Koffee with Karan 7: Janhvi Kapoor has a Fitting Reply for KJo About her Sex Life

Koffee with Karan 7: Janhvi Kapoor has a Fitting Reply for KJo About her Sex Life

Jhanvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan were the two most recent guests in Karan Johar’s talk show Koffee with Karan Season 7. The chat included never-told-before confessions in terms of their dating lives and telling on their co-stars. The duo surely managed to deliver an interesting episode worthy of a piping hot mug of coffee.

However, a surprising revelation shocked the girls when he said they both dated two brothers once. 

Karan also asked another interesting question if Janhvi would have sex with her ex-boyfriend. Her reply was “no, can’t go backwards.”

The most recent season of Koffee With Karan is only two episodes old, with the next episode scheduled to air coming Thursday. The show only airs on Disney Plus Hotstar, which is only accessible in India. However, here’s how fans can watch Koffee With Karan season 7 in USA, right when it airs.

Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor dated brothers

Before revealing, Karan Johar started off with, “I am tracking back to before the pandemic. I don’t know the level of your friendship today, but I don’t remember there being any. I remember that you both have dated siblings before,” while talking to the duo. 

The duo was visibly shocked by Karan’s observation. Both of them asked him if he was going to address the topic right here. Janhvi and Sara also asked one another if they knew their host was going to pop this out of nowhere. 

Fans didn’t take much time to do some digging and actually found proof that the girls indeed dated two brothers. According to their sleuthing, Janhvi and Sara once dated the two grandsons of former Maharashtra Chief Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde; Shikhar Pahariya and Veer Pahariya.

This is not the first time KJo has something controversial that has taken place on his show. Previously, he came under fire when Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor in season 3 made snarky remarks about Ranbir’s dating life which upset his father hugely, and Karan Johar himself had to do the damage control. 

Recently, Ranbir Kapoor even addressed the said remarks of being titled a Casanova’ on KJo’s show and told the public how no one has heard his side of the story. 

Further in the episode, Sara and Janhvi shared with everyone they became fast friends after going on two trips together. The duo also shared an incident where they went trekking and had a near-death experience on one of the trips.

Check the besties’ origin story shared by @disneyplushotstar:

This episode of Koffee with Karan season 7 featuring Janhvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan aired on Disney+ Hotstar on July 14th

Before the episode aired, Karan Johar introduced Janhvi and Sara, describing them to be “nothing less than PHAT” in the teaser trailer:


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@JoanneiaSelin shared her love for Sara Ali Khan and how she was the reason she kept watching the episode on loop:

Some fans were quick to criticize Janhvi and Sara for being a byproduct of nepotism:

Next up on Koffee with Karan, Akshay Kumar and Samantha Prabhu show off their classy moves in the episode airing on July 21st, 7pm on Disney+ Hotstar:

Do not miss the upcoming episodes of Koffee with Karan season 7. You’ll get to see your favorite stars indulging into fun, and at times controversial conversations.

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