Sling TV Loading Issues in New Zealand : Quick Solutions In 2022

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Are you concerned about Sling TV loading problems? Are you looking for a step-by-step guide to resolving Sling TV loading issues in New Zealand? No big deal. You’ve come to the right spot.

Sling Television, also known as Sling TV, is an American over-the-top internet TV service. It provides a variety of big cable channels and OTT-originated applications available via digital media players, smart TVs, and smartphones. One can watch Sling TV in New Zealand on these devices.

It is one of the best streaming services of 2022. Still, when you have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a movie on it, you may get bothered when it is not working. However, it turns out that there are numerous reasons why the platform fails to play. You don’t need to worry about resolving this issue as it does not require any expertise.

Quick Fixes for Sling TV Loading Issues in New Zealand

What could you do if Sling TV fails to load? What approach should you use if you see a spinning circle stuck on a specific percentage? How can you look for the best Movies to watch on Sling TV?

Here are a few ideas to get you started if you are facing Sling TV loading issues in New Zealand:

1. Check for service interruptions

When Sling’s servers get overloaded, they cannot promptly reply to queries. As a result, users face service interruptions.

Mostly, you may witness it at night and when there is a special occasion or a holiday. So, if you encounter a service disruption, don’t wait much. Just call Sling customer support to confirm your problem.

Unfortunately, service disruptions can be resolved by Sling TV staff. It’s the best strategy to fix the loading issues.

The customer support team will inform you about the time the repair will take. As a result, you can get assured that the problem will no longer be there in your device.

2. Monitor Your Internet Connection

You must have seen the error message, which implies that Sling says there is no internet connection. In addition, the other problem might be your device, which may not have a strong signal. So, to check the internet connection, follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Navigate to Settings and Network connection if you use Sling TV on Roku.
  • The wifi on Roku occasionally needs to be refreshed.
  • Check the settings of your wifi if you use a smartphone or tablet.
  • Disconnect and connect again to your current wifi.
  • But your router is broken if you can’t connect to the internet.

Check the connection speed if your Sling is frequently buffering. To test the stream speed, open Sling’s Settings and Connection. You can enable the “Streaming Speed” option from Sling’s Settings.

Take a glance at the Current bandwidth. For instance, if your broadcasting speed is less than 1 Mbps, your router’s speed is minimal. Also, you can perform a test to observe the speed of your smartphones as well.

3. Try Changing wifi Channels.

With a double-band network, you should always use the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands. That’s because it’s possible that there may be problems with the wifi band to broadcast Sling TV.

So, change the wifi band by going into the router’s settings. Firstly, register on the router. If the wifi supports a double-band network, you may notice settings on the screen. Change this setting from the previous options.

Now, shut down the router and see if any Sling TV loading issues in New Zealand are still present.

4. Restart the streaming device you’re using

The device you are using may possibly be the source of a loading problem. Any temporary settings adjustments of your device that resulted in the loading problem can be reversed with a reboot. So, if you are experiencing difficulties loading Sling TV, just reset it.

5. Cache issue with Amazon Fire TV

On the Fire TV gadgets, you must be encountering freezing difficulties. Sometimes, the Sling is temporarily unable to load content 9-400. So, head to Settings to fix it. Move your cursor on the icon for the Sling TV application.

The app may be found by clicking Manage Applications. Choose the “clear data” and “clear cache” options on your screen. You are all set to clear the cache on your device. Therefore, you will no longer face the problems of Sling TV not working on firestick.

6. ESPN’s problems

Troublesome ESPN streams must have existed for a long time on your device. A similar thing occurs with Sling TV. So, occasionally streaming will become sluggish.

It’s likely due to a bandwidth shortage from both ESPN and Sling. This mainly occurs on match days when a large number of users join in simultaneously to broadcast live games.

However, it will yield the most remarkable results when you utilize the ESPN app and sign in with a Sling account. Another good news is that ESPN will offer its own channels with greater bandwidth to its users. It will fix the ESPN error.

7. Fixing Issues with the Sling TV App

A software bug can cause Sling TV to keep going back to the home screen. So, we advise you to clean the cache in the properties of the app.

Take the following steps to delete the cache on the Android:

  • Click on the Settings option.
  • Visit the Apps section.
  • Utilize the search option to look through the list of several apps.
  • Click on the Sling TV application.
  • Click on the storage option.
  • Then select clear cache or data.

Additionally, you may also check the Sling TV update 2022. Plus, it’s better to uninstall and install it again. In this way, you may also fix the YouTube error. 

8. Call the Help Desk

The answer to how I reset Sling TV is here. This last step will allow you to get in touch with Sling’s help desk. You should consider this step only if the above-mentioned debugging measures didn’t resolve the loading problem.

So, explain to them the dilemma you are in and the efforts you’ve taken to repair it. But if they think the problem requires a more appropriate solution, they will try to find the solution as soon as possible. You may also ask them to cancel the Sling TV subscription plan at any time.

Furthermore, the customer support team can reward you for the troubles with a discount. Additionally, you may get a Sling TV free trial. But reassure them that the problem is severe.


Sling TV has been free of loading bugs for more than a week. But if you face any Sling TV Loading Issues in New Zealand, be sure to use the measures we’ve outlined in this post.

Open Settings > Apps > Sling TV > Storage. Now choose clear cache Sling TV and data options from the home screen.

Quite so many devices are linked to your home network. As a result, it diminishes the bandwidth available for video streaming. So, Sling TV keeps loading for a longer time. It also causes a time lag.


According to our analysis, Sling TV loading issues in New Zealand are frequently encountered by users while streaming content. Nevertheless, we expect that you can make it operational by using our troubleshooting advice. In this way, you may also resume watching your favorite programs on Sling TV.

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