How to Chromecast Sky Go on any Device in New Zealand?


Sky go is a streaming site for TV and online high-demand content. It’s also well known for its most famous Sky Go shows and the best movies like Mount Pleasant, Sick of it, and Dune. Although, Sky Go’s device compatibility isn’t as much better. But Sky go is accessible on smartphones and laptops.

Sky Go is a UK-based streaming site that is not accessible outside of the UK due to geo-restrictions. Thus, you may access Sky Go in New Zealand while using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Since device compatibility is limited, we have utilized all the casting or screen mirroring procedures. We will discuss how to use Sky Go Chromecast in this blog. So, let’s move deep into it.

What is Sky Go?

Sky Go is a broadcasting site for accessing all your favorite Sky TV channels. Your membership plan will allow you to get various channels like Animal Planet, Sky Nature, History, etc. Sky Group manages this streaming service. It is freely available to Sky TV users.

Multiple compatible devices are available for Sky Go, like Windows/mac PC, iOS, and Android. The Sky Go app’s casting capability is suitable for Apple TV Chromecast and Airplay. You may also access Sky Sports on Firestick in New Zealand.

Alert: Sky Go casting function is only accessible in New Zealand. Furthermore, Chrome does not support casting. If you live outside of that area, you must use screen mirroring to access Sky Go through Chromecast. We’ve laid down the steps for casting and screen mirroring Sky Go. Read this blog to learn more.

If you are thinking about how much is Sky Go. Then you will be glad to know Sky Go is a free-of-cost streaming site. You need to have a membership to view its entire content. You may cancel your Sky TV membership at any time.

How to Chromecast Sky Go? [Quick Guide steps]

To Chromecast Sky Go, follow the quick methods mentioned below:


  • How do I use Chromecast to cast Sky Go?

Screen Mirroring

  • How do I use Chromecast to mirror Sky Go from my smartphone?
  • Mirror Sky Go from your desktop using Chromecast.

How to Watch Sky Go Using Chromecast in New Zealand?

So here is how to cast Sky Go Chromecast while using an Android or iOS device.

  • Install the Sky Go app on your smartphone.

    sky-go-app (1)

    Install the Sky Go app on your phone.

  • Complete the installation on your smartphone with your Sky Go login details.
  • In the following step, connect the TV and Chromecast and power them on.
  • Next, activate your Chromecast connection in your smartphone.
  • Enter the Sky Go and stream whatever stuff you want.
  • When watching the video on your smartphone, tap the Cast or Airplay option on Sky Go.

    cast-icon-on-sky-go (1)

    Choose the cast icon.

  • Select the Chromecast gadget from the list of supported devices on Sky Go.
  • Now your selected video will stream on your Chromecast-enabled TV.

How to Watch Sky Go Using Chromecast On a Mobile Phone?

Follow the steps below to mirror Sky Go with Chromecast using your Android or iOS device.

  • Link both TV and Chromecast, then turn them on.
  • Join your smartphone and Chromecast to a single Wi-Fi network.
  • Next, install the Sky Go and Google Home applications.
  • Go to Google Home and select Cast my screen > Cast Screen.

    cast-screen (1)

    Confirm Cast Screen.

  • The screen on your smartphone will be displayed on your Chromecast-enabled TV.
  • Stream the stuff of your preference when logging in to Sky Go on your smartphone. It shall be mirrored to any Chromecast-enabled TV.
  • Enjoy Sky Chromecast!

How to Mirror Sky Go Using Chromecast on a Desktop?

There are following two methods to mirror sky go:

Method 1

By following the steps below, you may mirror Sky Go from your Windows desktop or Mac.

  • Link the Chromecast to your TV and turn it on.
  • Connect your desktop and Chromecast to a single Wi-Fi network.
  • Open Chrome on the pc and select Cast from the menu (three-dotted icon) on the site.

    cast-option-on-chrome (2)

    Choose the cast option.

  • Choose sources and enter Cast Desktop.
  • Select your Chromecast from the list of devices on the laptop.
  • Once you login to Sky Go on your laptop, it will be mirrored on your Chromecast-enabled TV.

Method 2

Sky Go can be mirrored from your desktop. It applies to Windows Desktop.

  • Connect the Chromecast to the TV and turn it on.
  • Link both your Windows desktop and Chromecast to a single Wi-Fi network.
  • On your laptop, go to Action Center > Connect.

    choose-connect (1)

    Choose Connect.

  • On your laptop, choose Chromecast. The laptop has been mirrored.
  • Install Sky Go on the laptop and have it mirrored on your TV.
  • Enjoy casting Sky Go to TV.

Is Sky Go on Chromecast yet?

Sky Go is accessible on Chromecast in various countries, but not in the United Kingdom. The fortunate people of New Zealand seem to have it better since they can utilize Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast 3rd Generation with the brand Sky Go.

What alternative streaming services are accessible on Chromecast?

Here is the list of the alternative streaming services accessible on Chromecast:

  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Disney Plus
  • HBO Max
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Paramount Plus
  • Hulu


Yes! Sky Go works with Chromecast. But, ensure that your Chromecast should be ultra or 3rd generation.

This might happen due to Sky Go not being able to access Bluetooth and the local network. Because Sky Go identifies Chromecast through Bluetooth devices, you can change your app authority to resolve this issue.

Yes! You can screen mirror Sky Go to TV.


Sky Go is a high-demand video streaming service. This is a broadcasting website where you can watch your favorite Sky TV stations. Remember that Sky Go is a UK-based streaming site, so you need a VPN to access Sky Go movies in the New Zealand. We recommend using ExpressVPN as the best VPN service.

Sky Go is available on Chromecast in several countries but not in the USA. New Zealand appears to have it because they may use Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast 3rd Generation.

In this blog, we discussed in detail how you could mirror Sky Go Chromecast. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask us in the comments section.

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