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Are you a sports fan deciding to get a BT Sport subscription? Are you wondering about BT Sport price in New Zealand and discount deals? Our guide is for you. Keep reading and find out different subscription plans offered by BT Sport.

BT Sport is a UK-based sports streaming service that offers flexible subscription plans. It is a hub of all fifty-two Premier League events, Soccer League, and much more exciting content.

Due to content licensing policies and geo-restriction, BT Sport is unavailable in New Zealand. So to watch live events on this platform in New Zealand , you need a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN.

We recommend ExpressVPN as the best VPN for streaming because its servers can unblock BT Sport and all other major streaming services in New Zealand . When connected on ExpressVPN, we enjoyed watching live sports events like the World Rally Championship, MotoGP LiveStream, UEFA Champion League, and NCAA March Madness.

Let’s start our guide on BT Sport subscription plans without any further delay.

What is BT Sport price in New Zealand ?

BT Sport offers three subscription plans: Big Sport, Sport, and Monthly Pass. The details of BT Sport price in New Zealand is as follow:


BT Sport offers three subscription plans.

BT TV Big Sport: The BT Sport price per month on Big Sport is£41/mo 70.42 AU$ . It includes all the 11 channels of Sky Sports and Euro Sport 1 & 2. In addition, if you subscribe to Big Sport, you get instant access to Sky Sport through the NOW app.

BT TV Sport: The price of BT TV Sport is £16 a month (AU$27.50 ). It includes all the channels of BT Sports and BoxNation (boxing channel). You can access the BT Sport application when you subscribe to the Sport package and can change the plan every month. It also includes BT TV recordable box.

Monthly Pass: The monthly pass of BT Sport is £25 or (AU$42.97). It is a rolling contract that you can easily cancel anytime. It is an app-only subscription plan and does not require you to have a BT Broadband subscription.

What are BT Sport deals and discounts?

BT Sport offers deals and discounts on EE SIM cards, SIM-only deals, Fiber Broadband, Sky, Monthly Pass, and Virgin Media Broadband. These deals are cheaper as compared to BT Sport direct subscription plans.

BT Sport Ultimate with an EE SIM card

If you subscribe to BT Sport with EE monthly SIM card, you get BT Sports Ultimate on it. The EE 160 GB SIM is for £12.50 or $15.22 per month, and EE 200 GB SIM is for £28 or $34.09 per month. So when you get EE 160 GB deal, you save almost half of the original BT Sport price.

BT Sport free with a BT SIM card

If you subscribe to a sim-only offer directly from BT, you get BT Sport’s channels on it. However, you can only stream the content on your smartphone.

BT 25 GB SIM is for £20 or $24.35 per month, 40 GB SIM is £25 or $30.44 per month, and 100 GB SIM is $36.52 per month.

BT Sport, Fibre Broadband, and Sky TV offer

It is an all-in-one deal offering BT Sport, Sky TV, and Fibre broadband at £50.99 or $62.05 per month for two years. The upfront fee of this package is £29.99 or $36.49. After two years, the per month charges are increased to £62.74 or $76.32 per month.

Although this deal is slightly expensive compared to the other deals, the offer is a feast for sports fans.

The offer claims that if the Fibre speed drops than what the deal claims, subscribers will get £20 returned.

BT Sport plus ESPN on Sky offer

The BT Sport Sky price is £53 or $64.49 per month. It is a super deal of Sky, BT Sport, and ESPN for 18 months and includes a free setup.

So if you do not want to miss any second of the live event, this deal is for you! Get all your favorite live sports events in one deal.

BT Sport Monthly Pass

BT Sport monthly pass is an app-only offer for £25 or $30.55. It offers all the channels of BT Sports for a month. Read below for more details.

BT Sport on Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media Broadband offers BT Sport at £8.10 or $9.86 per month. Subscribers who get BT Sports on Virgin Media enjoy the content in 4k UHD. Moreover, it offers BT Sports Ultimate without any additional cost.

It is a cheaper plan as compared to the monthly pass price for BT Sport. Like Monthly Pass, Virgin Media also offers a rolling plan, which means no long-term subscription contracts.

What is the BT Sport Monthly Pass?

BT Sport monthly pass allows you to access all the live and on-demand content on the BT Sports channel online for 30 days. The cost of the monthly pass is £25 or $30.55.

The pass includes access to the BT Sport app, which you can download on your tablet, smartphone, console, or Smart TV, and BT Sport Ultimate, which offers sound and pictures in Ultra high-definition.

The monthly pass offers you to log in on two devices simultaneously. You can share the pass details with your friends or family as it allows you to watch different channels.


The cheapest way to get BT Sports in New Zealand is through BT broadband or a BT sim card. You can get BT Sports for free on the app or website if you are a BT Broadband customer.

Yes, you can buy a BT Sport subscription on its own in New Zealand . Previously, the platform required the subscribers to purchase either BT Broadband or EE package to access BT Sports.

The price of BT Sport on Sky is £29.99 or $36.66. You can get it as an add-on to your Sky subscription. The upfront price may change depending on whether you are getting a monthly or yearly plan. The Sky deal of BT Sport includes BT Sport channels and ESPN.


We hope our quick guide on BT Sport price in New Zealand was helpful to you. If you are still wondering whether you should get the offer or not, we recommend you to get the discounted deals of BT Sports, which we have shared above.

The actions on your screen when streaming the shows on BT Sport will always keep you excited.

BT Sport is not available in New Zealand , but you can easily stream BT Sport content in New Zealand by subscribing to a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN.

The process is simple. Sign up on the website, download and install the application, connect to UK, Dockland server, and you are all set to enjoy your favorite sport.

When connected on the VPN, we enjoyed watching Gallagher Premiership Rugby Final live Australia. The VPN also helped us watch the shows and movies on Crave , DStv and SonyLiv and stream Voot in New Zealand

If you have any questions on BT Sports, feel free to ask us in the comments section. Happy Streaming!

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