20 Best Channel 4 TV Shows to Watch in New Zealand in 2022

You don’t need to wander off anywhere else in the search for binge-worthy movies and TV shows because this article has the list of the best Channel 4 TV shows in New Zealand and will cover everything you desire in terms of entertainment.

Channel 4 has been in the business for 40 years and has continued to charm its viewers with shows like Rise and Fall, The IT Crowd, Brass Eye, and Spaced.

However, as Channel 4 is a geo-restricted website the best streaming VPN would be needed to access Channel 4 in New Zealand.

So don’t waste your time and start streaming the shows after selecting them from the list of best Channel 4 TV shows in New Zealand below!

Hollyoaks (1995-)


Director: Clair Breton, Helen Caldwell, Martin Gent
Writer: Phil Redmond
Cast: Nick Pickard, Ashley Taylor Dawson, Andrew Moss, Claire Cooper, Gemma Merna, Kieron Richardson
IMDB Rating: 4.6/10
Genre: Drama. Romance
Number of seasons: 23

Series Plot: This is a romance drama series that takes a deep look into the lives of a group of teenage friends. You can see the drama that surrounds their love life and careers as they are about to enter practical life very soon after graduating from GCSEs, A-Levels, and College.

It has been portrayed in a great manner how they juggle when their “real” life begins and all the party, fun, and enjoyment ends. Channel 4 TV shows in New Zealand are the best when it comes to this specific genre!

The Inbetweeners (2008-2010)


Director: Gordon Anderson, Ben Palmer
Writer: Damon Beesley, Iain Morris
Cast: Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas, Greg Davies, Henry Lloyd-Hughes
IMDB Rating: 8.4/10
Genre: Comedy | Sitcom
Number of seasons: 3

Series Plot: This is a story of four friends, Simon Cooper, Jay Cartwright, Neil Sutherland, and Will McKenzie who are in their last year of high school and are shown to be fulfilling their quests as they grow up from their late teens to grown-up adults. Their quests consist of what usually young men desire, bear and sex.

Simon wants Carli D’Amato to be his girlfriend, Jaw wants his sexual desires to be fulfilled that consist of fantasies more than realities, and Neil always stays two steps behind everybody in dealing with life. This is one of the best Channel 4 TV shows in New Zealand.

The Undeclared War (2022-)


Director: Peter Kosminsky
Writer: Peter Kosminsky, Declan Lawn, Adam Patterson
Cast: Simon Pegg, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Hannah Khalique-Brown, Edward Holcroft, Adrian Lester, Tom McKay
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10
Genre: Thriller. Drama
Number of seasons: 1

Series Plot: In this thriller-drama series the post-pandemic year of 2024 is shown when a leading team of analysts from GCHQ is working secretly to turn off the potential threat of a cyberattack on the electoral system led by the country. Saara Parvan has her first day at the office in the malware department and she is met with such circumstances.

You have got to check this out as it is one of the best Channel 4 TV shows in New Zealand!

Celebrity Gogglebox (2019-)


Director: Tania Alexander, Tom Hutchings, Jon Cahn, Kayleigh Damen
Writer: Stephen Lambert, Tania Alexander
Cast: Craig Cash, Nick Grimshaw, Martin Kemp, Gyles Brandreth, Roman Kemp, Liv Grimshaw
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10
Genre: Reality TV show
Number of seasons: 19

Series Plot: This is a mind-blowing TV show that portrays an unconventional setting as celebrities agree on welcoming cameras into their homes and are shown giving opinions on what they’re currently watching.

One of the best reality TV shows on Channel 4 that you cannot afford to miss!

Derry Girls (2018-2020)


Director: Lisa McGee, Michael Lennox
Writer: Lisa McGee
Cast: Louisa Harland, Tara Lynne O’Neill, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Nicola Coughlan, Dylan Llewellyn,
IMDB Rating: 8.5/10
Genre: Comedy. Drama
Number of seasons: 18

Series Plot: With a whopping rating of 8.5, there’s no question that it won’t be a brilliant show to binge-watch. The plot revolves around Erin Quinn, her cousin Orla, both their friends Clara and Michelle, and Michelle’s cousin James as they spend their time at a Catholic girl’s school and figure out their teenage life.

With 100% surety, this is one of the best Channel 4 TV shows in New Zealand that tops the list! So start binge-watching right away! You can also watch the best movies on Channel 4 and action movies on Netflix.

Bake Off: The Professionals (2016-)


Director: Jeanette Goulbourn, Gurdip Mahal
Writer: Liam Charles
Cast: Cherish Finden, Benoit Blin, Tom Kerridge, Claire Clark, Angus Deayton, Liam Charles, Stacey Solomon
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10
Genre: Cookery, Reality
Number of seasons: 5

Series Plot: It’s a competitive reality show that showcases professional pastry chefs who compete with each other to win the ultimate title of “the best pastry chef”. Some of them are home chefs and some of them have ample amount of experience because they have previously worked for one of the most lavish restaurants in the UK.

Judges Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin have to look very closely in order to judge whether all of their skills have been put to use otherwise they could end up eliminated and sent home.

Come Dine With Me (2005-)


Director: Serena Armitage, Riffi Khan, Ceri Jones
Writer: Dave Lamb
Cast: Lesley Joseph, Dave Lamb, Bobby Davro, Raef Bjayou, Wayne Sleep, Tamara Beckwith, Helen Lederer
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
Genre: Reality TV
Number of seasons: 27

Series Plot: This show revolves around five amateur chefs that currently live in the same locality, every one of them hosts a three-course dinner party for a competition to be held. Then after completion, each competitor gives remarks about the host’s food and the way they hosted them. Then, the host who scores the most wins £1,000 cash.

One of the best reality TV shows on Channel 4 needs to be streamed right away. This will be a perfect weekend getaway for you as it has a whopping 27 seasons! This is one of the best Channel 4 TV shows in New Zealand.

Big Boys (2022-)


Director: Jim Archer
Writer: Jack Rooke
Cast: Dylan Llewellyn, Jonathan Pointing, Jack Rooke, Camille Coduri, Izuka Hoyle, Olisa Odele, Katy Wix
IMDB Rating: 8.5/10
Genre: Comedy. Drama
Number of seasons: 1

Series Plot: Jack is an introvert who has a shy personality and likes to stay behind closed doors. He spent the whole year at home having no interaction with anyone except his mom. He is shown carrying emotional baggage since his father died, but now he must come out of his comfort zone and start interacting to start his university.

He develops a friendship with Danny, who seems to be a mature person and soon they find themselves to be linked together in the most strong connection. Aside from this comedy and drama, you can watch the best war movies of all time to cheer your mood up.

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (2012-)


Director: Richard Valentine, Barbara Wiltshire, Simon Staffurth
Writer: Armand Jammot
Cast: Jimmy Carr, Susie Dent, Rachel Riley, John Pohlhammer, Robert Deaton, Jon Richardson, Sean Lock
IMDB Rating: 8.2/10
Genre: Comedy. Game-show
Number of seasons: 20

Series Plot: This is one of the most favorite shows on Channel 4 and it’s a combination of two shows in which viewers also get a chance to play. It consists of a word and number quiz with teams competing against each other at every level.

With an exceptional rating of 8.2, you cannot deny the fact that it will be an awesome show to catch on.

Father Ted (1995-1998)


Director: Graham Linehan, Arthur Mathews, Declan Lowney, Andy De Emmony
Writer: Graham Linehan, Arthur Mathews
Cast: Dermot Morgan, Ardal O’Hanlon, Frank Kelly, Pauline McLynn, Tony Guilfoyle, Patrick Drury
IMDB Rating: 8.7/10
Genre: Comedy | Sitcom
Number of seasons: 3

Series Plot: This is a story of three misfit priests who live on Craggy Island. There is Father Ted Crilly who has to deal with a lot when it comes to the folks living on Craggy Island.

Father Dougal McGuire is shown to be a very stupid and unintelligent person, and Father Jack Hackett likes to spend his life drinking, sleeping, and swearing because that’s what deems perfect to him.

Father Ted Crilly tries to make this situation better for the people of Craggy Island by bringing some stability.

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Peep Show (2003-2015)


Director: Becky Martin, Tristram Shapeero, Jeremy Wooding
Writer: Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain, David Mitchell
Cast: David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Olivia Colman, Matt King, Neil Fitzmaurice, Paterson Joseph, Sophie Winkleman
IMDB Rating: 8.7/10
Genre: Comedy | Sitcom
Number of seasons: 9

Series Plot: It’s an award-winning sitcom where Mark and Jez are two roommates living an abnormal life together who are different and polar opposites from each other and the only similar thing is the dysfunctional lives of both of them.

With a rating so good, we would guarantee your “me time” is well spent in case you’re looking for something to binge-watch on. This is one of the best Channel 4 TV shows in New Zealand.

The IT Crowd (2006-2013)


Director: Ben Fuller, Graham Linehan, Derek Hallworth
Writer: Graham Linehan
Cast: Richard Ayoade, Chris O’Dowd, Katherine Parkinson, Matt Berry, Chris Morris, Adam Buxton, Noel Fielding
IMDB Rating: 8.5/10
Genre: Comedy | Sitcom
Number of seasons: 5

Series Plot: The story revolves around Jen who got a job at Reynholm industries and she works under her boss Denholm who makes a rash decision and places Jen in the basement at the I.T department. The atmosphere in the basement is not quite what she expected and was entirely different than her experience on the floors above.

The major plot twist takes place when Jen throws a party to get started at a new place and Moss starts to narrate the false story of him getting drunk in Amsterdam along with Roy.

Brass Eye (1997-2001)


Director: Michael Cumming, Tristram Shapeero
Writer: Arthur Mathews, Chris Morris, Graham Linehan, Peter Baynham
Cast: Chris Morris, Mark Heap, Kevin Eldon, Doon Mackichan, David Cann, Barbara Durkin, Amelia Bullmore
IMDB Rating: 8.6/10
Genre: Comedy
Number of seasons: 2

Series Plot: It showcases the Controversial parody of current-affairs TV and roles celebrities pay off in the UK. It talked about the topic of pedophilia and the ethical panic surrounding the British media when Sarah Payne died.

The Crystal Maze (1990-2020)


Director: Dominic Brigstocke, David G. Croft
Writer: Jacques Antoine, Peter Arnold, David Bodycombe, Adam Howarth
Cast: Richard O’Brien, Richard Ayoade, Edward Tudor-Pole, Sandra Caron, Adam Buxton, Rich Hardesty
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family
Number of seasons: 9

Series Plot: It consists of a team of 6 contestants who are given a series of clever games like mental, physical, skill, and secret games with cruel challenges with the motive to collect as many crystals as they can collect to win an award at the Crystal Dome.

This mind-blowing rating is proof that it is one of the best shows on Channel 4 among the list of best shows!

Black Books (2000-2004)


Director: Martin Dennis, Graham Linehan, Nick Wood
Writer: Dylan Moran, Kevin Cecil, Andy Riley, Graham Linehan
Cast: Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey, Tamsin Greig, Rosie Day, Paul Beech, Daisy Campbell, Ben Homewood
IMDB Rating: 8.5/10
Genre: Comedy | Sitcom
Number of seasons: 3

Series Plot: Ever heard of somebody owning a business when he hates the things he is selling out to customers? No, right? But Bernard Black is an exception as he owns a bookstore and hates people who buy books, in short, he hates the incoming customers. Bernard has only one friend and his name is Fran who owns a gift shop next to Bernard’s shop.

Spaced (1999-2001)


Director: Edgar Wright
Writer: Jessica Hynes, Simon Pegg
Cast: Jessica Hynes, Simon Pegg, Julia Deakin, Nick Frost, Mark Heap, Katy Carmichael, Lucy Akhurst, Anna Wilson-Jones
IMDB Rating: 8.6/10
Genre: Comedy | Sitcom
Number of seasons: 2

Series Plot: This is an action-comedy sitcom that revolves around the hardships friends Tim and Daisy deal with as they cannot find an apartment they can afford. The desperate next step they take is to portray themselves as a couple in order to get the apartment they can afford.

It’s a perfect story of ‘desperate times calls for desperate measures. Find out what happens next on Channel 4 because a rating this high promises great results. This is one of the best Channel 4 TV shows in New Zealand.

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Da Ali G Show (2000-2004)


Director: James Bobin, Steve Smith
Writer: Sacha Baron Cohen, James Bobin, Jamie Glassman, Anthony Hines
Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen, Steve Ellington, T.N.T. Crew, Charles Dicagno, James Baker III, Marlin Fitzwater
IMDB Rating: 8.0/10
Genre: Comedy
Number of seasons: 3

Series Plot: This is a comedy show in which Hipster Ali G. is an interviewer who invites several guests who are mostly agents of drug enforcement and crime prevention to discuss the crime matters prevailing in America and Britain.

But the guests are unaware that Ali G is not an actual interviewer and just want to catch them off guard while creating a comedy act.

Queer As Folk (1999-2005)


Director: Sarah Harding, Charles McDougall
Writer: Russell T. Davies
Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Aidan Gillen, Carla Henry, Craig Kelly, Denise Black, Andy Devine, Antony Cotton, Peter O’Brien
IMDB Rating: 8.4/10
Genre: Drama
Number of seasons: 5

Series Plot: This show follows the story of three gay men who happen to live in a gay village in Manchester. Out of the group of three friends Stuart is the one who is extremely wealthy and handsome, Vince has a humorous personality and Nathan is in love with Stuart and shown to be young and wild as he is trying to know what he truly wants from life.

It’s A Sin (2021-)


Director: Peter Hoar
Writer: Russell T. Davies
Cast: Omari Douglas, Callum Scott Howells, Olly Alexander,  Lydia West, Shaniqua Okwok, Nathaniel Curtis, Toto Bruin
IMDB Rating: 8.7/10
Genre: Drama. Comedy
Number of seasons: 1

Series Plot: This show chronicles the life of four friends and how their world changed upside down all during the span of 10 years as they witnessed the terrifying disease AIDS rising above with no cure at all.

With a brilliant rating of 8.7, we promise it’ll leave you satisfied as it is one of the best Channel 4 TV shows in New Zealand.

Deceit (2021-)


Director: Niall MacCormick
Writer: Emilia di Girolamo
Cast: Niamh Algar, Eddie Marsan, Sion Daniel Young, Harry Treadaway, Nathaniel Martello-White, Rochenda Sandall
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10
Genre: Drama
Number of seasons: 1

Series Plot: This show focuses on the events that took place after the murder of Rachel Nickell as it is based on a true story. Rachel Nickell was stabbed to death which led the Metropolitan Police to carry out an undercover operation in order to find out the truth and trap the suspect in the murder case.


The list above generated by us represents some of the coolest Channel 4 TV shows in New Zealand that you cannot miss at any cost. It consists of all kinds of genres, whether it is romance, comedy, adventure, etc so something will surely be in store for you!

Channel 4 will cover each one of your entertainment needs, so hurry up what are you waiting for? Select the one that you like the most from the list above.

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