How to Install & Use Discovery Plus on FireStick in New Zealand

Is Discovery on FireStick in New Zealand? Yes, it is. This guide will show you how to download Discovery Plus on FireStick in New Zealand and start using it immediately. All Fire TV devices may follow the instructions in this tutorial.

Even though there is a seemingly limitless number of streaming services, one that stands out, in particular, is Discovery+.

Discovery+ is unrivaled in its ability to provide factual, non-fiction entertainment, and no other service even comes close. Though it is one of the most outstanding documentary services available anywhere in the world, the fact that it supports several languages makes it even more appealing.

In addition, Discovery Plus provides two subscription packages: one without advertisements for US$4.99 per month and the other with advertisements for US$6.99 per month. Don’t forget that a free trial of Discovery Plus is also an option. Additionally, you may effortlessly access Discovery Plus on Roku in New Zealand.

This is due to the massive repertoire of original series that it offers. In addition, Alexa’s functionality is included right in Discovery Plus. This means you may use your voice to manage the app and seek your preferred films without touching a button on your FireStick device.

Unfortunately, Discovery Plus is only available in US due to geo-restriction. To access Discovery Plus in New Zealand, one needs to connect via a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN.

Now without any further ado, let’s have a look at how to use Discovery Plus on FireStick in New Zealand.

How to Set Up Discovery Plus on a FireStick or FireTV in New Zealand

The installation process for Discovery Plus on FireStick in New Zealand is straightforward similar to watching TSN and Sky Sports on FireStick in New Zealand.

This is how you may do it directly from the Fire TV device itself.

  1. You may use the search function by pressing the left button on your device when on the main menu.
  2. Start inputting “Discovery Plus” into the on-screen keypad, then tap “Discovery Plus App” or “Discovery Plus” when it appears in the search results.


    Selecting the Discovery Plus app.

  3. Make use of the Get/Download menu option.


    You have to download the app on your device.

  4. Click Open after the software has finished downloading and installing.
  5. Either click Begin Free 7-Day Trial.


    Sign in to Disocvery Plus or enter your credentials.

  6. Just type in your email address, pick a login, and hit “Continue.”
  7. To subscribe with your saved credit card, enter your Discovery Plus Amazon login details.
  8. You may now stream Discovery Plus on your Fire TV.


How to Install Discovery Plus on FireStick in New Zealand Directly from the App Store

You can install Discovery Plus on Firestick in New Zealand directly from the App Store, just like getting HBO Max on FireStick in New Zealand. Follow these easy steps:

  1. On the home screen, choose the option labeled Find > Search.


    Use the search button to look for Discovery Plus app.

  2. Find the Discovery+ app in the store by using the on-screen keyboard located on the screen that displays search results.
  3. On the screen that follows, look for the symbol of the Discovery+ app and click on it.


    You need to download the app to watch its content.

  4. Click either Download or Get.


    Select the Get button to proceed.

  5. Please be patient as FireStick downloads the Discovery Plus software.
  6. Simply choose Open to get started with Discovery Plus Amazon.


How to Get Discovery Plus on Firestick in New Zealand through Browser

Please follow the steps below for Discovery Plus login on FireStick through Browser.

  1. On the home screen, choose the option labeled Find > Search.


    Use the search button to look for Discovery Plus app.

  2. Use the on-screen keyboard to search for Amazon Silk – Web Browser.
  3. From the search results, choose the Amazon Silk – Web Browser.


    Getting the Amazon Silk Web browser.

  4. To download and install the browser, click Get.
  5. After that, click Open to start the Firestick’s Silk Browser.
  6. Type into the address bar and hit Go.


    You have to enter Discovery Plus URL to proceed.

  7. Log in to Discovery Plus and stream your preferred programs.

Discovery+ Pricing Plans for FireStick in New Zealand

Is discovery plus on firestick free in New Zealand? No, it is not. Discovery+ presently has two different subscription options available. Following are the Discovery Plus price in New Zealand:

  • $6.99 per month (ad-free)
  • $4.99 per month

At this time, Discovery+ only offers monthly subscriptions. No plans are available for more extended periods, such as annual or bi-annual ones.

It should be no surprise that the $6.99 plan enables you to access all your preferred material without being subjected to advertising or interruptions.

These two programs each come with a free trial period of one week. You get a week to evaluate the service’s overall quality before selecting if you wish to subscribe to it permanently. So if you have wondered is discovery plus free, well it is free for just the trial period.

You can cancel Discovery Plus subscription anytime if you are done watching all the shows and movies.

Features of Discovery+

Here are some of the unique features of Discovery+

  • It operates as an authorized European distributor via a relationship with BT Group.
  • Offer material drawn from a variety of factual television networks, such as the Discovery Channel, Asian Food Network, Food Network, Magnolia Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, HGTV, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, and other similar stations.
  • Utilize the Vocal lookup function to do a check for your preferred programs.
  • Enjoy streaming on two different devices at once.
  • Streaming of a Limitless Amount of Content in High-Definition Quality
  • In the United States, it also provides access to the programming of the NBC Network and the A&E Network via two different subscription plans that cost $4.99 per month (with advertisements) and $6.99 per month (without ads).
  • You may add your favorite television programs to the Watchlist Kid-friendly programming is included for secure education.

Which devices are supported by Discovery Plus in New Zealand?

Discovery Plus content is accessible on a vast number of platforms and devices. There are a few that are:

PlayStation Apple TV
Xbox Smart TV
Android iOS
Chromecast Computer

What channels does Discovery Plus offer in New Zealand?

Discover Plus has the following channel lineup:

Motor Trend TLC
Discovery+ Originals Magnolia
Network Lifetime
Science Channel The Dodo
Food Network ID
Animal BBC
HGTV History
Travel Channel OWN

Best Shows to watch on Discovery Plus in New Zealand

Is there a list of the top recommended Discovery Plus shows? Stop scratching your head! Because we made a list of the best movies on Discovery Plus. To make it easier for you to find the most enjoyable content on Discovery Plus, we arranged the programs according to their level of popularity.

A Groundhog Day Story Planet Earth II – Mountains
A Crime to Remember You’re Bacon Me Crazy
Taking a Shot at Love Whiskey Business
East Meets West Dinner at Tiffani’s


Amazon provides a direct link to the Discovery Plus app for the Fire TV. So, if you have a Fire Edition TV, Fire TV Cube, Fire Stick Lite, or Fire Stick, you can subscribe to Discovery Plus without leaving the app. You may download it straight to your Fire TV device or obtain it via the Android App Store, which is located on the Amazon website.

Whether you’re using the app or the browser, close discovery+. Launch the discovery+ application or refresh the page in your browser to continue viewing the content. If you’re having issues, try clearing the data and cache on your Fire TV Stick.

In most cases, you will be required to power down your apparatus, remove it from the electrical outlet, wait a few moments, and reconnect everything before powering it back up. Altogether quit the Discovery Plus app, then start it back up again.

If you are using the Discovery Plus app on a smartphone or another device, you will need to exit the app entirely and then relaunch it.


Discovery Plus is one of the giants among streaming platforms. Its unique content has amassed 24 million subscribers. The platform continues to upload content that caters to a wide variety of audiences.

Viewers can watch some of their favorite Discovery Plus shows by accessing it through multiple devices, including Amazon FireStick. It is quite easy to stream Disney Plus on Firestick in New Zealand which can be done with the help of our above-given guide. Additionally, you can view Discovery Plus content on Chromecast and watch Discovery Plus shows on Xfinity in New Zealand.

A lot of other platforms are also available on FireStick. Sports fans can watch beIN sports on Firestick in New Zealand.

Enjoy Streaming Discovery Plus on FireStick in New Zealand!

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