How to watch ‘Demon Knight’ from ‘The Tales Of The Crypt’ In New Zealand?


“Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight” was released 25 years ago and people still remember it as one of the best from the series. In those days, HBO was airing a series “Tales from the Crypt” that had numerous feature-length films. Demon Knight received positive feedback from the viewers but some critiques were not happy with it.

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Nevertheless, such movies become cult-classics over time but they never fade away despite being under-rated. Here are some of the most important facts about this horror-comedy:

A Crashing Beginning

The movie begins with a great car chasing scene between William Sadler (Brayker) and Billy Zane (The Collector). Brayker possesses the last of the seven ancient keys that could stop the evil force from taking over the world.

The car crashes and blows and Brayker is forced to run on foot, He takes refuge in a nearby boarding house. He meets the other characters of the movie over there including Uncle Willy (Dick Miller), Irene (C.C.H Pounder), Roach (Thomas Haden Church), Cordelia (Brenda Bakke), Wally (Charles Fleischer), and Jeryline (Jada Pinkett).

A Great Cast

The Cast of the movie is exquisite with respect to the storyline. Every character chosen in this movie has played their role pretty well. Especially if we talk about Billy Zane, who is an excellent actor and has played quite amazing roles in his career.

Playing the villain roles from the Demon Knight to the Scorpion King, he has been tremendous. In this movie, this role could not have been played this amazingly by any other artist. Moreover, having great artists like Jada Pinkett and Charles Fleischer, made the movie more enticing to watch.

Somewhat Gross Scenes

There is a scene where Billy Zane kisses the heads of disgusting looking demons, which really is gross to see. I am sure if you are a person that does not have the stomach to watch such a thing, you will definitely puke!

Condemned to Hell

One of the best scenes in a movie is when Billy Zane condemns the house where Brayker and others are hiding. He cuts his palms and what comes out from that deep cut is green slimy blood. He splashes that greenish blood around him and soon from those drop of blood emerges some creepy looking demons.

What’s With The Key

The key looking artifact holds the holy blood of Jesus Christ and it is one of the Seven Keys that could stop the evil from spreading around the world. The whole chase and fight between Brayker and the collector are just because of this Key.

Not So frightening Yet Very Thrilling

One thing to know about this movie is that it really is not a horror movie as you might think of it because I did not experience any scare jumps. However, the thrill of the movie is worth enjoying. If you are the one who fears demons and alien-ish kind of stuff, then you might get the scare jumps.

Great CGI Considering the Year 1995

Credit where it’s due, the visual effects of the movie are indeed amazing, considering the fact that it was made in 1995. The director has surely spared no expense in executing great CGI and VFX for the audience. This is one of the reasons that I loved this movie. Even to this day, the visual effects of the movie do not seem outdated at all.

What the Critiques Had to Say!

Critiques were not so impressed by this movie despite it being a good enough hit on the big screen. Here are some of the reviews about this movie:

Jeff Shannon from the Seattle Times wrote:

It’s trashy to the bone, but director Ernest Dickerson targets just the right tone for tension and comic relief, and keeps the whole thing rolling in Grand Guignol style. It may be disposable, but “Demon Knight” is never boring. It’s consistently hilarious and just outrageous enough to make Gaines spin happily in his grave.

On the other side, J.R. Taylor from the Entertainment liked this movie and has this to say:

With impressive heroics, creepy villains, and the best popping eyeballs since Evil Dead II, the movie is relentlessly moral, cartoonishly violent, and consistently fun.

Wrapping It Up!

If you are a millennial or someone who has is not familiar with the legendary Crypt Keeper, then you need to dive into it right away. It was one of the best things of the 90s era that people still remember to this day. You can watch this movie on Vudu or look for it at your nearest DVD store.

The Tale from the Crypts featured many more movies other than the Demon Knight. However, Demon Knight had such an amazing story that it became the most prominent one!

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