Layla Was Shocked Over Her Exit from Love Island Australia: “Blindsided” by Callum’s Flirtatious Behavior

Layla Was Shocked Over Her Exit from Love Island Australia: “Blindsided” by Callum’s Flirtatious Behavior

Layla, paired with Callum in the beginning, was dumped from Love Island Australia as the 4th Islander in Episode 13 following Bombshell Vakoo’s opting to hunt down her boyfriend, Callum, during a Recoupling. If you’re not following already, here’s how you can enjoy all the episodes of Love Island Australia!

Jordan was partnered with Stella and Layla. Phoebe H. stole him. Both participants were offered a chance in the shape of newcomer Ben, who could choose to couple up with one of the females (Layla & Stella).

Ben dated both of the single Islanders for five minutes each before deciding that he wanted to be with Stella. As a result, Layla was sent out of the Villa because of Ben’s course of action.

Following a stunning change of events, Layla was left as the last single person and was instructed to pack her belongings on Monday night’s show.

In an exclusive interview after she was eliminated, Layla said that she wasn’t too astonished to have been handed the boot, but that she did feel “blindsided” by Callum’s flirty behavior toward Vakoo over the past few days.

Additionally, this is what Layla had to say as soon as she departed the Villa.

“It was a bit upsetting having to say goodbye to everyone, and I did have a genuine connection with someone so I would have liked to stay there and explore that,” she said.

“At the end of the day, I wouldn’t want to take Stella’s position either. So I was quite content with me leaving.”

Moreover, earlier in the week, Callum was discovered to be participating in a secret game of truth or dare with new Bombshells Vakoo and Phoebe H., during which he shared a three-way kiss with both of them. This turned out to be the first-ever cheating scandal on Love Island Australia.

In the beach hut, Layla could be heard saying, “I did accept his apology… he was so cute when he said sorry. Am I stupid for trusting someone when they say something? Am I that naïve? Maybe I am…”.

In retrospect, Layla said that she was probably naive, but that relationships “move swiftly in the Villa,” and that there was more to the connection than what we got to witness while watching from home. She mentioned this when reflecting on her time in the villa.

Callum informed Layla, once she found out what had occurred that he wasn’t interested in getting to know the new Bombshells; yet, he subsequently told Vakoo that he was quite open to the possibility of doing so.

After hearing what he said about her behind her back, Layla said that she did not mind playing the game of truth or dare, but she did not like his flirtatious behavior.

“I was surprised by how flirty Callum was with Vakoo – I didn’t realise it was that much, I just thought it was a bit more like, general chat?” she said.

“I was a bit blindsided, let’s say that. I was just going off what he was telling me and trusting him, so…”

When asked whether she felt he could ever improve his flirty ways, she said, “I don’t know.

“I think maybe with time, yes, but I don’t think that time is any time soon, let’s put it that way!”

In spite of the sexual nature of the game of truth or dare, Layla continued her relationship with Callum, and her best friend Claudia became more and more exasperated with her. Claudia even declared to the other Islanders that she would no longer provide Layla with any relationship advice in the future.

Layla had the following response when questioned on Claudia’s remarks: “I think that was so fair. Claudia… she’s such a good friend to do that, and go out of her way to protect me.

“I definitely see that side to it now, whereas in the Villa I was like, ‘I don’t want anyone’s opinion! I just want to stay in my happy bubble.'”

In conclusion, Layla was questioned about the contestant she believed would emerge victorious, and her answer was interesting.

What are your opinions on Layla leaving Love Island Australia and the perspective she shares about her experience with Callum later in an interview?

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