Actor and Comedian “Bryan Callen” Accused of Sexual Harassment


A new Pandora box has opened as the comedian; Bryan Callen has been accused of raping Katherine Fiore Tigerman, another female comedian. Katherine Fiore Tigerman came out with these accusations when  Chris D’Elia (once Callen’s best friend) was accused of sexual harassment by numerous women on twitter.

According to Tigerman, the encounter happened 20 years ago when she was only 23-years old.  She and Bryan were on their way back from dinner when Bryan took her to his private house and raped her, reports LA Times.


Bryan Callen, however, has turned down these accusations claiming that the encounter was consensual. While talking to The Times, Bryan Callen has refuted the allegations and said that the whole story narrated by Tigerman is fallacious.

Katherine Tigerman is not the only one who had accused Bryan Callen of sexual misconduct. In a turn of events when Chris D’Elia started trending on Twitter, three women came forward and accused Bryan Callen of mistreatment. All of these allegations describe the incidents that occurred more than a decade ago.

Both Bryan Callen and Chris D’Elia are best friends and have been supporting each other for a long time. Callen has denied the allegations made not only about him, but he has also endorsed D’Elia and has stated that he has never been involved in anything illegitimate.


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