Error Code 01119 BBC iPlayer In New Zealand? – [Updated Guide]

When you cannot connect to the receiver server, the BBC iPlayer error code 01119 occurs in New Zealand, and there are several potential causes. They include IP address (location) problems, obsolete or damaged program versions, and unreliable internet connections

Although BBC Player is permitted in all UK regions, occasional issues prevent you from simply browsing in New Zealand. BBC iPlayer is not available in New Zealand, if you want to watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand you need a VPN like ExpressVPN.

After they have been shown on the broadcast for a predetermined period of time, you may view your favorite TV programs like Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin and Bad Education.

Additionally, if you utilize the iPlayer services, you can run into several technical problems, including display problems, connection problems, and errors like 01119 that could interrupt the services.

BBC iPlayer is compatible with all devices, as similarly, other streaming platforms are, like Hulu with Android.

Let’s find out how to fix BBC iPlayer Error Code 01119 if you ever face this issue;

BBC iPlayer Error Code 01119 – [Quick Guide]

The British Broadcasting Newsagency in the UK established the BBC iPlayer streaming and video-on-demand service, although Player Error 01119 is frequently seen.

Because the iPlayer services are always reliable, many UK residents use this platform frequently to view their favorite TV episodes. Moreover, Sky Sports channel is the second most-watched platform after BBC iPlayer in New Zealand.

BBC iPlayer error code 01119 might occur for several reasons, including the following:

  • An outdated version of the BBC iPlayer VPN connection may not be safe.
  • An unexpected Internet connection might be causing problems by being sluggish or glitchy.
  • Corrupted app cache data is possible.
  • The device might be experiencing a technical problem.

How To Fix BBC iPlayer Error 01119 Easily?[Quick Steps]

This entire incident suggests that further issues may have an identical impact on iPlayer users in New Zealand. The firm has not yet conducted a comprehensive investigation into Error 01119. Thus, it is too soon to provide specific information about the problem.

iPlayer will present the error 01119 and the notice “Something awful happened to load this program” when you attempt to load your favorite program. Many people who use the iPlayer to stream content through their TV or mobile device may have this issue.

Here is a list of probable remedies for this problem, covering each and every scenario and highlighting all the faults that might lead to BBC iPlayer error code 01119.

Step #1 Power Cycle Device!


Restarting the device that is hosting BBC iPlayer is a fundamental first step in resolving the problems brought on by Error code 01119.

It doesn’t matter if you use an Android handset, an Apple product, or any type of Smart TV; your first step should always be to see if the technique actually works.

The majority of the time, it works as if there may be a technical issue with the device or the app, which is immediately fixed once you turn off and turn on the device that is streaming BBC iPlayer.

By doing this, all operational services, such as telephone or internet connectivity, the BBC iPlayer application, or any other problems, are immediately fixed.

Unplug the presenting device from the power so that it may discharge, and then turn it back on after a short while to check for ERROR 01119 on BBC iPlayer if you are broadcasting BBC iPlayer on any smart TV or TV.

When you reboot your device, use the BBC iPlayer app right away to see if everything has been sorted. I hope it can be fixed.

Step#2 Clear BBC iPlayer Cache


An application’s cache includes all of the data linked to your sign-in attempts, files, photos, and other connected items.

You may have tried to use BBC iPlayer and encountered ERROR 01119 many times after logging in if you are trying to stream BBC iPlayer in New Zealand.

This problem necessitates clearing the application’s cache and cookies, allowing BBC iPlayer to operate without limitations on your streaming device.

By wiping off all of the cache data, your program will only process the vital information without experiencing any hiccups when loading browsed data.

These techniques may be used to remove cache data from the BBC iPlayer app on TV.

  • From the home screen, access the System Settings.
  • Activate the application manager.
  • then choose and launch the BBC iPlayer app.
  • Click the button to clear the cache.

To remove the cache on an Android device or a smartphone, follow these instructions;

  • Click Battery after launching Settings.
  • Then choose Memory, followed by Apps and BBC iPlayer.
  • Finally, choose Storage, followed by Clear Cache.

However, you may easily unload the data on an iPhone by choosing Settings, BBC iPlayer, and then Offload.

After completing all of these procedures, you are prepared to launch BBC iPlayer and determine if the problem has been fixed or not. I hope it can be fixed.

Step #3 Check Home Network (Internet)


Your internet connection is the first factor that might be the source of error 01119. Your internet connection’s strength or the presence of interruptions might be a problem that results in a loading problem.

There are several options available. Your side of the connection problems, limited or impossible server access, or both might cause the connection to fail.

The problem with your streaming service may be largely due to a poor internet connection. As a result, this option for determining the cause of BBC iPlayer error code 0119 cannot be disregarded.

Let’s make sure that the issue is not on your side since we are going to talk about the restrictions imposed by a bad internet connection. Check the following points;

  • Your internet connection’s router or modem is turned on.
  • A reliable internal connection or Ethernet cable is used to connect the hosting device for BBC iPlayer.
  • Streaming multimedia from other applications on your mobile is simple.
  • The BBC iPlayer application is compatible with different devices in your house.

Your Internet is Down?

You should restart your internet device if the problem is caused by an internet connection. The two sorts of reset choices are physical reset and online reset.

Disconnect all the cords from the modem before doing the physical reset so that all the signals are out. Turn on the device after waiting 5 to 10 minutes. It could provide an instant resolution.

On the other hand, if other streaming services or programs are also down and not functioning correctly. Maybe there is a problem with the WiFi or another source of internet connection.

On the other hand, while doing an online reset, you need to go to your device’s WiFi settings and uncheck WiFi. Then, after a brief delay, switch it back on.

If you’ve determined that your internet connection is causing the problem, there’s no need to move further; instead, you should try to fix the problem.

To report the problem caused by the bad internet connection, feel free to get in touch with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as a next step. Check out more about the return of the internet. If the problem is still not fixed, try the additional tactics and advice listed below; it may help.

Step #4 Use a VPN (BBC iPlayer Limitations)


The VPN is the third potential source of error 01119. You have a risk of encountering the error if you live in New Zealand and attempt to use BBC iPlayer while connected to a VPN.

You may experience access issues if the application believes your IP address in New Zealand. It’s because there isn’t a rights deal in place for the BBC iPlayer service.

You couldn’t utilize iPlayer services over a virtual private network to alter your location because they are only legal in the UK. The iPlayer will immediately prohibit you from accessing the programs if it discovers the VPN.

While in the UK, you can only access iPlayer features like installation and online streaming. Therefore, if you attempt to utilize the BBC multimedia service in other countries, this problem will always arise.

Remove any VPN from your streaming device and browser while you are in an area of Britain to ensure that everything functions as intended.

How To Remove VPN?

If you are in the UK and the BBC iPlayer hosting device is giving you the ERROR 01119, there are several settings you need to do in order to fix the problem. Choose any VPN that is installed on your smartphone by going to Settings, Storage/Apps, and then those.

Then carry out the temporary operation of uninstalling or unloading the application. The BBC iPlayer ERROR CODES are gone once you’re ready.

How To Use VPN:

However, suppose you are currently situated in New Zealand and attempting to stream BBC iPlayer. In that case, you must be a member of a high-end VPN service like ExpressVPN for the BBC iPlayer app to function without any limitations.

After setting up or subscribing to a VPN and connecting to a UK server (IP address), you may effortlessly and error-free access BBC iPlayer.

Step #5 Reinstall – Update BBC iPlayer


You must use your mobile device’s App Store to verify if you have the most recent version of iPlayer. If it hasn’t been updated, you should do so right away to fix the error.

All you have to do is delete the program from your smartphone and reinstall the BBC iPlayer app from the Google Play Store. Reinstalling the application will work like a magic charm to get rid of Error 01119.

Reinstalling is essential, not just updating the program.

Once you have completed all of these procedures, login into your account in the hopes that BBC iPlayer Error 01119 will go and you will be able to use it without any problems.

Is BBC iPlayer Currently Down?

If you have followed all of the instructions and recommendations above, yet error code 1 BBC iPlayer or 01119 still persists, there may be a problem with the BBC iPlayer.

Their services may occasionally stop in several areas, including the UK and New Zealand, and this might be because of a mechanical or technological problem. In this situation, you may either contact them on their authorized social media accounts for your specific inquiry or check the BBC iPlayer official website for any updated notifications.

Why is BBC iPlayer not Working?

We advise checking the firmware/system of your connected TV if BBC iPlayer is having trouble or fails to load. A factory reset of the BBC iPlayer app could solve the problem. Additionally, following all of the instructions on our page for troubleshooting issues with linked TVs and gaming consoles might help in resolving the issues.

FAQS: BBC iPlayer Error Code 01119

Try a different browser to see if that helps if you’re accessing BBC iPlayer with a website on your desktop, mobile device, or tablet.

You’ll find a “Restart show” option on the BBC iPlayer homepage and BBC iPlayer application for mobile devices and tablets.

Follow the steps listed below;

  • On your screen, firmly press and hold the BBC iPlayer app icon.
  • Decide to remove the device.
  • If prompted to uninstall the program, choose OK on the confirmation page.
  • Go to the Google Play store and look for BBC iPlayer once it has been removed.
  • Choose the one you want, then click “install the app.”

Your app will be reinstalled in this manner


In conclusion, BBC iPlayer is a well-liked streaming platform in New Zealand. It offers a variety of TV shows and BBC iPlayer movies.

However, the corporation hasn’t provided a detailed explanation of the problem. It pertains to comparable concerns, including display, connectivity, and software faults.

The most recent issue, BBC iPlayer error code 01119, can also be experienced by iPlayer users. We’re sure you’ve got the answer to how to fix BBC iPlayer error code 01119.

Moreover, you don’t have to pay for BBC iPlayer, and neither it offers a free trial because it is a free service.

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