Nick Carter on How Being a Pandemic Father Inspired a New Duet

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Nickolas Gene Carter is a singer, musician,  and actor from the United States who rose to prominence as a teen idol. He is well known as a member of the Backstreet Boys singing group.

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, like many of us, gained weight while quarantined at home during the epidemic.

He did, however, find some inspiration.

Carter stated that after the incident, he had an insight and decided to compose and record a song about it like Kid Cudi Teases a Second New Album, Debuts Song ‘Freshie’.

Carter explained that the song is all about being thankful for what he has and not taking anything for granted. He described it as an anthem for fathers who are at home with their children during a pandemic like Covid.


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Following the conclusion of Covid-19’s tour with the Backstreet Boys, The father of 3 with his wife Lauren Kitt told CNN that he was at home when a song concept about his life as a stay-at-home parent occurred to him. Also, the Backstreet Boys supported Britney Spears saying, We all deserve happiness.

It would go on to become his next hit, “Easy,” which he collaborated on with country artist Jimmie Allen.

Carter claimed he found the pair’s mutual affection for one other after starting work with one of Allen’s incredibly good pals.

“We got on the phone, Facetimed each other and we just connected, clicked immediately,” Carter stated. “He decided to do the second verse of the song and he wrote it. And the rest is history.”

Carter & his original boy band just resumed their “DNA World Tour” in Las Vegas following a pause caused by the epidemic. Talking about the pandemic Manilow also had a positive COVID-19 test.


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The singer claimed he needed to return to exercise to lose the weight he’d gained in order to be a healthy parent for his son Odin, 6, daughter Saoirse, 2, and his baby daughter, Pearl, as well as a performer.

The man stated that he is 42 years old and must work at the end of the day. He also has to be at home for his children and awake by 6 a.m.

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