Fans Launch Campaign to Bring Back Cancelled Netflix Series Warrior Nun

Fans Launch Campaign to Bring Back Cancelled Netflix Series Warrior Nun

The “Warrior Nun” series, based on the graphic novel of the same name, follows Ava, a 19-year-old orphan who discovers she has a divine artifact embedded in her back, making her the chosen one among a group of warrior nuns who fight demons and other supernatural creatures. The show quickly gained a dedicated fanbase, who were left disappointed when Netflix announced the cancellation of the series after only two seasons.

In a bold move, fans of the hit Netflix series “Warrior Nun” have taken their demand for a third season to the streets by purchasing a billboard directly across from the streaming giant’s Los Angeles office. The billboard, featuring the show’s iconic logo and the hashtag #SaveWarriorNun, was erected earlier this week and has drawn attention from fans and industry insiders alike. The move was sparked by the recent cancellation of “Warrior Nun” after only two seasons, a decision that left fans of the fantasy-action series disappointed and frustrated.

According to a statement released by the fan group behind the billboard campaign, the decision to cancel “Warrior Nun” was “unfair and unjustified,” and they are determined to see the show continue. “We know that there are still so many stories to tell and so many characters to explore,” the statement reads. “We refuse to let Netflix silence the voices of this amazing show.” Sarah tweeted that a group of Warrior Nun supporters had created a billboard outside of Netflix’s headquarters with the message “#SaveWarriorNun.”

The post has been seen over a million times and has attracted the interest of key members of the Warrior Nun crew. In front of the billboard, author David Hayter tweeted: “I went to see the billboard today. Right across from Netflix HQ. You are the best fans in the world.” Warrior Nun creator Simon Barry also responded to the billboard, saying, “Incredible!! I’m stunned and beyond impressed. You guys are next level!” If the show’s creators and producers have seen the effort, then Netflix is probably aware of it.

A portion of those who have used the hashtag has suggested that the stated justification for the cancellations of these shows is illogical. Warrior Nun got 100% approval from users and critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Platform officials have claimed it that completion rates and watching within a certain number of days are the most crucial factors in the renewal procedure.

Warrior Nun supporters are using more than just the billboard to rally for the show. There is a petition that has amassed about 110,000 signatures since it was started in December to have the show renewed for a third season. The hashtag “#SaveWarriorNun” and the phrase “NETFLIX CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE” have trended on Twitter many times due to Warrior Nun supporters. Disappointed viewers who wanted to see episodes like “The Midnight Club” and “1899” survived the streaming service’s cancellations in 2022 and took action to make their concerns known.

Dedicated and persistent fans have a long history of rescuing canceled programs, and if the Warrior Nun trends and billboards are any indicator, these viewers have plans to keep up for a while. Warrior Nun supporters hope their beloved show will be spared the same tragic ending, and they’ve made a strong case for keeping it on the air. Furthermore, viewers will only be satisfied if the season is extended.

If fans keep up their public outcry, they can finally convince the streaming provider to resolve the situation. Then again, they may persuade another service to try them out. Similar to how networks and streaming sites have resurrected cherished canceled series, some have argued that alternatives like Hulu may take over for season 3. After their cancellations, many popular shows, including Manifest, Girls5Eva, and Minx, have recently moved to other networks.

What are your thoughts on the success of Netflix’s “Warrior Nun” season and the subsequent renewal for a third season? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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