Peacock vs Hulu – Comparing The Best Services in New Zealand

Peacock vs Hulu has become a hot topic of discussion among OTT lovers in New Zealand. Though there are many other streaming services, these two are more popular to watch. Compared to Hulu, Peacock TV is a new player in the industry introduced by NBCUniversal.

Peacock TV has content from platforms like Oxygen, NBC, Bravo, Syfy, Focus Features, Universal Pictures, and DreamWorks Animation. Unfortunately, you can’t watch Peacock TV in New Zealand without a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Moreover, you have to subscribe to Peacock TV to watch its content, and after that, you can cancel Peacock subscription anytime you want.

On the other hand, Hulu is a thriving streaming service that is pretty popular among its audience. Read the guide below to know how Peacock and Hulu differ in terms of services and offers.

Peacock vs Hulu – Quick Comparison


If you are in a hurry, here we have listed all the main comparison points between Peacock Vs Hulu, including Hulu and Peacock TV prices, compatible devices, partner content networks, and so on.

Base Peacock Free package Peacock Premium Basic Hulu package Hulu + Live TV
Price per month Free NZD 7.91 or 4.99 USD (Without ads NZD 15.84 or 9.99 USD) NZD 9.49 or 5.99 USD (Without ads NZD 19.01 or 11.99 USD) NZD 87.17 or 54.99 USD (Without ads NZD  96.68 or 60.99 USD)
Ads 5 minutes/ hour 5 minutes/ hour 10 minutes/ hour Varies
Total content hours More than 13,000 hours More than 20,000 hours More than 2500 movies and 43,000 episodes Over 65+ Live channels + Hulu’s content
Shows NBCU seasons + Peacock original episodes Full Peacock original seasons + latest season shows Hulu Originals
Latest shows from ABC, Fox, and NBC; Licensed shows, FX on Hulu
High-rated cable channels and local network shows
Other content Classic shows, Movies, and News Late-night TV early access, premium movies, News +, Classic shows, movies Classic shows, movies Sports, Classic shows, Movies, News
Devices Android,
SmartCast TVs
Android TV,
Xbox One X
Xbox One S
Apple TV 4K
PlayStation 4
Apple TV HD,
LG Smart TVs
iPod touch,
Comcast Xfinity X1,
Comcast Xfinity Flex,
Apple TV 4K
Android TV,
Apple TV HD
Comcast Xfinity X1
Comcast Xfinity Flex,
iPod touch
LG Smart TVs,
SmartCast TVs
PlayStation 4,
Xbox One X  Xbox One S Vizio
Android phones
Fire Tablets
Android TV,
Fire TV
Apple TV,
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch,
Samsung TV
Vizio TVs,
Xbox 360
Xfinity Flex
Xbox One,
web browsers
Android phones
Apple TV
Fire Tablets
Android TV
Chromecast, Fire TV, iPhones
Nintendo Switch
Samsung TV
PlayStation 4, Roku,
Xbox One
Vizio TVs,
Xbox 360
Xfinity Flex
Web browsersX1 TV

Peacock vs Hulu – [Detailed Analysis]

Below we have shared a detailed analysis of Peacock vs Hulu:

Content Libraries

Hulu and peacock content libraries list many best shows, movies, and other streaming media. Viewers can choose as per their streaming preference. With free and premium peacock packages, you get 13000 hours and 20000 hours of content to stream.

Content on Peacock free package:

Shows like 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Friday Night Lights, Cheers, Suits, Royal Pains, Battlestar Galactica, etc., are viewers’ favorites.

The Free package lets you watch movies like The Blair Witch Project, The Bourne Identity (sequels included), Billy Elliot, The Mummy, and Do the Right Thing. Moreover, you can watch the Peacock originals, such as Brave New World and Intelligence.

Content on Peacock premium package:

Once you upgrade from Peacock’s free trial to the Premium plan, more movies and shows get unlocked in the library. The latest peacock originals like Saved By the Bell and Battlestar Galactica’s reboot/sequels and Punky Brewster are listed in the library.

You get early access to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night With Seth Meyers at 8 PM ET.

Hulu’s basic and Premium plans:

Both packages contain 1650 shows with 43000 TV episodes and more than 2500 movies. You get to stream all the latest shows from ABC, Fox, NBC, and cable networks.

Plus, there is a wide range of movies and shows library to watch. Some of them include Parasite (Oscar winner) and Handmaid’s Tale (Emmy winner). Hulu also shows FX content, including shows and FX originals on its platform, such as American Horror Story, The Shield, Mr. America, etc.

Pricing and Plans

Peacock streaming service offers both a free and premium plan. Free streaming on Peacock comes with commercial ads. However, it does not ask you to share your credit card information.

With a simple sign-up, you can start streaming Peacock content. On the other hand, Premium costs NZD 7.91 or 4.99 USD and provides you with more content to stream. At this price, the streaming provided is ad-supported. To enjoy ad-free streams, you will need to get its NZD 15.84 or 9.99 USD priced premium plan.

Hulu does not offer a free streaming service. It provides basic and premium plans. The basic plan is available at NZD 9.49 or 5.99 USD (ad-supported), and the Premium plan is available at NZD 19.01 or 11.99 USD (ad-free).

Simultaneous Streaming

Peacock offers up to 3 simultaneous streaming with one account. Currently, there are no additional plans or add-on options to connect more devices to Peacock.

Hulu offers simultaneous streaming of 2 connections at a time. Moreover, you get Hulu on various devices by paying an additional NZD 15.84 or $9.99 per month.

Channels Offered


Peacock offers more than 50 channels to stream, and mainly it lists NBC-based channels among them. Its sports channels include EPL matches, WWE events, Notre Dame games, Sunday Morning MLB games, and Sunday Night Football. Some of the popular channels you can get on Peacock are:

Movies We Love LOOP Hit Music Videos
Kiss Me Deadly Black Cinema
Black-Led Comedy LOL! Network
Black Stories USA Network
AFV Family NFL Channel


Hulu + LiveTV contains more than 75 channels. Some of the worth watching channels include:

FYI History Channel
ID Disney XD
Disney Channel Disney Kids
HLN Localish
Lifetime Lifetime Movie

With the Hulu add-on option, you get to add premium channels like Cinemax, STARZ, HBO, and SHOWTIME. Hulu includes NFL Network, college networks, and regional sports networks.

Device Compatibility


Whether you are watching Hulu or Peacock TV with a VPN in New Zealand or within its service area, knowing if you can watch Hulu or Peacock on Xbox or any of the compatible devices is helpful. Below we have listed all devices that work well with Hulu and Peacock streaming services in New Zealand.

Hulu + LiveTV supports the below-given devices:

Smart TVs (Android, LG, Vizio, Samsung) Roku Devices
Amazon Fire Stick PS5
PS4 Xbox One
Nintendo Switch Apple TV
Chromecast iPhone/iPad

Peacock supports the following devices:

Smart TVs (Vizio, LG, Samsung, Sony models, Android) Roku Devices
Amazon Fire Stick PS5
PS4 Xbox One
Xbox Series S/X Apple TV
Chromecast iPhone/iPad

Best Shows and Movies to Watch in 2022

Below we have listed the best movies on Peacock and Hulu, along with the latest and most popular shows to watch in New Zealand;

Peacock Hulu
The Outfit (2022 Movie) The Peripheral (2022 Series)
Samaritan (2022 Movie) The Watcher  (2022 Series)
A League Of Their Own (2022 series) Terrifier 2 (2022 Movie)
Thirteen Lives (2022 movie) Don’t Worry Darling (2022 Movie)
Don’t Make Me Go (2022 Movie) Top Gun: Maverik (2022 Movie)
The Lord of The Rings- The Ring Power (2022 series) Andor (2022 Series)
Barbarian (2022 Movie) From Scratch (2022 Series)
Weird: The AI Yankovic Story (2022 Movie) Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities (2022 Series)

Peacock vs Hulu: FAQs

In terms of quality and variety-rich content, Hulu surpasses Peacock. However, Peacock is much more affordable than Hulu in terms of pricing.

So, it depends on which titles you wish to watch. Peacock mainly lists the NBC catalog and content from top brands like Lionsgate, ViacomCBS, etc. 

Yes, buying a Peacock Premium is a worthwhile investment. It charges less than NZD 7.93 or 5 USD per month and offers a comprehensive content library to explore and watch.

First of all, Peacock streaming services offer a free tier to access most of its content to users. This option is not available on Hulu. Another amazing offer you get with Peacock is early access (at 8 PM ET) to episodes of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night With Seth Meyers. However, you will need to purchase its premium plan.


Peacock is emerging as a top choice among OTT users in New Zealand due to its low price and free tier option. It is commonly compared to Hulu, a popular name in the OTT industry.

If you were also confused about which service to buy in New Zealand, then we have covered all the important details about the subject in this Peacock Vs Hulu guide. Do read the information carefully to clear your doubts regarding both streaming services.

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