Witcher Season 2 Night Scenes Being Filmed at London’s Haunted Cemetery

The Witcher Season 2 cast is currently filming night scenes at one of the most haunted cemeteries in London.

The cast and crew of The Witcher have now set a forest camp near Deepcut town after filming for two months at Arborfield. Location shoots for Witcher season 2 are already getting adventurous for the crew and cast as they are shooting night scenes in forests and cemeteries.

According to the report by Redanian Intelligence, Freya Allen, who plays Ciri, is present at the aforementioned location. Speculations are that they might be shooting a sequence involving Ciri and Geralt of Rivia.

Whereas, the rest of the crew is present at Highgate Cemetery in Camden, London, which is one of the most haunted cemeteries in London. Here are some amazing facts about this creepy location:

The Creepy Cemetery

The cast and crew of Witcher Season 2 are currently shooting at the Highgate Cemetery in Camden, London. It is one of the most popular cemeteries around the world and is a part of the “Magnificent Seven”, which is a group of seven large cemeteries that were built in the 19th Century.

Highgate is popular because it has a few noticeable graves like that of Karl Marx. This cemetery has also been popular in the 1970s because of the ghost stories and activities related to the Vampire.

According to the reports, the crew has brought in some creepy props like skulls and equipment like smoke machines and lightings.

Here are some pictures of the original  location:

This cemetery is a perfect place for shooting a horror sequence as it has some ancient crypts, gateways, and tombstones. The overgrown tendrils and ivy provide a perfects touch to the location.

Being a Tombstone Tourist

Sources have stated that Lars Mikkelsen (who plays Stregobor) and Mahesh Jadu (who plays Vilgefortz) have been busy visiting cemeteries lately, as noticed through their social media activity.

-Mahesh Jadu shared this picture of Lars Mikkelsen on his Instagram recently.

This could be a great hint, as both of the actors may be among the ones filming sequences at the Highgate cemetery. If not, then this would merely be a case of taphophilia.

The Gathering of The Mages

We are still not sure which cast members are shooting at the cemetery and what the scenes would be. However, one thing that we can speculate is that the mages would be gathering at this cemetery and this ancient venue might be a perfect location to show a graveyard of the elves.

The Spoilers

The official photos have spilled the beans as The Witcher’s official Twitter account shared a picture of Yennefer all bruised and in chains.

What seems to be the scene is that Yennefer and Fringilla would be captured by the elves in the forest. Another speculation is that Istredd will helo Yennefer escape from the elves. Nevertheless, these all are just mere speculations and we cannot endorse any of them, so it’s better to wait till the TV series is aired.

Hopefully, we’ll keep you updated with more updates regarding the Witcher, new rumors, and any news related to its shooting at this location. So stay tuned!

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