Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Show: A “Fashion Exhibition” Tainted with Johnny Depp’s Appearance

Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Show: A “Fashion Exhibition” Tainted with Johnny Depp’s Appearance

Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Vol. 4 fashion show has been released since it has already been creating headlines in anticipation of its arrival.

The fashion show, hosted by the singer, is now available on Amazon Prime Video as of November 9, which includes a star-studded ensemble of models, singers, and celebrities wearing items from the lingerie business.

Rihanna had referred to the fourth part of her Savage x Fenty presentation as a “fashion exhibition.” She said that the event had “new bodies, new personalities, new shapes, new characters, and new energy” being shown on the catwalk.

At the twenty-minute mark of Savage x Fenty Vol. 4, the action shifts to a more shadowy section of the forest that serves as the backdrop for the performance.

When the light is turned on, Johnny Depp is seen standing close to a tree that was previously hidden in the shadows by a group of shirtless male dancers. Depp moves toward a camera that is tracking away from him as he is dressed in this season’s new Fenty Pajamas.

He is wearing a robe top and trousers that fit loosely around him. As he draws near another tree, he halts his progress and encircles it with his arms. The program then transitions to a strange animated sequence that has nothing to do with the previous scene and then continues to the next scene.

During the hour-long program, we have seen all of Johnny Depp’s appearances up to this point. But for those one hundred and sixty agonizing seconds, we are forced to deal with the infuriating reality that Rihanna has welcomed Depp here.

Rihanna, who was a victim of some very public domestic violence at the hands of Chris Brown, purposely featured Depp in one of the most high-profile fashion events of the year.

When compared to the varied and very amazing cast of celebrity models featured in the episode, Johnny Depp stands out like a sore thumb. Taylour Paige, Simu Liu, Winston Duke, and Sheryl Lee Ralph all receive considerable amounts of screen time, and Taylour Paige is even given the opportunity to address the camera directly. She yells at us, “Bad bitch, activated,” as though we were doing something wrong. “I’m a motherfucking savage, stupid ass.” As is typical with Paige, the moment in question is one that is both remarkable, humorous, and powerful.

The decision to bring Depp here, on the other hand, may equally be characterized as “stupid ass.” Not even one minute passes until the pale face of Johnny Depp is seen emerging from the shadows after Paige has left the scene (where it belongs).

What began as a celebration of the unique underwear brand that is available to represent individuals of all colors, sizes, and identities has evolved into something political in a new manner.

As if his public antics and allegations of abuse don’t mean anything, Savage x Fenty is another high-profile institution to authorize Depp’s comeback. Savage x Fenty is a collaboration between Savage and Fenty.

As the outrage over Johnny Depp intensified, many fans swore they would no longer support Rihanna’s lingerie line or her cosmetic firm, Fenty Beauty, moving ahead. This pledge came as the anger over Johnny Depp escalated.

The fact that Rihanna chose to feature Johnny Depp in her fashion show demonstrates how “out of touch” she is, according to one observer’s opinion. On Twitter, the critic made the accusation that “Savage x Fenty is already a flop adding Johnny Depp to the mix is just another example of how out of touch Rihanna actually is,”

Rihanna’s brand has gained a reputation for being welcoming to people of all backgrounds; therefore, some people need clarification about why she selected Johnny Depp to represent it. “Rihanna can’t be serious? With all these beautiful and unproblematic men in Hollywood, and Johnny Depp is the one that appeals to you the most?”

Olly Alexander has said that he will not wear Savage x Fenty anymore.

Olly Alexander, who has collaborated with Rihanna’s lingerie firm in the past, has said that he intends to sever his links with the company as a result of the actor Johnny Depp’s participation in the event.

The singer for Years & Years responded with a sad face emoji when she saw a post regarding Johnny Depp’s planned appearance. This prompted a fan to comment, “But, Savage X Fenty is you baby… you wear it so well.”

In reaction to this, Alexander said that he will no longer be wearing the brand in the future. He responded by saying, “Thank you but after this news I won’t be wearing it anymore.”

After the excruciating Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial relatively early this year, in which domestic violence survivors were compelled to relive their agony as an excessively forgiving public rallied behind Depp, society has worsened. A forensic clinical psychologist assessed Amber Heard with histrionic and borderline personality disorders.

Over weeks, Heard and Depp traded allegations of physical and mental abuse throughout their marriage. As always, conversation surrounded their arguments, images, and experiences. In the circumstances like this, the public generally ignores women’s pain; therefore, Depp was the victim. When the accused traumatizer is a childhood hero, it helps.

Since the defamation lawsuit finished with both parties responsible for damages—following the court’s decision that showed proof of Depp physically assaulting Heard, but that’s beside the point—Depp has been out and about having fun. On tour with musician Jeff Beck, he played guitar. He’s worn fedoras in public without being ridiculed. He was a disembodied head at MTV’s VMAs in September. Rihanna made him a Savage x Fenty model.

Naturally, Rihanna is not beyond criticism either, although she is not on the same level as Depp in this regard. Absolutely not even close. Despite this, she has enabled him to tarnish her brand and, as a result, her image in the public eye via this short and wholly unneeded association.

Was it worth the trouble? Rihanna’s earnings are unlikely to suffer as a result of this news, given the warm reception that the public has given Depp since his return to public life. On the other hand, for some of her most ardent supporters, this marks the end of the road.

What are your opinions on Johnny Depp’s awful representation in Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Vol. 4 fashion show, her brand being tarnished, and if her brand will face financial ruin? Let us know in the comments section below!

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