Which Character from Ozark Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

We all tend to connect to different TV series characters when we watch it, which is normal. There will be a certain character from Ozark that you might like or relate yourself to. However, have you ever thought about which character you would be, based on your Zodiac sign?

Take a look at this list and see which character matches your zodiac and see any similarities in your traits.

#12 – ARIES – Rachel Garrison

Aries are known to be passionate, optimistic, and full of life. Someone born under this star sign will never be hesitant in diving headfirst into something he/she is passionate about. Rachel was a perfect example of Aries. She was caring, passionate, and a person who carried herself with a smile. Though she faced many lows in the TV series, we always saw her leading by example.

#11 – TAURUS – Ruth Langmore

Taurus are reliable, patient, and responsible by nature, but at times, you will find them stubborn as well. Ruth is pretty much like that as she is always looking for better results, and she is not a person that would settle for less. The stubbornness of Ruth Langmore makes her a perfect example of Taurus.

She is the type of person who would go the distance to make things the way she wants them to be. Taurians are always committed to their work, and so is Ruth, which is why she earns others’ respect.

#10 – GEMINI – Charlotte Byrde

Geminis love to socialize and talk to people around them because they can adapt to the surrounding pretty quickly and easily. However, their inquisitive nature is the reason they are often smarter than others.

Charlotte Byrde is a perfect Gemini because she is brilliant and adapts to different situations quite easily. Secondly, she loves to talk to people and socialize just like a Gemini, which sometimes gets her into trouble.

#9 – CANCER – Helen Pierce

Helen Pierce has a very complex personality as she can be very helpful and loyal to those who earn her trust. However, she could be very pessimistic at times as well, and she would be ruthless for the ones that break her trust.

Her persona and traits match those of a Cancer as they tend to be loyal and helpful, but they can be suspicious and temperamental at times. You can never figure out Cancer totally because they have a very complex nature, just like Helen. Cancers prefer to stay calm and loyal to the ones they care about, but if you break their trust, then you are asking for grave trouble.

#8 – LEO – Ben

Leos are born leaders because of their brave and fiery nature, which attracts most people. They love to talk to people, and they have a natural influence on others. The character of Ben is a great example of a Leo star sign.

Despite being vulnerable and going through the lows in his life, Ben does not give up and keeps his head high, just like a Leo. The best thing about this star sign is that they are passionate and confident, and they never let anything dim the flame in their personality.

#7 – VIRGO – Sam Dermody

Virgos are kind, loyal, hardworking, and reliable by nature. They are always ready to help those who need it, and if someone asks them for t directly, they will jump in the fire for them without hesitation; that is the level of their reliability. However, this kind, loyal, and helping nature of Virgos become their weakness as well, as people can easily persuade them and take advantage of their nature.

Speaking of these traits, the first person that comes to mind from the Ozark series is Sam Dermody. He is loyal, reliable, and always ready to help others. The Byrde often takes advantage of his kindness and reliable nature and uses him for their gains. This is why Sam is a perfect Virgo, as all his traits match those of a Virgo.

#6 – LIBRA – Maya Miller

Libra are peaceful, diplomatic, and fair by nature. They try to avoid conflict in every situation, and they always try to maintain a balance. If there is any character with these traits in this show, then it would be Maya Miller.

Being an FBI agent, she is committed to bringing down Marty Byrde’s charade, but she is always focused on being fair in her judgment. Moreover, she is diplomatic as she offers Marty a deal that would lessen his time in prison. Maya is always trying to avoid conflict, but she is very rigid with her principles. However, she does have all the traits of the Libra star sign.

#5 – SCORPIO – Marty Byrde

Scorpios have a secretive nature as they tend to things without telling anyone, and they are driven to succeed in life. They are very passionate and self-assured; that is why they like to be mysterious and focused.

Marty Byrde is the perfect example of Scorpio as he is highly secretive and highly driven to achieve all the success. Scorpios are also known to be jealous and manipulative, and Marty also has this trait. When her wife starts to gain the upper hand in the business, Marty’s jealousy becomes visible.

#4 – SAGITTARIUS – Darlene Snell

People born under this star sign like to enjoy freedom, and they do not appreciate anyone trying to stop them from what they want to do. They are always eager to explore, and when they set on a path, they follow it with full focus and diligence.

Darlene is a true Sagittarius because she built her rug empire herself, showing her independence, and no one can dare to stop her. She has the ability to do anything on her own; even her husband was not able to stop her as she killed him even.

#3 – CAPRICORN – Roy Petty

Roy Petty was an FBI agent who was killed because of his persistence and ambitious nature. He wanted to take down the Byrde family, and he was ready to go the distance for it. Capricorns are known for their ambitious and Persistent nature, and they can be sensitive at times, a trait Roy had too.

#2 – AQUARIUS – Jonah Byrde

Aquarians are known to be quite intelligent and problem solvers. People born under this star sign have the potential to resolve problems in tough situations. They are also very generous, and they love to help others.

Jonah Bryde being the youngest son of Marty, is also a part of the family business. He is an innocent kind of person who loves to help others, and he is very good with technology. Jonah is a pure Aquarius because he is a problem solver and an intelligent person who can make his way out of any situation.

#1 – PISCES – Wendy Byrde

Pisces are known to be emotional, empathetic, and selfless people. Wendy Byrde is a great example of Pisces as she is sympathetic, and as a Pisces, she does not show her emotions openly. Wendy is very resourceful and creative, and at times she can act independently, but there are times that she can burst her emotions out when it gets over her head.

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