Zodiac Signs of Cobra Kai Characters, Based on their Personalities [Updated – April 2022]

Zodiac Signs of Cobra Kai Characters, Based on their Personalities [Updated – April 2022]

The Karate Kid spinoff ‘Cobra Kai’ has some of the most amazing characters that really make this TV series interesting. A perfect storyline needs strong characters with clear auras, and this series has it all.

Have you ever wondered which Cobra Kai character represents which Zodiac or ever thought they match your Zodiac sign?

Let’s take a dive into it and see which character matches which Zodiac!

#12 Taurus – Miguel Diaz

Miguel has all the signs that match the Taurus Zodiac. He’s practical, smart, committed, and reliable. Taurus is an earth sign, and it is often regarded as friendly and reliable in nature. However, as their symbol denotes, they can be quite stubborn at times.

The fans love Miguel and Johnny relies on him very much. His stubbornness and rigid nature are surely negative points about him, but he’s still a great kid.

#11 Virgo – Demetri

People born under the Virgo star sign are known to be shy in nature. They are often the most loyal friends you will ever make, only if they are comfortable around you. They like to analyze situations and think deeply, and they like to stick to their plan.

These traits are visible in Demetri’s character as he is a shy, kind-hearted, intelligent, and loyal friend. He likes to analyze his surroundings, and at times, he can be quite obsessed with things. Just like a Virgo, he would worry about every little thing too much.

#10 Pisces – Raymond/Stingray

Pisces are friendly people who love to bond with others, and they are always passionate about doing something. They love living in fantasies and escaping reality. Raymond, aka Stingray, is a passionate person who finds it hard blending in first, but ultimately, he proves his worth. He has a perfect example of Pisces because he loves to escape reality and is very friendly.

#9 Gemini – Sam LaRusso

People born under the Gemini star sign tend to be very gentle, affectionate, and sociable. They treat everyone with respect and demand that they be treated the same. However, Geminis have two sides, the affectionate one and the nervous and hesitant one.

The character of Sam LaRusso matches these traits as she treats her family and friends with care. She does not stand down if anyone tries to mistreat her. Just like a Gemini, she can be very nervous and hesitant at times.

#8 Scorpio – John Kreese

Scorpios are known to be mysterious and determined by nature. They can go beyond the limits to achieve their goal without caring for the consequences. They are always hungry for success, and they can be stubborn. These qualities match the traits of John Kreese.

He returned to the Cobra Kai dojo for his personal gains; he’s manipulative, secretive, and at times stubborn. Just like a Scorpio, he would take any measure to achieve his ultimate goal.

#7 Capricorn – Amanda LaRusso

Capricorns are known to be gentle, caring, disciplined, and responsible in nature. They make great leaders, and they are often considered a figurehead. Capricorns like to stay in control of their emotions, and they are very calm. Amanda is a perfect example of Capricorn because she is a confident, smart, responsible, and strict person.

She knows how to control her emotions, and she shines like a great leader as she is the CEO of the auto group. She is a great mother as well because she handles the family with responsibility and care.

#6 Libra – Aisha Robinson

People born under this star sign are very diplomatic by nature, and they tend to be very indecisive. They take calculated decisions, and they would always go for something that would have guaranteed success. Libras are always dodging conflict, and they wish to stay away from confrontations. Like a true Libra, Aisha has diplomacy in her character, and she stays away from fighting. She would always prefer talking through a situation rather than escalating a conflict.

#5 Leo – Robby Keene

Leos are born leaders as they are filled with confidence and a strong sense of self. A true Leo likes to be dominant and be in control of the situation. They are passionate, generous, and emotional too. Robby Keene’s character matches the traits of Leo. He’s a generous and emotional person at times, but on the other hand, he can be quite stubborn and self-centered like a Leo.

#4 Sagittarius – Johnny Lawrence

Cobra Kai
Pictured: Jacob Bertrand, William Zabka, Xolo Maridueña

People born under this star sign are enthusiastic, passionate, honest, and sometimes impatient. Johnny Lawrence is a great example of Sagittarius because he is enthusiastic and passionate about changing Cobra Kai. He is honest, but just like a Sagittarius, he can get carried away and make hard promises. He is often impatient, but his optimism helps him get through such times.

#3 Aries – Daniel LaRusso

Aries are natural leaders, thanks to their energetic and enthusiastic nature. They are brave, and they love to take on challenges. Aries are also very passionate, and they love spending time with the people they are close with. However, they are also impulsive, and it costs them at times.

Daniel is a perfect example of Aries because he takes good care of his family, leads his dojo well, and is passionate about Karate. However, his aggressive and impulsive side is something that gets in the way at times. All of these things make him a perfect Aries.

#2 Aquarius – Eli Moskowitz/Hawk

Aquarians are usually very friendly, helpful, generous, and intelligent. However, they can also be rebellious and temperamental as well. The perfect example of this star sign is Hawk, who is always confident and has a unique character. However, Hawk’s rebellion was what shocked everyone at the end of the season, and this is what proves that he resembles the Aquarius star sign.

#1 Cancer – Tory Nichols

Four traits that define a Cancerian are emotional, loyal, clingy, and suspicious. The character of Tory Nichols has all of these four traits if you look closely. She is a loyal person to the Cobra Kai, and she is very emotional. She can be very clingy with Miguel despite knowing that he has feelings for Sam and is always suspicious. A perfect Cancer!


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