James Doohan played more than 50 characters in Star Trek

James Doohan played more than 50 characters in Star Trek

Sci-Fi fans worldwide celebrate the 101st birth anniversary of the late actor James Doohan (born March 3, 1920), famous for the giant TV series Star Trek.

Even though the actor is known for performing the role of “Scotty” on Star Trek, very few people know that he has voiced over 50 characters in Star Trek and is even credited for voicing seven different roles in a single episode.

Doohan wasn’t just your regular TV actor; he was an epitome of versatility combined with an unmatched talent of acting and voice artistry.

Just like Doohan displayed an incomparable style on-screen playing Scotty, his voice acting wonders were also unparalleled thanks to his professional experience of voicing over 4,000 radio programs.

The legendary artist himself acknowledged his vocal versatility, as he could easily switch into different accents and was quite experimental with his voice. 

James Doohan voiced 53 different characters in Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973 TV Show) that are named in the following list in alphabetical order:

  1. Agmar
  2. Aleek-Om
  3. Ancient Insectoid
  4. Aquan Tribune
  5. Arex
  6. Ari bn Bem
  7. Bates
  8. Cadmar
  9. Carver
  10. Chuft Captain
  11. Clayton
  12. Commander Thelin
  13. Commodore Robert Wesley
  14. Dawson Walking Bear
  15. Domar
  16. Dramian Supreme Perfect
  17. Enterprise Science Officer
  18. Enterprise Search Party 7 Lieutenant
  19. Enterprise Transporter Chief
  20. Erickson
  21. Gabler
  22. Guard
  23. Guardian of Forever
  24. Human Miner
  25. Karl Four
  26. Kaz
  27. Kol-Tai
  28. Koloth
  29. Kor
  30. Korax
  31. Kukulkan
  32. Kzin Flyer
  33. Kzinti Telepath
  34. Lemus
  35. Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott
  36. Lt. Kyle
  37. Lucien
  38. Magnetic Organism
  39. Master Computer
  40. Mendant of the Terratins
  41. O’Shea
  42. Orion Captain
  43. Orion Ensign
  44. Robert April
  45. Romulan Commander
  46. Sord
  47. Stavos Keniclius 5
  48. Tchar
  49. Tom Markel
  50. Ursinoid Miner
  51. Vulcan Healer
  52. White Rabbit
  53. Xerius

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Fans all over the world remember the legend on his birthday.

The Star Trek official account also remembered the legend in their tweet.

Since Doohan has voiced multiple characters in Star Trek, fans always speculated his favorite character. During an interview, Doohan was asked which accent he liked the most in his entire career, and he went with the Scottish accent that he had used for “Scotty” in Star Trek.

Doohan believed that his vocal cords were quite flexible and could deliver hundreds of different tones, polished by his ability to do different accents.

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The Canadian actor admitted that he had only attempted on a Scottish accent once before he was offered Star Trek. It was his experimental nature that led him to use a faux-Scottish tone that gave birth to an unforgettable character.

Doohan served in the Canadian Air Force in the 14th Field Artillery Regiment of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division before he began his acting career. He also took part in WWII. He bravely shot two German snipers on D-Day while leading his men through the field of anti-tank mines. He even got 6 hits on his body, and one hit blew off his middle finger, while his cigarette case safeguarded his heart from one hit.

Even though Star Trek’s success made James Doohan a star, but after the show ended, he struggled with finding decent roles as he was being typecasted. His fans always saw him as Scotty, and it went against his career. He gave a few cameo appearances in various movies and played Damon Warwick’s role in the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.” 

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James Doohan was presented with a star in the Hollywood Hall of Fame on 31st August 2004. On 20th July, in 2005, Doohan took his last breaths in the morning at his home in Washington; he passed away due to his deteriorating health conditions due to pulmonary fibrosis. Fans remember him for his outstanding display of artistry in his roles, and he is still loved by millions worldwide.

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