Lena Dunham Reveals She was Unaware that Real Cat Cadavers were Used for a Scene in HBO Max’s Generation

Lena Dunham opens up after HBO Max removed a scene from its upcoming teen drama ‘Generation’, that showed the use of dead cats for biology dissection at a high school.

Dunham is the executive producer of this upcoming drama and in a statement given by her to People, she did not know anything about the plans for that particular scene before it happened. However, she backs the decision of omitting the scene from the show.

“I am committed in my life and work to the principled, humane and ethical treatment of animals,” said Dunham. “I don’t use animal cadavers in any of my work, ever, and I was not on set or aware that they were used in a recently shot scene depicting a biology classroom assignment. I fully support the scene being edited out of the show.”

The rumors about the use of dead cats in the show outspread on Twitter last week when a user tweeted that he a friend of his with the knowledge of the show said, “they brought in real dead kittens for the background to ‘dissect’ on set. No warning, people had trauma responses.”

The use of real dead cats was confirmed later on by a spokesperson for HBO Max and he also discussed the decision by the network to omit the scene, with Variety past Tuesday,

“Genera+ion depicts the unfiltered experiences of high school students and is drawn from many formative moments in the lives of the show’s writers,”. “The production recently filmed scenes depicting a biology classroom assignment involving dissection of animal specimens. These were ethically sourced in consultation with American Humane via a biological supply company that works with schools.”

In addition, the spokesperson also revealed that due to this scene, two extras decided to leave the sets.

“Everyone involved was informed in advance that this would be a sensitive scene involving a real dissection; the assistant directors checked in regularly with all participants onset, and two background actors who expressed discomfort were released with full pay. However, after subsequent discussion with the creative team, the scene is being reconceived and will not appear in the series. We deeply regret that this occurred.”

Justice Smith and Martha Plimpton are starring in this show and it was created by Zelda Barnz and her dad Daniel Barnz.

Such a scene would definitely leave people disturbed and disgusted, especially the ones who were on-set, watching the real cat cadavers. These are sensitive things and certain matters should be dealt carefully.

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