How To Watch CBC Gem On Roku In New Zealand 2022


Do you want to know how to install CBC Gem on Roku TV in New Zealand? Then a simple guide is available for you.  There are a few different methods to access CBC Gem content on a Roku device.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s streaming service, CBC Gem, essentially offers a variety of content, including news, sports, and entertainment. Several original series and documentaries are available in addition to the well-known CBC TV programs.

As CBC is not officially available outside Canada, so to get CBC in New Zealand on Roku, you need a high-quality VPN service like ExpressVPN. A VPN allows you to change your New Zealand IP address with the Canadian one so that CBC does not identify that you are not from Canada.

The subscription cost of CBC is NZD 6.11 (USD 3.85) per month. Regrettably, CBC does not presently offer an official app or channel on Roku. Well, don’t worry. We have a quick hack for all Roku users. Your Android and iOS devices may easily cast the software directly to your Roku screen.

Let’s see the quick steps to watch CBC Gem on Roku in New Zealand:

How to Watch CBC Gem on Roku in New Zealand 2022 [Step by Step Guide]

CBC Gem does not offer an app on Roku. You can use your Android or iOS device to cast CBC shows and movies on your Roku TV screen.

How to screen mirror CBC Gem on Roku in New Zealand from TV?

The Roku device’s screen mirroring must first be turned on. The procedure for how to download CBC Gem on Roku TV is given below:

  1. Start the TV.
  2. Your TV and the Roku should be connected through HDMI.
  3. Make sure the Roku device is linked to a robust and trustworthy network.
  4. Hover your cursor over the Settings tab on your Roku device.

    choose-settings-on-roku (1)

    Choose Settings.

  5. Select “System” from the menu.
  6. Tap “Screen mirroring mode” after selecting Screen mirroring.
  7. In the settings menu, select “Enable screen mirroring.”
  8. Select “Prompt,” then “Always Allow,” as your next step.

How to screen mirror CBC Gem on Roku in New Zealand from Android Devices?

You can now access the CBC Gem app by performing the following actions after successfully enabling screen mirroring on the Roku device:

  1. Connect to the Canadian server on ExpressVPN.
  2. Your Android mobile and Roku device should be connected to the same network.
  3. Download the CBC Gem from the Google Play Store by going there.
  4. Open the app, then sign up for an account using the necessary credentials.
  5. Start playing the stuff you’ve chosen from the app.
  6. To cast the content to the Roku device, select the cast icon from CBC Gem. The cast icon can be found in the top right corner.


    Click on the cast icon.

  7. From the list of devices, pick the Roku device.
  8. Connect while enjoying wonderful TV programmes.

How to screen mirror CBC Gem on Roku in New Zealand from iOS devices

Follow these steps to link your iOS smartphone to Roku on an Android device;

  1. Link to the Canadian server on ExpressVPN.
  2. Change your iOS device location to Canada from the settings menu.
  3. Ensure your iOS and Roku devices are connected to the same WiFi connection.
  4. Navigate to the App Store to download the CBC Gem application.
  5. Activate the app by entering the necessary information.
  6. Choose the item you wish to watch from the app, then tap the cast icon.


    Click on the cast icon.

  7. Click the AirPlay icon in the top-left area on your screen to stop it.
  8. Look for the cast symbol in the lower right corner and click it.
  9. Select your iPhone or iPad from the available models.
  10. Cast the CBC Gem content you want to watch on your TV.

How to screen mirror CBC Gem on Roku in New Zealand from PC

By connecting your PC and Roku to the same wifi network, you may screen mirror CBC Gem in New Zealand on Roku from your PC by following these steps.

  1. Connect to the Canada server on ExpressVPN.
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to the CBC Gem official website.
  3. Access your account.
  4. Select the Connect tile in the Action Center.
  5.  After that, tap on your Roku device in the Connect window.
  6. The screen of your PC will now be mirrored to Roku.
  7. Afterwards, go back to the CBC Gem website and watch your preferred film or television program.

Which Channels Can I Watch on CBC Gem on Roku in New Zealand?

Australian, American, and British programming is also available. The content available on CBC Gem is diverse and includes news, sports, and entertainment. Some of the channels available on CBC Gem are listed below;

  1. St. John’s
  2. Windsor
  3. Fredericton
  4. Ottawa
  5. Yellowknife
  6. Edmonton
  7. Montreal
  8. Regina

What are the Alternative Options for watching CBC on Roku in New Zealand?

Watch your favorite TV series and movies on CBC Gem or any other streaming service in locations where it is prohibited due to geography or political restrictions. Several of these options include:

Hulu TV: You may watch CBC on Roku or other channels with Hulu Live TV, a cord-cutting subscription service. Using a high-end VPN like ExpressVPN, you may use Hulu from anywhere to watch any blocked channels or movies in your location. The price of Hulu+ Live TV is NZD 111.11 (USD 69.99) per month.

Sling TV: Sling TV is a live, multilingual TV streaming service that provides a huge selection of channels that are individually suited to each user’s preferences. It is one of the safest ways to watch regionally restricted broadcasts. The starting price of Sling TV is NZD 55.56 (USD 35.00) per month.

FAQs: CBC Gem on Roku in New Zealand

There isn’t a CBC Gem app download for Roku or a channel at the moment. Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV have apps for CBS Gem. Google Chromecast or other options like Hulu TV or Sling TV can be used to broadcast Gem from a mobile device to your television.

Screen mirroring, which can be done on practically any streaming device like Android, iOS, or smart TV, is the best alternative method for watching CBC Gem.

No, CBC Gem is not officially available on Roku in New Zealand, but it is free to download on iOS, tvOS, Fire TV, Android TV, Android phones, and Android tablets in New Zealand.

CBC Gem is prohibited from conducting business outside of the United States because of geopolitical restrictions or even security issues.
Some American broadcasting firms are not allowed to operate outside of their designated market due to regulations surrounding broadcast corporations and worldwide licensing.

Many video streaming websites, including HBO Max, U.S. Netflix, and Hulu, are ideal for mirror screening such restricted channels.

Following are the free channels to be watched on Roku in New Zealand,

  1. PBS and PBS Kids
  2. Crunchyroll
  3. CBS sports stream and watch live
  4. Popcornflix
  5. STIRR
  6. NewsON
  7. Cooking TV guide
  8. Xumo
  9. Tubi
  10. The Roku Channel
  11. Crackle

Roku does not officially provide CBC Gem. (How to download CBC Gem on Roku TV) The CBC Gem app may be downloaded on Roku by searching for it in the Roku store, but you cannot get CBC Gem on Roku TV. In addition, using this app is free, and you don’t need a subscription to watch CBC Gem on Roku.

CBC and CBC Gem are apart from one another. You can watch it ad-free on demand with CBC Gem Premium, but the originals are on CBC like pre-releases, exclusive content, and all CBC original programs and movies. With ads out, and pure entertainment in.


We hope our quick guide helped you understand how to watch CBC Gem on Roku in New Zealand. As CBC Gem doesn’t have a Roku app, you can use your Android, iOS, or PC to cast the CBC content on your Roku TV screen.

People often ask why isn’t CBC Gem on Roku. It is because the streaming service only supports Android TV, Fire TV, Android and iOS devices, mac and Windows browsers, and Apple TV. The streaming service offers a free trial of one month. If needed, you can cancel your CBC subscription anytime and try another streaming service like beIN Sports and American Netflix on Roku.

You can also use your Hulu TV or Sling TV subscription to enjoy CBC Gem movies and shows.

However, it is essential to know that you’ll need a reliable Virtual Private Network, like ExpressVPN, to bypass the geo-restrictions and access the CBC Gem app in New Zealand.

If you have any further questions on how to find CBC Gem on Roku, feel free to ask us in the comments section.

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