Mads Mikkelsen Replacing Johnny Depp In Fantastic Beasts Franchise

Just a few days after forcing Johnny Depp to step down from his role in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’s third installment, Warner Bros has now shortlisted his replacement. According to the reports, the studio’s film chief; Toby Emmerich, is in talks with Mads Mikkelsen for taking the role of Grindelwald. However, as reported by Deadline, Mads Mikkelsen has not signed up for this role yet but he is the top contender for this role in the franchise.

Johnny Depp was asked to resign from this role just a few days ago and the hunch is that it might be because of the lawsuit he lost against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp posted a letter on his Instagram account in which he announced that he has been asked to step down from the role by Warner Bros. His letter read,

“I wish to let you know that I have been asked to resign by Warner Bros. from my role as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts and I have respected and agreed to that request,”

As for his ongoing lawsuit, he added that,

“the surreal judgment of the court in the U.K. will not change my fight to tell the truth, and I confirm that I plan to appeal. My resolve remains strong and I intend to prove that the allegations against me are false. My life and career will not be defined by this moment in time.”

After this whole resignation and replacement fiasco, the movie will now be released in the summer of 2022, which was formerly planned to be released in November 2021. This delay is of course because of Johnny Depp’s split from the project.

As for the studio, they released a simple and concise statement confirming the news and thanking Depp,

“Johnny Depp will depart the Fantastic Beasts franchise. We thank Johnny for his work on the films to date. Fantastic Beasts 3 is currently in production, and the role of Gellert Grindelwald will be recast. The film will debut in theaters worldwide in the summer of 2022.”

Many people were left in shock and they took it to Twitter to express their disappointment:

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