How to Get Sling TV Free Trial in New Zealand In 2022 [Quick Hacks]

We all love the free content that’s why we usually look for free trials and wonder how to get Sling TV free trial in New Zealand? Well to get a free trial of Sling TV download the Sling TV app on any of the supported devices.

You will find the Watch Now for Free option as soon as you launch the app. Enter payment information and join up for the service. At the end of your free trial, your entered credit card will be charged.

Instead of using your standard cable or satellite service, you can sign up for Sling TV, an internet TV streaming service. It is a less expensive substitute for your present provider and doesn’t need any equipment. You can personalize your channel selection and just pay for the channels you actually use.

The time limit of the Sling free trial changes frequently. You will be charged when the duration of the Sling free trial is over. Sling TV also offers 50% off to its new customers. This is one of the deals offered by Sling TV. You can take advantage of this if you can’t fling the free trial button on the Sling TV website or app.

Sling TV is a geo-restricted streaming service that can only be watched in the United States. To watch the content outside the US a VPN like ExpressVPN is needed. The VPN can easily overcome the geo-restrictions and allow you to watch Sling TV in New Zealand.

There is a completely free version of Sling TV called Sling Free that enables you to watch on-demand videos and pick live TV channels if you are not interested in signing up for Sling.

Old films and TV episodes make up the majority of the live content on Sling Free. We advise joining up with the introductory deal of 50% off for the first month if you want to try out the full-featured version of Sling TV.

However, many users face Sling TV loading issues while using Sling TV to watch their preferred content, many consumers experience crashes, dark screens, etc. Sling TV occasionally crashes when the user tries to launch the app or stops responding unexpectedly when the user is streaming.

So, let’s get started with how to get Sling TV free trial in New Zealand and what deals are currently Sling TV is offering to its new customers!

Sling TV Free Trial in New Zealand: Does Sling TV Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Sling TV offers a free trial but the time duration of the Sling free trial changes frequently. Potential subscribers have the opportunity to test out the streaming platform before deciding on a specific service package thanks to this free trial, which is compatible with any plan (Sling Orange, Sling Blue, or Sling Orange + Blue).

You can also avail fantastic alternative deal offered by Sling TV i.e half off on the first month’s membership (pay 17.50 USD instead of the standard 35 USD monthly Sling TV price).

Only new customers are eligible for it. Therefore, you cannot sign up for Sling using the same email address as a previous member, or as a “Slinger”. After the trial period, Sling will be invoiced to you each month at the regular pricing (unless you go online to cancel the service.)

How Do I Sign Up For Sling TV Free Trial in New Zealand?

Sling TV has an extensive collection of movies and TV shows. You can also watch sports events like NHL, NFL, EPL, MLB, PGA Golf, and many more with your Sling TV subscription.

You can follow these steps to sign up for Sling TV free trial in New Zealand:

  1. Open the Sling TV app on your streaming device or the website on your desktop or mobile device’s web browser.
  2. Locate and click the “Watch Now for Free” option.
  3. Set up an account.
  4. Pick a plan.
  5. Enter your payment details.
  6. Enjoy streaming Sling with Sling free trial! 

Is Sling TV Free Trial Worth it in New Zealand?

Yes, Sling TV free trial in New Zealand is worth it. Before spending a single penny, you can test out the channel selection, DVR, and video quality to see if Sling is the best choice for you. So if you want to try out one of the most reasonably priced live TV streaming services available, we think the free trial is well worth it.

If you want to watch Formula 1 races, you can use the free trial of Sling TV. Also, you can watch other major sports events on Sling TV too. If you are a fan of streaming platforms and love free trials then you can also get Hulu free trial to test its content.

Sling TV Free Trial in New Zealand: FAQs

The duration of the Sling TV free trial in New Zealand changes frequently. You can get the free trial of Sling TV by downloading the Sling app on your preferred device and then selecting the “Watch Now for Free” button.

You can follow these steps to cancel the Sling TV free trial in New Zealand:

  • Sign in to Sling TV.
  • Visit the dashboard for My Account.
  • Simply select Cancel Subscription.
  • Verify the cancellation.
  • Send Sling your comments.
  • Receive your Sling cancellation email.

Any Sling TV bundle, including Orange, Blue, and Orange + Blue, is compatible with the Sling free trial. You will have full access to the channel lineup during the trial period, just like you would with a normal subscription. There are numerous well-known networks available, including AMC, ESPN, TBS, CNN, the Food Network, Comedy Central, and the NFL Network.

The lineup includes more than 50 live channels including E!, AMC, A&E, Bravo, CNN, Fox News, HGTV, FX, MSNBC HLN, and TLC. The service offers free cloud DVR, more than 50,000 on-demand selections, and supports up to three screens at once.

Yes, you can watch live sports with Sling TV’s free trial. That includes all kinds of Major League Baseball as well as the NFL. Sling TV offers access to online Formula 1 coverage as well.

Wrapping Up

Sling TV is a fantastic choice for viewers who want to take advantage of live TV without being bound by pricey, protracted cable contracts.

Sling TV is a terrific option for people who are ready to cut the cord but are not yet ready to give up their beloved live TV programming because it offers a wide variety of channels, access to local programming, and a variety of sports content.

Sling TV free trial in New Zealand will offer you a good understanding of the platform’s features and user experience, but it won’t give you a good notion of the range of entertainment options available.

You can use the best VPN for streaming to get access to this amazing streaming platform outside the US. The VPN lets you overcome the annoying geo-restrictions of this streaming platform.

If you have any further questions regarding the Sling free trial you can ask them in the comment section below.

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