How To Watch European Curling Championships 2023 in Singapore on Discovery Plus

Watch-European-Curling-Championships-2023-in-Singapore-on Discovery Plus

Step into the world of strategy and experience, where talent and skills combine. Watch European Curling Championships 2023 in Singapore on Discovery Plus via TNT Sports using ExpressVPN because it is only available in the UK Library. A VPN will not only help you to stream UK Discovery Plus in Singapore but also US Discovery Plus in Singapore.

The highly anticipated European Curling Championships 2023 is scheduled in Scotland from November 18th to 25th, 2023. Witness Europe’s finest curling teams in action as they compete for the prestigious title. Find the updated European Curling Championships 2023 fixtures dates, and players participating further in the blog – continue reading!

How to Watch European Curling Championships 2023 in Singapore on Discovery Plus? [Quick Steps]

If you want to watch European Curling Championships 2023 in Singapore on Discovery Plus via TNT Sports, here’s your go-to guide on how to do it:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock Discovery Plus.
  2. Install the VPN app on your preferred device.
  3. Choose a UK-based virtual IP address. (London server)
  4. Access the Discovery Plus website and log in.
  5. Enjoy Men’s & Women’s European Curling Championships 2023 live streaming.

Note: You can get all the information regarding Discovery Plus costs from their website.

Where to Watch European Curling Championships 2023 in Singapore?

You can watch European Curling Championships 2023 in Singapore on Discovery Plus live using ExpressVPN. Due to licensing issues, you won’t be able to access its extensive content library without a VPN.

So, subscribe to the channel now to enjoy the best sports on Discovery Plus and find a lot of other content to binge-watch.

When is the European Curling Championships 2023?

The European Curling Championships 2023 Teams are all set to compete on November 18, 2023. You can watch this match online on Discovery Plus with ExpressVPN.

Where is the European Curling Championships 2023 going to be held?

The European Curling Championships 2023 Venue is Aberdeen, Scotland. Grab your tickets now to watch it live!

Or, if you are looking forward to streaming the match online, you can tune in to Discovery Plus!

How Much Does TNT Sports via Discovery Plus Cost?

Watch European Curling Championships 2023 in Singapore on Discovery Plus online via TNT Sports. However, make sure you have a trusted VPN service!

TNT Sports is accessible through the Discovery Plus Premium subscription plan, which costs £29.99 (about $32.74 USD) monthly. But please take notice that this plan does not offer annual subscriptions.

Experience the platform’s services with a 7-day Discovery Plus free trial. Plus, within this timeframe, you have the flexibility to cancel Discovery Plus if needed, ensuring a risk-free exploration.

What is the Schedule of the European Curling Championships 2023?

Fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the start of the European Curling Championships – if you are one of them, you can watch European Curling Championships 2023 in Singapore on Discovery Plus from Saturday, November 18 to 25 November 2023. Here’s the whole schedule:

Date Men/Women Round Teams playing
18 November Women 1
  • Italy 8-11 Germany
  • Sweden 10-4 Czechia
  • Switzerland 12-1 Denmark
  • Norway 8-4 Estonia
  • Türkiye 4-8 Scotland
18 November Men 1
  • Türkiye 3-6 Switzerland
  • Scotland 5-3 Norway
  • Sweden 6-7 Czechia
  • Italy 10-1 Netherlands
  • Finland 5-7 Germany
18 November Women 2
  • Czechia 3-8 Norway
  • Germany 3-9 Estonia
  • Türkiye 4-10 Italy
  • Scotland 9-11 Denmark
  • Sweden 4-8 Switzerland
19 November Men 2
  • Norway 7-12 Italy
  • Switzerland 8-4 Netherlands
  • Finland 7-8 Türkiye
  • Germany 9-4 Czechia
  • Scotland 5-8 Sweden
19 November Women 3
  • Denmark 5-8 Sweden
  • Italy 7-6 Scotland
  • Germany 4-6 Norway
  • Switzerland 7-4 Türkiye
  • Czechia 9-6 Estonia
19 November Men 3
  • Czechia 5-6 Scotland
  • Türkiye 7-8 Germany
  • Switzerland 8-11 Italy
  • Sweden 8-3 Finland
  • Norway 7-5 Netherlands
20 November Women 4
  • Estonia v Türkiye
  • Switzerland v Norway
  • Scotland v Czechia
  • Denmark v Italy
  • Germany v Sweden
20 November Men 4
  • Netherlands v Finland, Sweden v Italy
  • Germany v Norway
  • Czechia v Türkiye
  • Switzerland v Scotland
20 November Women 5
  • Switzerland v Czechia
  • Türkiye v Germany
  • Italy v Estonia
  • Sweden v Scotland
  • Norway v Denmark
20 November Men 5
  • Sweden v Norway
  • Finland v Switzerland
  • Türkiye v Netherlands
  • Scotland v Germany
  • Italy v Czechia
21 November Women 6
  • Türkiye v Denmark
  • Czechia v Italy
  • Norway v Sweden
  • Estonia v Switzerland
  • Scotland v Germany
21 November Men 6
  • Finland v Czechia
  • Norway v Türkiye
  • Italy v Scotland
  • Netherlands v Sweden
  • Germany v Switzerland
21 November Women 7
  • Sweden v Estonia
  • Scotland v Switzerland
  • Denmark v Germany
  • Türkiye v Czechia
  • Italy v Norway
22 November Men 7
  • Scotland v Netherlands
  • Germany v Sweden
  • Czechia v Switzerland
  • Finland v Norway
  • Türkiye v Italy
22 November Women 8
  • Germany v Switzerland
  • Norway v Türkiye
  • Estonia v Scotland
  • Italy v Sweden
  • Denmark v Czechia
22 November Men 8
  • Switzerland v Sweden
  • Italy v Finland
  • Netherlands v Germany
  • Türkiye v Scotland
  • Czechia v Norway
23 November Women 9
  • Norway v Scotland
  • Estonia v Denmark
  • Sweden v Türkiye
  • Czechia v Germany
  • Switzerland v Italy
23 November Men 9
  • Italy v Germany
  • Netherlands v Czechia
  • Scotland v Finland
  • Norway v Switzerland
  • Sweden v Türkiye
24 November Men Semi-finals
24 November Women Bronze Medal
24 November Men Bronze Medal Game
25 November Women Gold Medal Game
25 November Men Gold Medal Game

Who Are Playing in European Curling Championships 2023?

Meet the strong team, a winning combination of skill and determination, prepared to leave their mark on the ice and win the 2023 European Curling Championship.

European Curling Championships 2023 Men Teams:

Country Skip Third Second Lead Alternate
Scotland Bruce Mouat Grant Hardie Bobby Lammie Hammy McMillan Jr Kyle Waddell
Switzerland Yannick Schwaller Benoit Schwarz Sven Michel Pablo Lachat Kim Schwaller
Italy Joel Retornaz Amos Mosaner Sebastiano Arman Mattia Giovanella
Sweden Niklas Edin Oskar Eriksson Rasmus Wrana Christoffer Sundgren Daniel Magnusson
Norway Magnus Ramsfjell Martin Sesaker Bendik Ramsfjell Gaute Nepstad Wilhelm Naess
Turkiye Ugurcan Karagoz Muhammet Haydar Demirel Muhammed Zeki Ucan Orhun Yuce Rauk Kavaz
Czechia Lukas Klima Marek Cernovsky Martin Jurik Lukas Klipa Radek Bohac
Germany Sixten Totzek Joshua Sutor Magnus Sutor Jan-Luca Hag Benny Kapp
NetherLands Wouter Gosgens Laurens Hoekman Jaap van Dorp Tobias van den Hurk Alexander Magan
Finland Kalle Kisskinen Teemu Salo Leo Ouni Paavo Kuosmanen Jermu Pollanen

European Curling Championships 2023 Women Teams:

Country Skip Third Second Lead Alternate
Czechia Anna Kubeskova Michaela Baudysova Aneta Mullerova Klara Svatonova Karolina Spundova
Denmark Mathilde Halse Jasmin Lander Denise Dupont My Larsen Signe Schack
Estonia Marie Kaldvee Liisa Turmann Kerli Laidsalu Erika Tuvike Heili Grossmann
Germany Emira Abbes Mia Hohne Lena Kapp Maike Beer Pia-Lisa Scholl
Italy Stefania Constantini Elena Mathis Marta Lo Deserto Giulia Zardini Lacedelli Angela Romei
Norway Kristin Skaslien Marianne Rorvik Mille Haslev Martine Ronning Ingeborg Forbregd
Scotland Rebecca Morrison Gina Aitken Jennifer Dodds Sophie Sinclair Sophie Jackson
Sweden Isabella Wrana Almida de Val Maria Larsson Linda Stenlund Jennie Wahlin
Switzerland Silvana Tirinzoni Alina Patz Selina Witschonke Carole Howald Stefanie Berset
Türkiye Dilsat Yildiz Oznur Polat Ifayet Safak Calikusu Berfin Sengul Mihriban Polat

European Curling Championships 2023 – Standings

European Curling Championships 2023 Standings are given below:

Men Standings:

Rank Team Match Played Win Loss
1. Italy 4 4 0
2 Germany 4 3 1
2 Scotland 4 3 1
4 Czechia 4 2 2
4 Norway 4 2 2
4 Switzerland 4 2 2
4 Sweden 4 2 2
8 Netherlands 4 1 3
8 Türkiye 4 1 3
10 Finland 4 0 4

Women Standings:

Rank Team Match Played Win Loss
1 Switzerland 4 4 0
2 Italy 4 3 1
2 Norway 4 3 1
2 Sweden 4 3 1
5 Estonia 4 2 2
5 Scotland 4 2 2
7 Czechia 4 1 3
7 Denmark 4 1 3
7 Germany 4 1 3
10 Türkiye 4 0 4

How to Get European Curling Championships 2023 Tickets?

Secure a seat for the exciting action of the 2023 European Curling Championships! You can now get tickets for this thrilling competition from the Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships 2023 website. The details of European Curling Championships 2023 ticket prices are given below:

  • Men’s round-robin matches, semi-finals, and bronze medal game (November 18 to 24): £138
  • Women’s round-robin matches, semi-finals, and bronze medal game (November 18 to 24): £138
  • Gold medal day pass (November 25): £50
  • Tickets for games at 08:00, 09:00, 12:00, 14:00, and 16:00: £15 (adult) and £10 (child*)
  • Tickets for games at 19:00, 19:30, 20:00, including semi-finals and bronze medal games: £18 (adult) and £12 (child*)

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European Curling Championships 2023

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Switzerland is the leading power in curling, with its outstanding record and remarkable accomplishments in international competitions.

With 36 gold medals, Canada has the most titles in the tournament, demonstrating their unmatched dominance. However, Canada lost to Scotland in the Men’s European Curling Championships 2023.

Curling is an extremely skilled sport that requires balance, accuracy, and athleticism. The sport involves sliding heavy, polished stones, called rocks, across the ice curling sheet and precisely aiming at the designated target.

Wrapping Up

Immerse yourself in every intense moment of this acclaimed tournament, experiencing the thrill of curling at its best taking place from November 18th to 25th. Watch European Curling Championships 2023 in Singapore on Discovery Plus with ExpressVPN.

While the platform imposes geographical restrictions on its content, a VPN is the key to effortlessly bypassing these barriers. With just one click, unlock access to the European Curling Championships 2023 results, regardless of location.

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