Peacock TV Price in New Zealand Explained: The Premium and Free Version


Wondering about Peacock TV price in New Zealand? Well, you have landed at the right place as we have discussed the subscription cost and the available plan of Peacock TV in detail.

Peacock TV is soaring thanks to hit shows like The Office and the Harry Potter films. Bel-Air, MacGruber, and Top Chef Family Style are among the originals available on the streaming service. Peacock has staked a lot of money on sports, hosting Premier League games and WWE events.

Peacock may be one of the younger streaming services on the market, but it has a lot to offer. We looked at Peacock from every viewpoint, including the current and upcoming programs, as well as how good its originals are. Oh, and don’t assume Peacock only has NBC and Universal series; it also has licensed films and shows.

The platform is geo-restricted so a VPN is needed to watch Peacock TV in New Zealand. The new streaming service will include live and on-demand content across news, sports, and late-night, in addition to thousands of movies and shows.

So, without any further ado let’s dig into the guide to find out the Peacock TV price in New Zealand and what it offers!

Guide on Peacock TV price in New Zealand, Cost, and Free Trial

Here are the Peacock TV price in New Zealand Plans:

Free Peacock

For starters, there’s the Peacock Free, which, as its name implies, is completely free. There are certain drawbacks to this option, the most notable of which is that you don’t have access to the entire collection of content and can only watch a limited number of movies and episodes. There are also advertisements. But, once again, it’s completely free!

Premium Peacock (4.99 USD/month or 6.82 AUD/month)

The Peacock TV premium Price is 4.99 USD or 6.82 AUD a month and offers you full access to the streaming service’s content. This covers all of the Peacock originals as well as the vast library of outstanding films and television episodes. You may also catch up on NBC’s hit shows the day after they run on broadcast television. It should be noted that many of the shows have advertisements, but they are not as intrusive as the free model.

Peacock Premium Plus (9.99 USD/month or 13.66 AUD/month)

Then there’s Peacock Premium Plus, which costs 9.99 USD or 13.66 AUD a month and includes all of the features of the Premium model but without the ads. Due to streaming rights, you’ll still see adverts when watching live sports, other programs, and select titles, but this is rarely a problem in our experience. Certain movies and episodes can also be downloaded for offline watching on your mobile device.

Where can I get a Peacock account?

On July 15, 2020, Peacock was made available in all 50 states. On the Peacock website, you may join up for a Free, Premium, or Premium Plus subscription right now.

Peacock is compatible with a wide range of devices like iPhone, Android, and Apple TV, you can also watch Peacock on Xbox and other gaming consoles as well. To get started, search for or download the Peacock app for your device, or go directly to the Peacock website and create a Peacock account with your email address.

Note: To watch it in New Zealand you need a VPN that can bypass the geo-restriction of this platform. 

Which popular Peacock Channels are available to watch?

Peacock Channels have handpicked blocks of streaming content available to every Peacock subscription tier 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are over 30 category channels with news, TV series, sports, and movies to choose from. The Bob Ross Channel, The Office Zen, SNL Vault, Premier League TV, and NBC News Now are all Peacock Channels.

What Peacock TV series are available?

Well, Peacock Premium and Premium+ members have access to exclusive Peacock Originals material. The reboot of Saved by the Bell, the upcoming Law & Order: Hate Crimes, and the drama Brave New World (which was just canceled) are all Peacock Originals.

Complete seasons of 30 Rock, The Office, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Unsolved Mysteries, Battlestar Galactica, Keeping Up With The Kardashians,  and more best Peacock TV Shows can be found in the Peacock Premium TV collection. You can also browse the entire library before signing up on the official Peacock website.

Here are some of the best Peacock TV shows:

  • Killing It
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • MacGruber
  • The King of Queens

What Peacock films are currently available?

The Peacock’s film roster shifts frequently, with content spread out across time. There aren’t any brand-new movies here, but there are plenty of recent favorites like Bridemaids and Despicable Me, as well as a number of older titles dating back to the 1980s.

It’s the kind of movie collection in which you can find a lot of very terrific older films, but they’re probably ones you’ve already watched. You can check out the list of best Peacock TV movies on its website after getting to know about the Peacock TV price in New Zealand.

Fans of the Fast and Furious franchise, on the other hand, are still waiting for Peacock to release every film in the franchise to date. Only Fast & Furious 6 is now available on Peacock.

You can watch these amazing movies on Peacock TV:

  • 12 Monkeys
  • The Big Lebowski
  • The Descent
  • American Werewolf in London
  • Christmas Island
  • Mystery on Mistletoe Lane
  • The Santa Summit

List of Peacock TV Talk Shows

Here is the list of some great Talk Shows that you can watch on Peacock TV:

  • Hart to Heart
  • 2021 and Done with Snoop Dogg & Kevin Hart
  • The Johnny Carson Show
  • The Kelly Clarkson Show
  • Cold as Balls

What Sports you can watch on Peacock TV?

Peacock TV has a vast collection of Sports events. You can watch all the latest matches of your favorite sports events on Peacock TV. Here is the list of Sports programs that you can watch on Peacock:

What makes Peacock TV so popular?

Peacock is a popular streaming platform and a must-see for streaming enthusiasts thanks to its extensive content library comprising significant TV shows including Law & Order and The Office (as well as its exclusive partnership with WWE). It’s comparable to Disney Plus where Marvel, Pixar, and Disney movies are available.

Peacock TV has the potential to come up as a well-rounded streaming service worth subscribing to if it develops a strong library of original content, extends its inventory of exclusive episodes and movies, expands its live sports services, and adds crucial features.

But, for now, Peacock Free may suffice to enhance an already extensive streaming collection, or you can pay for Peacock TV price in New Zealand for a month or two to binge all of The Office before returning to the free model. And there’s no harm in taking advantage of Peacock Premium for free if you’re a qualifying Cox Cable or Xfinity subscriber.


No both streaming platforms are different from each other and have different subscription costs. Peacock is different from Amazon Prime as this platform offers a free trial.

Yes, Peacock is accessible for free. There’s no need for a credit card, and you can choose from over 13,000 hours of film. Every hour, you’ll have to sit through five minutes of commercials. There are 20,000 hours of programming in Peacock Premium (with commercials).

You can try the Peacock premium plan tier free for seven days. You can enjoy a 90-day free trial of Peacock Premium if you sign up for it through the Android app or on Android TV.

On your Amazon Fire TV, go to the app store and search for “Peacock.” Alternatively, you can download the app by clicking here. To install the app, click “Download.” Log in using your Peacock credentials once it’s been installed.

To watch Peacock TV on Roku, create an account and then download the channel to your device. Peacock broadcasts a large range of NBCUniversal series, as well as live WWE pay-per-views.


We hope that our simple guide on Peacock TV price in New Zealand was helpful for you and now you have a clear idea about the subscription cost of Peacock and what it is offering.

To get Peacock TV  outside the USA, you need to use the best VPN for streaming that lets you watch the content of Peacock TV without any interruptions.

If you have any further questions do let us know in the comment section below.

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