Wes Bentley on Playing Yellowstone’s Most Hateful Character


Although Yellowstone on the Paramount Network has no lack of characters with dubious likeability, there is one who viewers generally agree is the show’s most despised. It’s Jamie Dutton, the adoptive son of John Dutton (Kevin Costner), who is the second-oldest. Despite being in a good position in his own life, Bentley is speaking up about portraying the troublesome character Jamie, noting that it’s hard to leave the character at the door because of some of his horrible decisions and his apparent never-ending grief.

Wes Bentley has been a household name since his breakout role as Ricky Fitts in “American Beauty,” but it’s his portrayal of the villainous Jamie Dutton in the hit drama “Yellowstone” that has truly tested his acting chops. Bentley’s portrayal of Jamie Dutton has been met with widespread acclaim, with many praising the depth and complexity he brings to the character. However, it hasn’t been easy for the actor, who admits he often finds himself questioning the morality of Jamie’s actions.

Bently told the New York’s time, “I’ve prided myself for most of my career on leaving it at the door, or like an athlete would say, leaving it on the field, But Jamie’s sadness permeates my life, even though I’m not sad. I’m very lucky to have a great family and be where I’m at in life, but he’s always there behind me, clawing at that, especially when I’m shooting.”  Bentley said that they don’t want the persona around and that occasionally his wife would even call attention to him. “You’re letting him come home now,” she says. “Jamie’s coming home, and we don’t want him here.”

The series’ director Taylor Sheridan commended the actor’s depiction of Jamie Dutton, stating the actor as the reason why Jamie isn’t a clear-cut instance of being wicked despite the character being so despised by fans and infecting Bentley’s own life. “Is Jamie evil? In a lesser actor’s hands the answer would be easy, but Wes has crafted a vulnerable, honest, and emotional character who allows the audience to understand the motivation behind his actions — even if there is no questioning the act itself,” Sheridan said.

Bentley’s portrayal of the controversial Jamie Dutton has earned him widespread acclaim and solidified his place as a top talent in the industry. Despite the challenges of playing such a hated character, Bentley remains committed to bringing depth and complexity to the role and fans are excited to see where the character goes in the future. If you haven’t seen Yellowstone Season 5 yet and it’s hard for you to relate, watch it today!

Yellowstone fans will have to wait a little longer for the remaining episodes of Season 5. On Sunday, Paramount Network published a teaser for Season 5’s second half, confirming that the show will return this summer. A precise date was not specified. Piper Perabo shared an update in a recent interview stating that the series reportedly hasn’t yet began production on the second half of the season, however she did suggest that there is a “plenty coming”.

In an interview with TV insider, Pablo said, “There’s a lot coming. Things are on the move and I can’t wait to get back to the back half just because I want to know what happens. I personally only know what happens up to the midseason finale up to that last second, and I don’t know what happens when we come back…. I think you can tell that things are going really south because [the seventh] episode doesn’t end at the fair; it ends with him practicing that speech. And Taylor’s very good — if you’re paying attention, he’s telling you where the trouble’s coming from. I think the fact that he ends with that scene is, for those paying attention, he’s showing you”.

What are your thoughts on the character of Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone and how do you see it as? Let us know in the comments below!

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