007 Star Daniel Craig Reveals the Fate of James Bond: “This Is it. I don’t Want to Do Anymore”


Spoiler Alert:This piece includes details on the ‘No Time To Die’ ending & the fate of the James Bond series.”

Daniel Craig is speaking about his decision to end his tenure as “James Bond” with the release of the film “No Time To Die,” as well as the circumstances that inspired him to propose that particular conclusion for the legendary character.

In the fifth and last movie of his term as James Bond, No Time to Die, released in 2021, Daniel Craig’s character would, in the end, take his own life.

Craig’s time as 007 spanned five films. The star recently disclosed in an interview that since he began filming the first movie, which had its world debut in 2006, he had already known how he wanted the character to conclude their story.

He revealed to the Sunday Times that following the opening of “Casino Royale” in Berlin, he said, “I had genuinely thought I would do one Bond movie, then it would be over. But by then, we knew we had a hit on our hands, realizing the enormity of the franchise”:

“I said to Barbara, ‘How many more? Three? Four?’ She said, ‘Four!’ I said, ‘OK. Then can I kill him off?’ She said, ‘Yes,’” Craig recalled.

Following his portrayal in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig would go on to feature in the films Quantum of Solace in 2008, Skyfall in 2012, and Spectre in 2015. However, because of the Covid-10 outbreak, the release of No Time to Die was postponed to 2021. The last installment of one of the most well-received James Bond franchises features Bond giving his life for the sake of his family.

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As he began filming the fifth installment of his run as James Bond, he remarked, “This is it. I don’t want to do anymore.’”

Craig wanted to give the spy a heroic finish, so he charged Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who worked on the screenplay for the movie, with coming up with a conclusion that demonstrated James Bond’s compassion. Bond stays behind on an island even though he is infected with nanobots that are meant to kill his lover and their small daughter. He is aware that missiles will soon destroy the island.

Furthermore, Craig stated that the concept of Bond sacrificing himself revealed a different side of the character.

Craig provides the following explanation for the character’s death:

“Real tragedy is when you have absolutely no choice,” Craig explained. “We had to find a way to make his death no choice. It was the happiest Bond had ever been because he’d found exactly what he was looking for. Like everyone on Earth, he was just looking for love.”

Killing Bond would also give a chance for the beloved franchise to present the rebirth of this legendary character, even if the production company isn’t quite prepared to accept it at the time.

Craig also said, “If we kill Bond, we can begin again. I think Barbara thought that too. But, bless them, the studio, MGM, were, like, ‘What are you talking about? Are you out of your minds?’ There was reluctance. So we had to do it in secret, really.”

Craig is now starring in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, and is seemingly content with how he is to end his tenure with the 60-year-old franchise. Even though it is unknown when or how the Bond series will be updated, Craig will not be wearing Bond’s shoes anymore.

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