Complete List Of Channels on DStv Compact in New Zealand in 2024 [Updated in April]

DSTV-Compact-list-of-channels in-New Zealand

As an avid enthusiast of television entertainment, I’ve found that the channels on DStv Compact in New Zealand offer a diverse array of captivating content. DStv Compact, a premium service in Sub-Saharan Africa, caters to an extensive audience, providing top-tier entertainment, movies, sports, and news.

It’s a treasure trove for approximately 50 African countries, yet the USA market has been challenging to penetrate due to geo-restrictions. However, I’ve discovered a workaround – with a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, anyone can access this rich content library.

Navigating the options, DStv Compact and Compact Plus stand out, each offering unique programming that caters to different preferences. Understanding the nuances between these packages can be tricky, but I’m here to guide you through it.

Let’s dive into the vibrant world of DStv in New Zealand and explore the entertainment possibilities it holds.

List of Channels on DStv Compact in New Zealand

dstv-compact-channel-list-in-New Zealand

Dive into the world of entertainment with DStv Compact channels list 2024. Packed with Premier League excitement, WWE superstars, your favorite blockbuster movies, and a broad range of local and international channels covering entertainment, reality, news, music, and lifestyle.

Here is the list of the channels on DStv Compact in New Zealand.

S/N DStv Compact Channels list Codes
1) M-Net City 115
2) EVA+ 142
3) E! Entertainment 124
4) BBC Brit 120
5) Africa Magic Family 154
6) FOX Life 126
7) WWE Channel 128
8) CBS Reality 132
9) MTV 130
10) Lifetime Entertainment 131
11) BET 129
12) Zee World 166
13) Universal TV 117
14) ROK 2 169
15) Africa Magic Yoruba 157
16) Televista 194
17) SuperSport Blitz 200
18) Africa Magic Urban 153
19) Africa Magic Igbo 159
20) Trybe 195
21) ROK 168
22) SuperSport Football 205
23) Studio Universal HD 112
24) Africa Magic Hausa 156
25) Telemundo 118
26) EVA 142
27) M-Net Movies 4 108
28) Star 869
29) SuperSport La Liga 204
30) TNT Africa 137
31) Discovery Family 136
32) ROK 3 164
33) Africa Magic Epic 152
34) Discovery 135
35) B4U Movies 451
36) National Geographic Channel 181
37) KIk 114
38) SuperSport Premier League 203
39) Discovery ID 171
40) Real Time 155
41) BBC Lifestyle 172
42) SuperSport Variety 2 207
43) SuperSport Variety 3 208
44) Spice TV 190
45) CGTN News 409
46) Food Network 175
47) SuperSport Variety 4 209
48) NatGeo Wild 182
49) POP Central 189
50) EuroNews 414
51) BBC World News 400
52) Adom TV 280
53) Sky News 402
54) Nickelodeon 305
55) CNN International 401
56) ESPN 218
57) Boomerang 302
58) Arise News 416
59) Disney Channel 303
60) PBS Kids 313
61) Cartoon Network 301
62) Al Jazeera 406
63) Cbeebies 306
64) MTV Base 322
65) Mindset 319
66) Disney Junior 309
67) HIP TV 324
68) Jim Jam 322
69) Da Vinci Learning 318
70) NTA I 251
71) Trace Gospel 332
72) CHANNELS 254
73) Maisha Magic Bongo 160 160
74) NTA 1 251
75) NTA Parliament 370
76) K24 275
77) TRACE Jama 333
78) URBAN TV 328
79) AFRO Music English 326
80) Trace Gospel 332
81) MiTV 255
82) AIT 253
83) Sound City 327
85) LAGOS TV 256
86) ONMAX 257
87) WAP TV 262
88) eTV Africa 250
89) OGTV 260
90) Arewa 24 261
91) Galaxy TV 262
92) Wazobia Max 259
93) NTA 2 369
94) TVC News Nigeria 418
95) Rhythm 870
96) Newzroom Afrika HD 405
97) Africa News 417
98) CCTV Entertainment 480
99) CGTN Documentary 448
100) BBC World Service English 850
101) NDTV 24×7 413
102) Radio France Internationale 866
103) M-Net movies 4 108
104) Day Star 342
105) TBN 343
106) FAITH 341
107) Cloud Plus 294
108) Joy News 421
109) SBN 345
110) TV5 Monde Afrique 437
111) Fiesta TV 329
112) China Movie Channel 481
113) CGTN French 449
114) NHK 431
115) CCTV 4 447
116) TV Mundial (P) 680
117) Dove TV 349
118) Eternal Word TV Network 348
120) Lumen Christi 350
121) Emmanuel TV 390
122) IQRAA 346
123) BBC World Radio 2 851
124) Shanghai Dragon TV 482
125) Hunan TV 483
126) RTPi (P) 525
127) BBC African Languages 852
128) Voice of America 853

You can watch all these channels on DStv Compact using the best DStv VPN in New Zealand like ExpressVPN.

Movie Channels On DStv Compact in New Zealand Package

Movie buffs can rejoice with the channels on DStv Compact in New Zealand package, which offers an impressive selection of DStv movies in New Zealand.

You can catch the latest American movies channel on DStv or indulge in international cinema. Here’s what you can expect from DStv compact channels list South Africa:

  • Latest Releases and Blockbusters: With channels like M-Net Movies and Studio Universal, stay up-to-date with recent hits.
  • Classic Movies: Channels like TCM offer timeless movies that bring nostalgia.
  • International Cinema: Delve into a world of international films with channels that cater to diverse tastes.
Channel Codes Compact Channels on DStv
152 Africa Magic Epic
154 Africa Magic Family
156 Africa Magic Hausa
159 Africa Magic Igbo
153 Africa Magic Urban
157 Africa Magic Yoruba
451 B4U Movies
115 M-Net City
108 M-NET Movies 4
168 ROK
169 ROK 2
164 ROK 3
112 Studio Universal HD
117 Universal TV

Sports Channels On DStv Compact in New Zealand Package

As broadcasting networks such as SuperSport provide a lot of live sporting event coverage, you may need to be on the more expensive packages to catch all the sporting events.

The DStv Compact package channel list is a sports enthusiast’s haven, offering a substantial range of sports channels that cater to all preferences. From football to wrestling, the package includes:

  • Football: Catch all the action across various leagues with channels like SuperSport Football.
  • General Sports: General sports coverage, including highlights, analysis, and live events on ESPN.
  • Racing: For the racing buffs, channels like SuperSport Motorsport deliver thrilling racing content.
  • Wrestling: WWE fans can enjoy their favorite superstars in action on the dedicated WWE Channel.
Channel Codes Compact Channels on DStv
218 ESPN
200 SuperSport Blitz
205 SuperSport Football
204 SuperSport La Liga
203 SuperSport Premier League
207 SuperSport Variety 2
208 SuperSport Variety 3
209 SuperSport Variety 4
128 WWE Channel

Kids & Teens Channels On DStv Compact Package in New Zealand

The little ones can enjoy a variety of child-friendly programming on channels like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and PBS Kids, making the Kids & Teens channels on DStv Compact in New Zealand package a perfect fit for families.

Here is the list of the channels on DStv Compact for Kids & Teens:

DStv Compact Channel list Channel numbers
Disney Channel 303
Disney Junior 309
Jim Jam 310
Cbeebies 306
PBS Kids 313
Da Vicni Learning 318
Mindset 319
Nickelodeon 305
Cartoon Network 301
Boomerang 302

Documentaries and Lifestyle Channels on DStv Compact in New Zealand

DStv Compact’s documentaries and lifestyle channels bring you a wide variety of engaging and enlightening content. The Compact package has got you covered from the untamed wonders of nature to the latest fashion trends and the finest culinary delights to riveting real-life stories.

DStv Compact Channel list Channel numbers
NatGeo Wild 182
National Geographic 181
CGTN Documentary 448
Discovery ID 171
Discovery TLC Entertainment 135
BBC Lifestyle 172
E! Entertainment 124
Food Network 175
Spice TV 190

What is the Difference between DStv Compact and DStv Compact Plus

DStv Compact and Compact Plus are two subscription packages offered by DStv, a popular satellite television service in Africa. Each package is designed to cater to different viewing preferences and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of DStv Compact vs Compact Plus channels list:

Channel Selection

  • DStv Compact: Offers a generous selection of channels, including sports like Premier League and WWE, blockbuster movies, and a variety of local and international content across entertainment, reality, news, music, and lifestyle categories.
  • DStv Compact Plus: Provides all the channels available on DStv Compact, plus additional premium channels. This package is particularly appealing to sports enthusiasts, as it includes more comprehensive sports coverage, with additional channels dedicated to sports and exclusive access to certain sporting events.

Sports Coverage

  • DStv Compact: Includes significant sports channels but with limited access to some of the premium sports content available on DStv. It’s suitable for casual sports fans who enjoy football, wrestling, and other sports.
  • DStv Compact Plus: Offers extensive sports coverage, including more live games from top football leagues, cricket, golf, rugby, and other sports. It’s designed for serious sports fans who don’t want to miss out on major sporting events.


  • DStv Compact: More affordable than Compact Plus, making it a good choice for viewers looking for a wide range of content without the need for comprehensive sports coverage or the absolute latest in movie channels.
  • DStv Compact Plus: Priced higher than compact DStv channels due to the additional channels and premium sports coverage it offers. It’s targeted at viewers who are willing to pay more for extensive sports content and additional entertainment options.

Target Audience

  • DStv Compact: Aimed at families and viewers looking for a diverse selection of entertainment options without the premium price tag. It balances variety with affordability.
  • DStv Compact Plus: Geared towards sports enthusiasts and viewers who desire more content, especially in sports and premium entertainment. It’s for those who prioritize breadth and depth of content over cost.

What Can I Watch on DSTV in 2024?

As you explore streaming DStv in New Zealand in 2024, a world of entertainment awaits you, with DStv offering a vibrant selection of shows, live sports, movies, and original programming.

Here’s what’s trending and new on DStv for your viewing pleasure:

Best Shows to Watch on DSTV in 2024

Here’s a list of the best DSTV Shows to watch right now:

Best Movies to Watch on DSTV in 2024

Yes, the CW Seed has movies. Here’s a list of the best DSTV movies:

What are the Top Picks on DStv?

Here are some of the top and most popular content to enjoy on DStv:

FAQs: Channels on DStv Compact in New Zealand

In 2024, the cost of DStv Compact in New Zealand is $25.12 (R469).

There are over 130 channels on the DStv Compact in New Zealand.

Yes, Compact Plus has SuperSport channels. SuperSport networks currently on the DStv Compact Plus include SuperSport Premier League HD, SuperSport Blitz, SuperSport Variety 2 HD, SuperSport Variety 1 HD, SuperSport Action HD, and SuperSport Football Plus HD. You also get WWE channel and ESPN HD by subscribing to this bundle.

DStv Compact offers a broad array of programming and countless hours of entertainment. If you’re an entertainment aficionado, the DStv Compact package brings you top-tier channels such as M-Net Action and M-Net Series.

Meanwhile, enthusiasts of wildlife and the natural world can delight in channels like Animal Planet and National Geographic.


Prepare for action with Champions League and WWE, your favorite classic films, and a diverse variety of local entertainment, drama, sports, art, and lifestyle stations, as it includes 103 channels on DStv Compact in New Zealand.

Other subscription bundles are also available from DStv at reasonable prices. To subscribe, simply connect to a VPN service such as ExpressVPN and begin Compact streaming channels from my list.

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