Kanye West Asserts Kim Kardashian Accused him of ‘putting a hit out on her’ Public Feud

Kanye West Asserts Kim Kardashian Accused him of ‘putting a hit out on her’ Public Feud

Kanye West and his alienated wife Kim Kardashian took their war of words on another level after the rapper took to social media on Sunday and publicly stated that Kardashian inculpated him of “putting a hit out on her.”

“Send me Kim’s number,” read the screenshot of an iPhone that Kanye shared while captioning it in all caps,  “Yesterday Kim accused me of putting a hit out on her. So let me get this straight, I be to go to my daughter’s party and I’m accused of being on drugs then I go to play with my son and I take my Akira graphic novel and I’m accused of stealing now I’m being accused of putting a hit on her.”


He further added, “These ideas can actually get someone locked up. They play like that with Black men’s lives, whether it’s getting them free or getting them locked up. I’m not playing about my Black children anymore.” A representative for Kardashian did not instantly answer the request for comment from Rolling Stone.

West also posted a string of text messages in a follow-up post that he claims came from the cousin of Kardashian. In the stated conversation, Kim’s cousin appears to communicate with West in a friendly manner and even appreciated him for keeping his daughter North West away from TikTok. However, the chat somehow went off track when the cousin asked for information related to Kanye’s Yeezy sneaker business.

“This is an example of Kim’s cousin agreeing with me about TikTok, then proceeded to ask me for some Yeezys. Afterwards, her other cousin Kara called me saying she agreed with me then said she would speak out publicly, which she never did, then she suggested I take my medication,” West stated.

“My dad didn’t have money or a public voice when my mom destroyed me and his relationship. I do this for every parent on either side whose kids’ futures are being one-sidedly controlled. I don’t even have the right to get angry as a father without being called erratic. I gave that family the culture. If they as a whole unit keep playing games with me, I will take that culture back. A father should never have to beg for the location of their children.”

On Friday, the rapper also inculpated Kardashian for “kidnapping” Chicago, the daughter both share, as reported by Yahoo Entertainment earlier.

West also shared a screengrab of a message in a now-deleted Instagram post, that read, “America saw you try to kidnap my daughter on her birthday by not providing the address [of Chicago’s 4th birthday party]. You put security on me inside of the house to play with my son then accused me of stealing.”

Kanye revealed as well that after the party in January, he “had to take a drug test” because his wife “accused me of being on drugs.”

As reported by E-News, Kanye also slated Kardashian on February 4, 2022, for letting North create a social media account.

“SINCE THIS IS MY FIRST DIVORCE,” he captioned an Instagram with a screenshot of his 8-year-old daughter’s latest TikTok video, “I NEED TO KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO ABOUT MY DAUGHTER BEING PUT ON TIK TOK AGAINST MY WILL?”


However, this isn’t the first instance where the “Praise God” singer raised his concern about letting North West, their eldest kid, have a TikTok account. Responding to Kanye’s statements, Kardashian posted an indirect and elaborated reply in Instagram Stories elucidating that she is trying to co-parent their four children in a tough situation, albeit her ex trying to make it “impossible every step of the way.”

The power couple separated in late 2020, and Kardashian moved to court for divorce in February 2021. They share four kids; North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

West’s vexation over his unsuccessful marriage has previously led him to violence. Last month, the singer confessed punching a fan who was purportedly harassing him outside the Soho Warehouse, the recording studio for his new songs.

He opened up to Entertainment Tonight revealing he was perturbed at that time with Kardashian and also with a cousin who did not tell Kim that he wanted to see one of their kids at school.

“Security ain’t gonna get in between me and my children. And my children aren’t gonna be on TikTok without my permission,” Kanye reiterated his stance to Kardashian.


He also admitted the fact that he was upset by her blooming relationship with Davidson.

“How are you going to blame me for acting out and kiss the dude you’re dating right in front of me. Everyone’s like, “that’s cool,” and I’m hearing that the new boyfriend is in the house that I can’t even go to.”‘

After Kim’s divorce filing in February 2021, it was revealed in December, that Kanye started seeing actress Julia Fox known for ‘Uncut Gems’, while his ex-wife has been dating actor Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live.

Kanye and Kim’s personal spat is turning out to be a public drama and becoming the headlines of media.

Should celeb couples keep it more personal or vent about their matters openly by slating each other? Let us know in the comments.

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