Mark Hoppus Says He’s ‘Grateful’ After Finishing Fifth Round of Chemotherapy for Cancer

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Mark Hoppus Says He’s ‘Grateful’ After Finishing Fifth Round of Chemotherapy for Cancer

Earlier this year, the Blink-182 frontman was diagnosed with stage 4 diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

The 49-year-old artist, disclosed on Wednesday that he has completed another round of chemotherapy and would soon have a scan to get an update on his health.

“Today I’m grateful to not be going in for chemotherapy. It’s been three weeks since my last treatment,” Hoppus took to Twitter to express his thoughts, “Normally I’d be going in today. ‘Normally.’ Damn. Getting pumped full of poison every three weeks is my normal.”

He continued, “On the 29th I get scanned and will know if it worked ??.”

In July, the “What’s My Age Again?” singer informed his fans that he had gotten a test result indicating that his chemotherapy treatment was progressing.

“Scans indicate that the chemo is working! I still have months of treatments ahead, but it’s the best possible news,” He tweeted about it at the time, adding, “Just gonna keep fighting…”

Hoppus began his fifth round of chemotherapy in early August, and he shared a snapshot of himself seated in a medical center with an IV in his arm.


“Chemo round five,” He captioned the picture. “Let’s heckin go.”

Travis Barker, a fellow Blink-182 band member, and a drummer has also publicly shown his support for Hoppus and his cancer battle. We wish him a very speedy recovery.

The ‘I Miss You’ singer revealed his diagnosis in June and spoke out about it on a Twitch live stream in July, saying his “blood is trying to kill” him. On Instagram and Twitter, he keeps his fans updated on his recovery and shows optimism, which is heartwarming to see.

He also enjoys the support of his family, friends, bandmates, and thousands of admirers. And we can’t wait to watch him fight cancer like a total champ!

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