How To Fix ESPN Error 1008 in New Zealand in 2022?

How To Fix ESPN Error 1008 in New Zealand in 2022?

During ESPN Plus streaming, the error code 1008 is frequently seen. By carefully reading this article, you learn how to resolve issue 1008 on the ESPN app in New Zealand.

As technology advanced, ESPN moved its offerings to ESPN+, an over-the-top streaming service. This made it possible for sports fans to watch their preferred matches live and on the go.

The only drawback to this cutting-edge technology is that occasionally the channel experiences issues and mistakes, with ESPN error 1008 is the most prevalent. The US’s over-the-top sports video streaming service, ESPN Plus, is a joint venture between ESPN Inc. and Disney.

The price of ESPN is $6.99 (NZ$11.04 per month). The service offers sports programming for every sport you can imagine, including cricket, soccer, racing, hockey, golf, boxing, rugby, tennis, and more. It has exclusive live-streaming privileges from countless sports leagues and councils.

Remember that to watch ESPN in New Zealand, you need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

What do you mean by ESPN Error 1008 in New Zealand?

Even though the streaming service is highly regarded and popular, issues occasionally occur that may leave users perplexed and looking for solutions.

The ESPN app error 1008 is one such problem. Most frequently, a slow connection causes this error, which eventually results in the ESPN app error code 1008 appearing. This may occur for several reasons, such as a poor connection, the deleting of cookies and cache, or even a virus.

There are quick fixes for some problems, and ESPN Plus problems can be solved in several ways.

What Causes ESPN Error 1008 in New Zealand?

As previously stated, there are several causes of the ESPN+ problem 1008. Some typical causes include the following:

  • Internet connection disruption
  • Overloaded Connection
  • Existence of a possible virus

Being an OTT streaming service, ESPN Plus requires a steady internet connection to provide a seamless viewing experience. The ESPN error number 1008 appears after numerous failed tries to connect if the connection is sluggish and the service takes a long time to load.

If you frequently use your computer and fail to close tabs, this might strain the connection excessively, which must function to maintain all open tabs running in the background.

How do I fix ESPN Plus error 1008 in New Zealand? (Troubleshooting Steps)

Step 1 (Restart Your Internet Connection)

Check your connection settings if you are currently connected to your mobile internet. The best connection for streaming is 4G.

Slower connections frequently cause smooth service to be interrupted, so you may want to think about upgrading to a better and more reliable connection to fix the ESPN app problem code 1008.

Slow connections frequently cause the ESPN app startup error 1008, which can usually be determined immediately since all linked devices, such as smartphones or tablets, fail to load apps.

Turn off the Wi-Fi and wait for 10 seconds before restarting it to fix the problem.


Check your internet connection.

A good internet connection is important for streaming on any device, for instance, ESPN Plus on Roku or any mobile device.

If that doesn’t work, see if your service providers have maintenance done. You might have to wait till the maintenance is finished in this situation.

Step 2 (Clear the Cache of Your Internet Browser)

The next step in fixing error 1008 ESPN in New Zealand is to clean your cache and close any unnecessary tabs. Clearing the cache from the
browser’s settings. In some browsers, the tab could show in a different order.

Select “Cookies and Site Permissions” from the menu. Depending on your browser, this can come from a different name and order. Simply enter “cookies” in the settings’ search field, and press Enter if you find it overwhelming to search for the precise setting.

  1. Remove the cookies.
  2. Caches should follow suit.
  3. Clear your browser’s cache.


    Clear cache data to fix ESPN Plus error 1008 in New Zealand.

  4. After a while, restart the browser after it has been closed.

After performing these instructions, ESPN Plus error code 1008 should no longer appear when you open ESPN Plus. We hope now you can enjoy your favourite shows like The Captain on ESPN without any errors. If not, read below.

Step 3 (Outdated Antivirus may be the Reason for ESPN Error 1008 in New Zealand)

If straightforward fixes aren’t working, antivirus software can be an option. Put antivirus software on your computer. If you already have one set up, it may be outdated and has to be renewed.

Users may need to purchase the complete edition of the antivirus software to protect their computers, even though many laptops and other devices come with free versions already installed.

Try installing a new license or renewing your current one if you have a free version installed.

Step 4 (Restart Your System)

It may sound absurd that we believe turning something on or off will fix most bugs. A system’s restart clears the device of any background processes and stops background activity.


Restart your device.

When the system restarts, the background applications or programs are shut down, allowing ESPN Plus to function normally once the device and its connection have been restored.

Step 5 (Update the ESPN App)

If the ESPN app is out-of-date and lacks the most recent updates from its creators, it may crash or fail to retrieve the necessary data since it is no longer compatible with its server. In this circumstance, updating the ESPN app to the most recent version might fix the problem.

As an example, we’ll walk through the process of updating the ESPN app for Android. Ensure the watch ESPN error 1008 is not the result of an ESPN server outage before continuing.

  • Search for ESPN in the Google Play Store.
  • Open ESPN now, and click Update if there are any updates available.


    Update the ESPN app.

  • After the update has been installed, run the ESPN app to see if everything is working properly.

Step 6 (Re-log into the ESPN App)

ESPN Errors 1008 may be caused by a brief hiccup in communication between the ESPN app and its server; the hiccup may be resolved by logging back into the application.

  1. Start the ESPN app and navigate to Settings.
  2. Then confirm that you want to log out of the ESPN app by tapping on Logout of ESPN Account.
  3. Once finished, close the ESPN app and delete it from the list of recently used apps.
  4. Now open the ESPN app and sign in with your credentials to see if problem 1008 has been fixed.


    Sign in on ESPN.

Step 7 (Try to Clear the Cache and Storage of the ESPN App)

The ESPN app may be unable to access several components necessary for its proper operation if its cache or storage is corrupted.

In this situation, emptying the ESPN app’s cache and storage may be the solution. We’ll walk through how to delete the cookies as well as data on the ESPN app for Android to clarify.

Open the Settings app on your Android device, then choose Application Manager.

PRO TIP: Use Restore Repair to check the archives and replace damaged and missing files if the problem is with your PC, laptop, or notebook. When system corruption is the cause of the problem, this usually solves it.

Step 8 (Delete and Reinstall the ESPN App)

Find the ESPN app now, and tap it to access the settings. The ESPN app will then be forced to cease after you tap Force Stop and confirm.

  1. Force the ESPN App to close.
  2. Now open the ESPN app and verify that it is operating properly.
  3. To force the app to close and open Storage, repeat steps 1 through 3 if necessary.
  4. Open the ESPN App’s Storage Settings and select Clear Cache, followed by Clear Data.
  5. Clear the ESPN App’s Cache and Data
  6. Next, acknowledge wiping the ESPN app’s data, and then restart your phone.
  7. Launch ESPN and sign in with your login information to see if the error 1008 is fixed after a restart.
  8. Install ESPN again.


    Install the ESPN app.

  9. Next, acknowledge wiping the ESPN app’s data, and then restart your phone.

Step 9 (Contact ESPN Support)

The only option left is to contact ESPN fantasy Support or ESPN plus support to look for potential solutions if you have tried every workable fix and nothing seems to resolve the ESPN app not working 1008 error in New Zealand.

They provide you with the best customer service on ESPN live chat, which makes it more reliable. Then you won’t be worried about ESPN not working on Spectrum or watching ESPN on Xbox 360, Firestick, or Kodi.

How Can I Download ESPN Videos Without Error Codes in New Zealand?

The software now allows ESPN+ videos to be downloaded with outstanding 720p video quality. Its capability to automatically download newly released episodes makes it much more appealing!

So you no longer have to search via the streaming service itself to find the most recent sporting event on your laptop!

An OTT downloader called KeepStreams for ESPN+ offers the smoothest and most continuous streaming experience without the ESPN start-up error 1008. There are distinct settings for Windows and Mac PCs in both the free and paid versions of the app.

The ESPN error code 1008 is related to connection or system outages; that much is certain today. However, how about we permanently solve the issue? The simplest way to do this is to use KeepStreams for ESPN+ to download the ESPN+ programming.


There could be various reasons for ESPN keeps saying error in New Zealand. The internet connection of your streaming device probably isn’t functioning properly, which could explain why ESPN isn’t working. To reconnect and get the app to work, you can check your mobile network or Wi-Fi connection.
As was already said, several root causes are behind the ESPN+ issue 1008. among the typical causes are:

  • Interruption of the internet connection
  • Unreliable Connection
  • The potential presence of a virus

A brief bug in the ESPN app can prevent a user from accessing ESPN+ content because some app elements might not function as intended. In this case, relaunching the ESPN app after forcibly closing it can solve the problem.
  • Open the Application Manager by launching the Android phone’s Settings.
  • Choose the ESPN app now, then tap Force Stop.
  • Launch the ESPN Android app.
  • Next, indicate that you want to Force Stop the ESPN app. Then, launch the ESPN app to ensure everything is in working order.
  • Force the ESPN App to close.

  • On an iPhone or iPad, uninstalling the ESPN app and then reinstalling it from the App Store is the only realistic way to delete an app’s cache. On Android, you can delete the cache without deleting the app:
  • Open Settings, then select Apps.
  • If necessary, select See all apps before selecting ESPN+.
  • Select Storage & cache.
  • Click Clear cache.
  • Start the app over.
  • If the issue still exists, repeat the process but tap Clear storage.
  • It should be noted that emptying the app’s storage would remove all saved data, including login details.

  • Final Thoughts

    By downloading the videos to your devices using KeepStreams for ESPN+, you can watch ESPN Plus without experiencing ESPN+ problem code 1008. 

    Since its debut as a cable channel, ESPN has held the title of undisputed sports programming. The service improved as it was transformed into an over-the-top (OTT) streaming service, giving users access to an unrivaled selection of events and movies. You can also get ESPN free trial on Hulu or fuboTV.

    However, if you are in New Zealand, remember to connect to the New York server on ExpressVPN, our top-recommended VPN, to stream ESPN from anywhere and avoid any errors. If needed, you can cancel your ESPN subscription without paying any extra money.

    If you have any further questions on the ESPN error code, feel free to ask us in the comments section.

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