How to Watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore [Watch Now]


Prepare yourself to experience a high-security prison break and watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore on ITV. But ITV is geo-blocked, and to watch ITV in Singapore an ExpressVPN is essential to eliminate the geo-restrictions.

Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018) is an action thriller available on ITV. The film was shown in theatres in Russia and China, and it was exclusively released on DVD in the United States. Steven C. Miller’s movie narrates Ray Breslin’s master plan to break free from an inescapable prison. Let’s find out what put him to return to jail once he escaped.

How to Watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore? [5 Simple Steps]

To watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore on ITV, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN service such as ExpressVPN, known for its excellent speed and secure connections.
  2. Download and Install the VPN app on your iOS or Android device.
  3. Connect to a server in the UK (Recommended server: Docklands)
  4. Visit the ITV Hub Website or app and log in or sign up for a free account.
  5. Search for Escape Plan 2 (2018) and enjoy streaming in Singapore!

Where can I Watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore for Free?

If you’re looking forward to knowing the Escape Plan 2 release date and other key details, then here we go: ITV will broadcast the Escape Plan 2 for free in Singapore on 1st November 2023.

ITV is a free streaming service that allows you to access a vast range of content, but if you want to watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore for free, you will need to bypass geo-restriction and ExpressVPN is the best for that. Now you must know about Escape Plan 2 where to watch.

Who is the cast of Escape Plan 2?

Fans must be brimming with excitement and wondering to know about the entire cast and crew of the second installment of The Escape Plan 2. Here is the complete list of Escape Plan 2 casts you can use for your review. Learn about the newcomers and the stars reprising their roles in the upcoming part of the movie.

Actor Character
Sylvester Stallone Ray Breslin – Head of Breslin Security
Dave Bautista Trent DeRosa – Former associate of Breslin Security
Huang Xiaoming Shu – Protégé of Breslin, ends up a prisoner in HADES
Jaime King Abigail – Vice President of Breslin Security
Jesse Metcalfe Luke – Another protégé of Breslin
Wes Chatham Jasper Kimbral – Breslin protégé dismissed for insubordination
Lydia Hull Jules – Employee of Breslin Security
Pete Wentz Bug
Shea Buckner Larry – Member of the Legion hacker collective in HADES
Tyler Jon Olson Moe – Member of the Legion hacker collective in HADES
Chen Tang Yusheng Ma – Shu’s cousin ends up a prisoner in HADES
Titus Welliver Gregor Faust – Zookeeper of HADES
Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) Hush – Computer hacker working for Breslin
Tyron Woodley Akala – Prisoner of HADES
Zeeko Zaki MDLF soldier
Vincent Young Curly – Member of the Legion hacker collective in HADES

What is the storyline of Escape Plan 2?

Here are some basic details of the storyline for those who have already watched the previous part of Escape Plan 2 and must be planning to watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore on ITV.

“Ray Breslin heads an elite team of security professionals trained in the art of breaking people out of the world’s most secure prisons.

When his trusted operator, Shu Ren, is kidnapped and disappears inside the most complex jail ever built, Ray recruits an elite squad to assist in the rescue.”

Where was Escape Plan 2 Filmed?

Atlanta, Georgia, served as the filming location for much of Escape Plan 2: Hades. Filming commenced in Atlanta on March 22.

In a video posted from the set, Sylvester Stallone revealed the film’s title, Escape Plan 2: Hades, and hinted at the development of a third installment in the series.

Is the trailer available for Escape Plan 2?

You can watch the Escape Plan 2 film trailer below link. Make sure you don’t miss the jaw-dropping suspense, so get ready to watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore on ITV:

What makes ExpressVPN the Best VPN to Watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore?

Because it has a wide network of servers in many different locations, ExpressVPN is regarded as the best ITV VPN to watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore on ITV. This makes it simple for users to connect to a server in a certain location, which might be useful for accessing material that is only available in specific places.

ExpressVPN also uses high encryption to safeguard user data and has a policy of not maintaining logs, which might provide customers with extra privacy. ExpressVPN is also regarded for having fast and stable connections, which is essential for uninterrupted video viewing.

ExpressVPN: The Fastest VPN to Watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore


Watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore on ITV with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN remains the premier VPN choice to watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore on ITV because of its fast speeds. In recent speed tests, it has delivered amazingly fast speeds, reaching download speeds of up to 89.38 Mbps and upload speeds of 84.66 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.

It can easily bypass geo-restrictions because of its vast server network comprising over 3000+ servers in 105 countries. This makes it possible for you to access Escape Plan 2: Hades without any trouble.

This service prioritizes your online security by integrating advanced elements such as 256-bit AES encryption and the secure Lightway protocol.

You can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously, making it perfect for households with multiple devices. ExpressVPN supports a wide range of devices and apps; enjoy ITV on iPhones and Androids to Windows, macOS, routers, and Roku.


Check out the details of ExpressVPN’s subscription cost.

Pricing starts at just SGD 8.93 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan) with an annual subscription, including a 30-day money-back guarantee for new users. Its customer service ensures a seamless experience from start to finish.

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If you’re uncertain about what to watch on ITV in Singapore, consider these top recommendations:

In case of any error while watching ITV shows or movies, ExpressVPN’s support team is there 24/7 to assist you and will help you fix ITV error code 10-07 in Singapore.

FAQs – Watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore

Escape Plan: The Extractors is a 2019 American direct-to-video prison action thriller film directed and co-written by John Herzfeld that serves as a prequel to Escape Plan (2013) and Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018). It is the third and last film in the Escape Plan series.

Escape Plan 2: Hades fails to recapture what made the first picture enjoyable. It lacks any thrills, fascinating characters, or humor.

To watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore for free, you can tune into ITV right now and take advantage of its free streaming options, just remember to get an ExpressVPN subscription.

Wrapping Up

You now have all the details on how to watch Escape Plan 2 in Singapore on ITV. You just need a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass content restrictions imposed by ITV.

Experience a former prison escape turned security expert attempting to break one of his men out of a mysterious high-security jail. Watch Escape plan on ITV by using the best VPN i.e. ExpressVPN.

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