Vudu Cost: How Much Does It Cost To Get Vudu in New Zealand


If you ever wonder, “How much does Vudu cost,” or “Does Vudu cost money” don’t worry. In this article, we’ll address everything you need to know about how much Vudu costs.

Vudu, owned by Fandango Media, is an American digital video store and streaming service. Like Netflix, Vudu lets you stream content anywhere.

Vudu includes both free and paid movies and TV shows. In addition, Vudu offers both video purchases and rentals. Vudu movies include Alone, Thirteen, The Old Man, The Nice Guys, The Revenant, Little Women, and The Social Network.

Vudu is a geo-restricted service and is only available in the USA. However, you can watch Vudu in New Zealand using a reliable VPN for streaming like ExpressVPN .

This article will provide detailed guidelines about Vudu cost and pricing structure. We will also tell you about available movies, shows, and devices compatible with Vudu.

How Much Does Vudu Cost?

Vudu offers a free subscription to its service, and users can access its library of free movies and TV series. As a result, there is no monthly subscription and you only have to pay if you want to buy or rent a movie or TV series. Vudu prices for movie rentals are between NZD 1.57-9.52 ($0.99 to $5.99), while purchasing a movie may cost anywhere between NZD 7.93-39.73 ($4.99 to $24.99).

Vudu allows you to rent movies playing in theatres, although the prices for these rentals may be higher than usual. You have to pay between NZD 3.16-4.75 ($1.99 to $2.99) for a single episode, while NZD 27.01-70.00 ($16.99 to $43.99). for the whole season. You can also read How Much Does ITV Hub Subscription Cost In The US, and How Much is Funimation Subscription Cost?

Factors affecting Vudu Cost

Vudu’s cost can vary based on several factors, including the following:

  • The video quality significantly impacts the price of a video. A video with a better picture quality will always have a higher price.
  • If you are renting, it will cost you lesser money, but you will have a time limit of 30 days to watch the video from the day of rental and 24-48 hours once you start watching it.
  • If you buy the movie, it will cost more, but once you buy it, you will have it with you indefinitely.
  • Vudu will automatically charge less if there is an offer at the purchase time. You can check any Vudu official website for any discounts on Vudu.

Can you watch Vudu movies more than once?

Yes, you can watch a movie more than once if you purchase it. Any movie or show you buy remains with you indefinitely, unlike rentals, which are only accessible for 30 days once the rental starts. Once you start watching a rented TV show or movie, you only have 24-48 hours to complete it.

Are There Any Discounts on Vudu?

Vudu offers a variety of deals from time to time. For example, Vudu currently has a ‘New Customer Offer’ available that will save you 30% on your first purchase. You may read more about it by clicking here.

You can also find Vudu codes from your favorite retailer promotions. For details, check out Vudu Rewards.


What Devices Are Compatible With Vudu?

Vudu is compatible with many devices, including streaming devices, gaming consoles, and mobile devices. Following is a list of all Vudu-compatible hardware and software.

Smart TVs

You can watch Vudu on all web-enabled Smart TVs, including:

  • Samsung
  • LG

Streaming Devices

  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • TIVO
  • Xfinity

Gaming Consoles

  • Playstation
  • Xbox

Mobile Devices: Phones and Tablets

Vudu apps are available for the following Mobile devices:

  • Android
  • iOS


  • In-Browser app
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Blu-Ray and DVD Players

Best Movies And Shows On Vudu

Vudu has an extensive library of TV shows and movies, from classics to current hits. Vudu TV shows come from premium networks such as HBO and Starz. In addition, you can buy individual episodes or whole seasons of your favorite TV series.


The following are the best movies and shows to watch on Vudu.

Movies TV Shows
The Black Phone Better Call Saul
X The Old Man
Everything Everywhere All At Once Alone
Umma The Boys
Jurassic World: Dominion Dark Winds
Uncharted P-Valley
The Lost City Westworld
House of Gucci In the Dark
Dog American Horror Story
The Northman Euphoria

You can also check the Best Movies on Netflix to Watch for Any Movie Night.


No, there is no monthly fee for Vudu. Vudu has no paid subscription plans, although you can buy or rent your favorite shows and movies.

You do not own the movies you buy on Vudu. But any movie or show you buy on Vudu remains with you indefinitely.

Yes Vudu is worth getting. However, Vudu is a bit rudimentary compared to Netflix and other huge players. If you are looking for a free streaming platform, you have Vudu as an option.

Yes, Vudu is free on FireStick; however, the complete library of free movies and TV shows is not available on Vudu FireStick app.

Vudu is free on Roku. However, you have to pay if you want to buy or rent a movie or a TV show.


If you are still wondering, “How much does Vudu Cost,” or “Does Vudu have a monthly plan” we recommend you to go back to the start of the article and read it.

You may be thinking about Vudu free trial, but you don’t need one as Vudu does not require any subscription fee. In addition, Vudu includes many free movies and shows. However, if you want, you can buy or rent a video.

The price you pay for a video on Vudu depends on several factors, including the picture quality, whether you choose to purchase or rent it, and whether or not you use a promotional code to get a discount. We’ve also included a list of devices that are compatible with Vudu.

Vudu is an excellent service, but you can delete your Vudu account if you ever decide you no longer want it. You can also read How Much Does Paramount Plus Cost:[Best Pricing Plans].

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