Henry Cavill Injured During ‘Witcher’ Season 2 Filming On Set But Production Continues

The “Witcher” star, Henry Cavill, has been injured on an assault course during the filming of “Witcher” Season 2 at Arborfield Studios.

Henry Cavill has suffered an injury in his leg while he was on an assault course, 20 ft. high in the trees on a safety harness. However, the filming of the season will continue without the star while he recovers. The production has already been paused twice due to the pandemic. They cannot delay it further, and the cameras will keep on rolling while Henry Cavill recovers.

According to the report by The Sun,

“He just suddenly pulled up and was clearly in a lot of pain. It wasn’t clear if an object had hit his leg or it was some sort of hamstring or muscle injury.”

They further added,

“It wasn’t bad enough to need an ambulance, but it’s messed up the filming schedule as he can’t walk properly.

“He has to wear heavy armor in the scenes, and he just wouldn’t be able to do it with his leg injury.’’

As the report suggests, it is not clear whether it was a hamstring injury or if he was hit by something. The sequences involving Henry Cavill will be halted for some time till he recovers. However, the rest of the production continues. The show has already faced many delays, and due to this, Netflix has not been able to announce any release date for the upcoming season.

The Witcher is one of Netflix’s biggest hits, as more than 76 million households have streamed the first season of the show. Its Season is much awaited, and its hype is at its peak. Nevertheless, such news arising from the sets are obviously demoralizing for the fans.

We wish Henry Cavill, aka Geralt of Rivia, a speedy recovery, and we pray that he may get well soon so that we may get to see him on screen soon.

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