Warrior Nun S2 Hits Netflix’s Highest Audience Scores Ever: Fans Demand Season 3

Warrior Nun S2 Hits Netflix’s Highest Audience Scores Ever: Fans Demand Season 3

If you are a fan of young adult fantasy shows on Netflix, you should be aware that doing anything that does not rhyme with “Branger Brings” puts you in a delicate situation. The show will likely be canceled before it has a chance to finish its storyline.

This is a risky proposition for anyone who is a fan of such shows. However, fans of the show Warrior Nun are keeping their fingers crossed that their favorite program will not meet the same untimely end, and they are putting out a compelling argument for the show’s continuation. Moreover, If the season isn’t renewed, fans will be upset.

Currently, Warrior Nun season 2 has a pristine 100% rating from critics, despite the fact that there are only six reviews for it on Rotten Tomatoes. However, more impressively, the show has a 99% rating from audiences, which is based on 4,500 reviews at this time.

Getting 4,500 people on the internet to agree on anything would take nothing less than a miracle. As a result, this indicates that Warrior Nun has the votes in the majority and the highest audience score of any Netflix program that can be discovered.

Movie Title Critics Audience
Warrior Nun Season 2 100% critics 99% audience
Cyberpunk Edgerunners 100% critics 98% audience
Lennox Hill 100% critics 98% audience
Julie and the Phantoms 93% critics 98% audience
Crash Landing on You no critics 98% audience
Heartstopper 100% critics 97% audience
Call My Agent 96% critics 97% audience
Making a Murderer 80% critics 97% audience
Arcane 100% critics 96% audience
Teenage Bounty Hunters 94% critics 96% audience
Mindhunter 97% critics 95% audience
The Last Kingdom 91% critics 95% audience

Is Warrior Nun season 2 indeed the finest program currently streaming on Netflix, or are its devoted fans just trying to express their gratitude in any way they can? I mean, it is a part of it, sure, but season 2 is actually meant to be pretty fantastic; Netflix does not abandon this fanbase simply because Warrior Nun is not reaching X, Y, or Z metrics.

Warrior Nun was in the middle order of Netflix’s top 10 list when it debuted, and it has now dropped off altogether. It could be a better performance, and other series have been canceled despite significantly superior ratings.

It is unusual for a pair to have an excellent storyline; viewers are urged to stick to “Nun Warrior” so that they can get its comeback.

Netflix is renowned for canceling numerous programs after 1-2 seasons since future renewals do not contribute to subscriber acquisition, which is what they are most concerned about. You may also hunt for the best Sci-Fi shows on Netflix that are now accessible to watch in 2022.

On the other hand, it seems as if Netflix has, at the very least, to some degree, been somewhat less eager to kill off characters in recent years. Even though it seemed that there was little viewership for a program like Heartstopper, which received excellent marks from both critics and fans, Netflix decided to order two further seasons of the show.

Now, fans are hoping that they see the light with Warrior Nun for season 3, considering the gains it has shown between seasons and the audience it has collected. The fans are exchanging art wallpapers to showcase their support for Warrior Nun and get its renewal.

Furthermore, fans are expecting this since Warrior Nun has demonstrated improvements between seasons. A follower requests to renew Warrior Nun in order to maintain a normal life balance.

In this situation, renewing the subscription would be the prudent thing to do, but it is anyone’s guesses what course of action Netflix would take.

What are your opinions on the highest viewing of the Netflix season “Warrior Nun” and the audience demand for its renewal leading to season 3 Let us know in the comments section below!

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