Murder Story | Voice of Ducky in Land Before Time, Murdered By Her Own Father

The worst kind of tragedy is when the person who’s supposed to love and protect you becomes a threat himself. The famous child actor and voice artist of the late 1980s, Judith Barsi, was the one who faced this kind of tragedy. The 10-year old child star was shot to her head while having dreams of a blissful future.

Judith Barsi was a child actor who appeared in many TV shows, commercials, and even films. She also did voice-overs in two animated movies; Land before time and All Dogs go to Heaven, and she became quite famous for that. Her most popular voice-over was for the character of “Ducky” in the “Land Before Time.”

Judith’s parents were Hungarian, and they moved to the USA when the Soviets entered Hungary. Her father was a drunkard who’d beat up Judith’s mother from time to time, and he even threatened to kill them both and burn the house down. At that time, Judith was earning more than $100,000 a year, which helped them buy a three-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles.

However, her father abused her verbally rather than appreciating her contribution to the family. His behavior with Judith and Maria was becoming worse and worse day by day as Judith’s career was growing.

Judith’s mom Maria once reported to the police about his behavior, but Maria pressed no charges as there was no substantial evidence.  Joseph (Judith’s father) snapped out of his drinking habit, but his rage episodes continued. He would often threaten them and would let them get out of his sight.

This rage turned into physical abuse as he started throwing things at Judith and caused her physical injuries. This abuse had a significant impact on Judith’s mental health, and she started acting strangely. She would, at times, pluck out her eyelashes and even the whiskers of her cat. Her agent noticed that she started putting on a lot of weight and drastic changes in her attitude.

She was even sent to a children psychologist who identified that Judith had been facing psychological and physical abuse. The psychologists went to children protection services, and an investigation was started. However, Maria was afraid that she would lose her belongings, and because of this materialistic mindset of hers, she requested the inquiry to be stopped.

On July 25th, 1988, Joseph murdered Judith while sleeping in her bed by shooting her in the head. He later killed Maria in the hallway, and then he stayed there in that same house for the next two days after murdering them, with their bodies lying where he killed them.

After two days, he poured gasoline on the bodies of the deceased and set them on fire. Later on, he shot himself in the garage with his pistol.

Judith was a bright kid and a promising star of the future. However, her fate had some other plans, and it’s quite depressing to know what happened to her. The world will always remember this 10-year old kid who made a big name for herself in the industry.

The Haunting of Judith Barsi

In 2001, the Bernal family moved into the LA house, where Judith Barsi and her mother were murdered 13-years ago. After moving in, the Bernals started feeling strange occurrences and the presence of some dark entities.

According to Gaby Bernal, who slept in the bedroom (Judith’s bedroom where she was murdered), she suffered horrifying nightmares. The Bernal’s also reported that the Garage doors would open and close by themselves, and they even felt cold spots in the house. Due to these paranormal activities, the family decided to renovate the home to get rid of the dark spirits.

Netflix Adaptations

Netflix likes to hunt down such true tales of horror for producing master class series based on them. If you have noticed, Netflix recently released two seasons of the series “Haunted,” in which true stories of terrifying experiences were shared and re-enacted.

The story of Judith Barsi is worth featuring n such a series, and I believe Netflix should take a dip into it. Such a terrifying story of an innocent soul should be shared with the world. This way, people would realize that the stories of abuse we get to hear in the 21st century are not new, and such morbid tales have occurred in the past.

Here is the last sequence she recorded before departing from this eternal world:

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