Despite the Criticism, ‘Thirteen Ghosts’ (2001) Is Still Worth Watching


It has been almost two decades since “THIR13EN Ghosts” was released in the theaters but it failed to garner a great hype in the industry that time. Since then, this movie has been a favorite one among a specific cult of horror fans that love art and direction.

Thirteen Ghosts (2001) was actually a remake of a 1960 movie “13 Ghosts” by William Castle. If you watch both of these movies one by one, you will feel as if the original one was a kids’ comic.  The 2001 remake was way better than the original one.

Twelve Different Ghosts Having Different Back Stories and Each Fulfiilling a Different Sign of The Black Zodiac

The movie mainly focused around 12 Ghosts, each correlating with The Black Zodiac’s twelve signs. The 13th ghost does enter the plot but does not have an equal on-screen time like the others. F. Murray Abraham plays the role of Cyrus Kriticos, who wishes to power his evil machine with these 12 ghosts. Every Ghost is given a great persona and all of them have tragic tale of past that led them here.


These Twelve Ghosts are the First Born Son, The Torso, Great Child, Dire Mother, Bound Woman, the Withered Lover, the Torn Prince, the Angry Princess, the Pilgrimess, the Hammer, the Juggernaut and the Jackal.

Matthew Lillard is Back in Action after “Scream”

One of the characters in this film that you will love to see is Matthew Lillard who plays the role of Dennis Rafkin. Dennis is a ghost-hunter that has seizures whenever there’s some supernatural occurrence or a ghost nearby.


You will get to see him most of the time whining, sniffling and wailing throughout the movie. Matthew is a tremendous performer and he has literally maintained this character so well, it looks like that he really has such problems.

The Constantly Changing Layout of the House and The Big Clock

The house and the glass mansion shown in the film are something that add power to this movie. It was hell creative and was surely a subtle work of art. The smartest move they made was to make big ticking clock apparatus rather than opting for a big mansion. Saved some budget and added great visualization.


Moreover, the house in the movie was like a maze that had glass walls that were shifted time to time. If you have ever seen a glass room, then you would be able to feel how confusing it can be. Well, the audience had a hard time understanding which ghost is behind which glass wall.

Whereas the cast had a difficult time shooting because the glass walls were moved time to time. They were clueless at times about which of the walls will disappear and the ghost will be released.

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The Most Noticeable Adaption in this Movie from the Original 1960 “13 Ghosts” movie

One of the most noticeable adaptation in this movie from its predecessors was the use of “spectral viewers”. The  Spectral viewers helped the characters in seeing which ghost is near them.


It is obvious that the glasses used in the 2001 remake were a bit stylish and less extravagant ant and were not so high-tech looking as shown in the 1960 film.

Most Terrifying Ghost of Them All

One of the most terrifying characters in the movie was “jackal”, who had his head locked inside a box like cage.


You might not like the other ghosts, but if you are a fan of terror, you will love the “Jackal”.

Thirteen Ghosts is a Perfect Blend of Gore and Horror

The time period when “The Thirteen Ghosts” was released,movies like Final Destination and Ghost Ship were in the market. Gore and horror was something welcomed by the fans and Thirteen ghosts had the both of these spices.

Up to this day, Thirteen Ghosts is known as one of the best horror movies because of its art direction. You can view our Most Disturbing movies ,Best Movies on Netflix , Marvel Movies , Star trek movies, Star War Movies in order and the best Horror movies’ guide to see more options to fulfill your horror cravings.

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