How To Watch Rafuchakkar in New Zealand on JioCinema [Easy Guide For 2023]


Embark on an enthralling journey to watch Rafuchakkar in New Zealand, exclusively on JioCinema with ExpressVPN. JioCinema emerges as the primary platform offering exclusive access to unravel the mysteries surrounding Rafuchakkar.

However, to transcend geographical barriers, consider the role of ExpressVPN to Unlock the gates to Rafuchakkar and watch JioCinema in New Zealand. This remarkable tool provides secure and seamless access to JioCinema, ensuring uninterrupted streaming to watch Rafuchakkar in New Zealand on JioCinema online.

How To Watch Rafuchakkar in New Zealand on JioCinema [5 Easy Steps]

Get access to watch Rafuchakkar in New Zealand on JioCinema with these quick steps:

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN, the ultimate streaming-focused VPN.
  • Download the App and install it on your device.
  • Connect to a server located in India via ExpressVPN.
  • On JioCinema, log in to your account.
  • Start watching Rafuchakkar in New Zealand on JioCinema.

Apart from accessing Rafuchakkar for free, if you’re inclined towards premium content from HBO and Peacock, explore how much is JioCinema subscription in New Zealand.

If you’re seeking where to watch Rafuchakkar? Read out our next section.

Where To Watch Rafuchakkar Online For Free?

You can enjoy Rafuchakkar for free on JioCinema. However, accessing JioCinema’s content is limited to India. To watch Rafuchakkar in New Zealand online for free, consider using a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.

By employing ExpressVPN, you can bid farewell to all geographical barriers and enjoy Rafuchakkar in New Zealand. If you encounter other issues with JioCinema not working, you can seek our detailed guide, which has mentioned all the possible ways to solve your issue.

jiocinema-geo-restriction-in-New Zealand

Connect to an Indian Server to Watch JioCinema in New Zealand

If you face any difficulties in New Zealand while watching Rafuchakkar, delete JioCinema account and then create it again as a potential solution.

What Is The Release Date Of Rafuchakkar?

Rafuchakkar, marking its debut on JioCinema on June 15, 2023, enthralls audiences with its compelling narrative. This release date signifies its initiation on the platform, offering an engaging storyline to viewers curious about Rafuchakkar release date.

For seamless access to this compelling show and to overcome location barriers, consider leveraging ExpressVPN.

Is There Any Trailer For Rafuchakkar?

Yes, the Rafuchakkar official trailer is readily available on YouTube, offering a sneak peek into this captivating show’s storyline.

Have a look at the Rafuchakkar trailer.

If this intriguing trailer has got you hooked, then you must install ExpressVPN to watch Rafuchakkar in New Zealand.

What is The Rafuchakkar Web Series Plot Summary?

The Rafuchakkar web series story revolves around Pawan Kumar, also called Prince, who faces allegations of unusual scams involving various items like diet biscuits and low-cost planes. With conflicting identities, is he a trickster or someone tangled in a complicated situation?

Check out Rafuchakkar (2023 cast) mentioned below!

Who Is In The Cast Of Rafuchakkar?

Explore the brilliant talents comprising the Rafuchakkar web series cast, showcasing their exceptional performances in this captivating narrative.

Actor Names Character Names
Maniesh Paul Prince
Priya Bapat Ritu Arora
Aksha Pardasany Shaurya Chautala
Aakash Dahiya Jaidev
Sushant Singh Sarvesh Pathania
Vikram Kochhar Ashfaq
Harshad Kumar Dron officer
Siddharth Joukani Artist
Chahat Vig Preeti Gogia
Bhawsheel Sahni Harpreet
Col Ravi Sharma Police Chief
Ravi Kothari Bank Manager
Naren Prajapati Bhola
Ranjit Deval Bharat Chaudhary

How Many Episodes Does Rafuchakkar Have?

the total number of Rafuchakkar all episodes is 9 to grasp the entirety of this enthralling series, including all episodes, below is the detailed table:

1 The Game Begins Jun 15, 2023 Prince faces charges of defrauding a prominent citizen and his daughter, defended by childhood friend Jaidev, now a lawyer, against a formidable Public Prosecutor in court.
2 Cat and Mouse Jun 15, 2023 The case intensifies between Ritu and Jaidev as evidence builds in Prince’s favor until a sudden twist emerges with three unexpected witnesses from Ahmedabad.
3 Magic Biscuits Jun 16, 2023 The three witnesses reveal a new con, implicating Kirtan as part of Prince’s alibi, leading to a critical demand from Ritu for a polygraph test, complicating matters for Prince.
4 True or False Jun 17, 2023 Prince evades some questions during the polygraph test but falters when Harpreet accuses Manjeet, an alibi of Pawan, leading to a shift in favor of Ritu and Shaurya.
5 Con the Conman Jun 18, 2023 The trial leaves Pawan’s guilt unproven, prompting Pathania, Ritu, and Shaurya to scheme a fake wedding. However, their plan backfires as Pawan secures bail, leaving the question of Prince’s innocence or guilt unresolved.
6 Double Agent Jun 19, 2023 Prince plans new cons, targeting Shaurya’s father, while persuading Ritu to join. Shaurya starts to see through the Prince’s schemes.
7 Blast from the Past Jun 20, 2023 Shaurya and Ritu delve into Pawan Kumar’s past while Jaidev unexpectedly drops the case. Yet, Ritu’s revelation about Pawan’s past unveils a shocking truth, exposing him.
8 Motivation Jun 21, 2023 Ritu exposes Prince’s true motives behind his cons, demanding severe punishment. However, a surprise ally turns the tables, frustrating Shaurya and Ritu
9 Birds of feather Jun 22, 2023 Prince uncovers Pathania’s illegal actions and the motive behind Prince’s arrest. He agrees to accept charges in exchange for Pathania’s arrest, leaving doubts about his sincerity.

Why Expressvpn Is The Best VPN To Watch Rafuchakkar in New Zealand on JioCinema?

Enhance your streaming experience to watch Rafuchakkar in New Zealand, free of geo-restrictions, with ExpressVPN. With blazing download speeds of up to 92.8 Mbps and impressive uploads at 90.2 Mbps, ExpressVPN ensures uninterrupted access to the Rafuchakkar 2023 and other exclusive JioCinema content.

ExpressVPN has compatibility across multiple devices, including the Firestick, Xbox, and PC. ExpressVPN supports up to 8 simultaneous connections in New Zealand, enabling seamless transitions between devices while enjoying Rafuchakkar 2023 episodes.

Watch-Rafuchakkar-in-New Zealand-on-jioCinema-with-ExpressVPN

Watch Rafuchakkar in New Zealand on JioCinema with ExpressVPN

Recommended Server: India

ExpressVPN’s extensive global server network spans 3000+ servers servers across 105 countries countries, including India. This server distribution guarantees seamless connectivity, eliminating buffering and lags for truly immersive, making it the best VPN for JioCinema in New Zealand.

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Use MediaStreamer in New Zealand for an enhanced JioCinema experience on devices like Samsung Smart TV and Chromecast. ExpressVPN isn’t just about unlocking content; it’s a secure and versatile gateway to explore the world of Rafuchakkar online watches and other JioCinema offerings.

ExpressVPN is competitively priced at NZD 10.82 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan), offering a 30-day money-back policy to watch Rafuchakkar in New Zealand.


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Don’t forget to optimize your streaming potential with ExpressVPN, offering secure and seamless access to JioCinema and other premium platforms in New Zealand.


Rafuchakkar was filmed in several cities across India, including Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Nainital, Delhi, Udaipur, and Alwar, creating a diverse backdrop for the storyline.

The creators of the Rafuchakkar series are Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartik Nishandar, the masterminds behind the concept and development of this intriguing show.

Yes, Rafuchakkar Jio Cinema presents a revealing insight into a bank scam, albeit with slight inspiration from Money Heist. Though lacking in action, the series showcases commendable acting and a compelling narrative.

Rafuchakkar holds an IMDb rating of 6.5 out of 10, showcasing a moderate yet respectable audience appreciation.

Geo-restrictions are used to prohibit JioCinema’s material in New Zealand because the company must abide by license and distribution agreements.

Yes, you may use a free VPN to watch Bandon Mein Tha Dum, but some of them risk infecting your device with malware or spyware and compromising your security. For this reason, we suggest ExpressVPN so you may watch the show worry-free.

Wrapping Up

Rafuchakkar, an engaging web series on JioCinema, captivates audiences with its intriguing storyline. However, for those in New Zealand, ExpressVPN emerges as the ideal solution, offering seamless access to JioCinema and its diverse collection.

With ExpressVPN’s robust security, fast speeds, and vast server network, watch¬†Rafuchakkar in New Zealand free on JioCinema and other top-tier shows becomes hassle-free. Don’t miss out on this exceptional series.

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