

He said that he had not been in a relationship that was very serious, and he added: “I’ve had a couple of ones that have last six months, something like that.

“But I’ve never really looked at a woman and been like – she’s the one I’m going to settle down with, she’s the one I’m going to marry. I’ve never had that feeling.

“I always think the grass is greener! I don’t really put all my eggs in one basket.”

Callum surprised everyone by arriving as a bombshell on the second episode of Love Island Australia. Now, only time will tell whether his relationship with Layla can withstand the test of time or if he gets into an affair with someone else.

What are your thoughts on the Scandal scene on Love Island Australia & Callum’s cheating on his partner with his ex-girlfriend? Let us know in the comments section!

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