How to Watch Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) Outside USA

How to Watch Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) Outside USA

Arena Lacrosse League is one of the most popular college tournaments across the US and Canada and is given live coverage on ESPN+ Network. If your business or pleasure takes you abroad, how to watch Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) Outside  USA? This guide has the answer.

Lacrosse, also known as “the fastest game on two feet,” is a traditional Native American sport that is popular at all levels in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan. It is now gaining global traction and is being evaluated for inclusion in the 2028 Olympic Games.

The Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) is a high-level development league for players with professional ambitions and a National Lacrosse League partner (NLL) partner. Every year, the ALL sends around 20-30 players to the NLL during each season. Women’s and Junior (U22) divisions are also available in the Arena Lacrosse League.

It works with not just restricted devices but also other sports events like the Autumn Rugby International 2022MLB Season 2022, and UFC Fight Night!

ESPN+ transmission is geo-restricted due to copyrighted material and licensing agreements to watch outside the USA. To watch Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) Outside the USA, your best option is to subscribe to a premium VPN service to watch the game live on ESPN+.

Quick Steps: Watch Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) Outside USA

To watch Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) outside the USA, please follow the steps outlined below.

  1.       Sign up for and download a VPN. ExpressVPN is recommended because of its blazing-fast speed and safety features.
  2.       Install the VPN and log in with the credentials provided.
  3.       Connect to a server in the USA (Recommended New-York based server)
  4.       Sign up for ESPN+ to watch Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) Outside the USA.

Where to watch Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) 2022 Outside USA?

In the USA, ESPN, and ESPN+ will be the exclusive host for live Arena Lacrosse League games, while TSN will broadcast the games in Canada. If you are not a resident of one of these countries, you will not be able to enjoy ESPN+ outside the USA. To watch Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) outside the USA you will need a premium VPN to access ESPN+.

When Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) is Going to Start and End?

The Arena Lacrosse League is scheduled to start on 11 December for all west divisions and soon all East divisions would join as well. The matches would continue until 17 April 2023. All matches would be played at Langley Events Centre, Langley, BC, Canada.

What is the Schedule of Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) 2022?

Following is the schedule for the Arena Lacrosse League 2022:

Team ATeam BDate
Grizzlies LCVSBlack Fish LCSun Dec 11
Shooting Eagles LCVSSea Spray LCMon Dec 12
Shooting Eagles LCVSGrizzlies LCSun Dec 18
Sea Spray LCVSBlack Fish LCMon Dec 19
Black Fish LCVSShooting Eagles LCSun Jan 2
Grizzlies LCVSGrizzlies LCSea Spray LCSun Jan 2
Sea Spray LCVSShooting Eagles LCSat Jan 8
Black Fish LCVSGrizzlies LCSat Jan 8
Black Fish LCVSSea Spray LCSun Jan 16
Grizzlies LCVSShooting Eagles LCSun Jan 16
Sea Spray LCVSGrizzlies LCSun Jan 23
Shooting Eagles LCVSBlack Fish LCSun Jan 23
Grizzlies LCVSBlack Fish LCSat Jan 29
Shooting Eagles LCVSSea Spray LCSat Jan 29
Paris RiverWolvesVSPeterborough TimbermenSat Feb 5
Shooting Eagles LCVSGrizzlies LCSat Feb 5
Sea Spray LCVSBlack Fish LCSat Feb 5
Oshawa OutlawsVSToronto MonarchsSat Feb 5
Peterborough TimbermenVSSt. Catharines ShockwaveSun Feb 6
Whitby SteelhawksVSSix Nations SnipersSun Feb 6
Black Fish LCVSShooting Eagles LCTue Feb 8
Grizzlies LCVSSea Spray LCWed Feb 9
Toronto MonarchsVSWhitby SteelhawksSat Feb 12
Peterborough TimbermenVSOshawa OutlawsSat Feb 12
Six Nations SnipersVSParis RiverWolvesSat Feb 12
Six Nations SnipersVSSt. Catharines ShockwaveSun Feb 13
Sea Spray LCVSShooting Eagles LCTue Feb 15
Black Fish LCVSGrizzlies LCWed Feb 16
Oshawa OutlawsVSWhitby SteelhawksFri Feb 18
Paris RiverWolvesVSWhitby SteelhawksSat Feb 19
St. Catharines ShockwaveVSOshawa OutlawsSat Feb 19
Peterborough TimbermenVSToronto MonarchsSat Feb 19
St. Catharines ShockwaveVSParis RiverWolvesSun Feb 20
Toronto MonarchsVSSix Nations SnipersSun Feb 20
Black Fish LCVSSea Spray LCTue Feb 22
Grizzlies LCVSShooting Eagles LCWed Feb 23
Six Nations SnipersVSPeterborough TimbermenSat Feb 26
Paris RiverWolvesVSToronto MonarchsSat Feb 26
Whitby SteelhawksVSSt. Catharines ShockwaveSun Feb 27
Oshawa OutlawsVSSix Nations SnipersSun Feb 27
Toronto MonarchsVSOshawa OutlawsSat Mar 5
Six Nations SnipersVSWhitby SteelhawksSat Mar 5
Peterborough TimbermenVSParis RiverWolvesSat Mar 5
Toronto MonarchsVSSt. Catharines ShockwaveSun Mar 6
Oshawa OutlawsVSParis RiverWolvesSun Mar 6
Whitby SteelhawksVSPeterborough TimbermenFri Mar 11
St. Catharines ShockwaveVSPeterborough TimbermenSat Mar 12
Whitby SteelhawksVSToronto MonarchsSat Mar 12
Oshawa OutlawsVSSt. Catharines ShockwaveSun Mar 13
Paris RiverWolvesVSSix Nations SnipersSun Mar 13
Sea Spray LCVSGrizzlies LCMon Mar 14
Shooting Eagles LCVSBlack Fish LCTue Mar 15
Peterborough TimbermenVSWhitby SteelhawksSat Mar 19
Six Nations SnipersVSOshawa OutlawsSat Mar 19
St. Catharines ShockwaveVSToronto MonarchsSat Mar 19
Paris RiverWolvesVSSt. Catharines ShockwaveSun Mar 20
Grizzlies LCVSShooting Eagles LCSun Mar 20
Black Fish LCVSSea Spray LCSun Mar 20
Whitby SteelhawksVSOshawa OutlawsFri Mar 25
St. Catharines ShockwaveVSWhitby SteelhawksSat Mar 26
Grizzlies LCGrizzlies LCVSSea Spray LCSat Mar 26
ALL West Cup Game 1
Paris RiverVSOshawa OutlawsSat Mar 26
Toronto MonarchsVSPeterborough TimbermenSat Mar 26
Toronto MonarchsVSParis RiverWolvesSun Mar 27
Sea Spray LCVSGrizzlies LCSun Mar 27
ALL West Cup Game 2
Peterborough TimbermenVSSix Nations SnipersSun Mar 27
Grizzlies LCVSSea Spray LCSun Mar 27
ALL West Cup Game 3 – 15 minute Mini Game
Oshawa OutlawsVSPeterborough TimbermenSat Apr 2
Six Nations SnipersVSToronto MonarchsSat Apr 2
Whitby SteelhawksVSParis RiverWolvesSun Apr 3
St. Catharines ShockwaveVSSix Nations SnipersSun Apr 3
Toronto MonarchsVSSt. Catharines ShockwaveSat Apr 9
Oshawa OutlawsVSPeterborough TimbermenSun Apr 10
St. Catharines ShockwaveVSParis RiverWolvesSun Apr 10
Oshawa OutlawsVSWhitby SteelhawksSat Apr 16
St. Catharines ShockwaveVSSix Nations SnipersSat Apr 16
Whitby SteelhawksVSSix Nations SnipersSun Apr 17

What are the Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) Standings 2022?

Following is the present teams’ standings chart:

No.TeamGames PlayedWonLost
1Six Nations Snipers12102
2Whitby Steelhawks1284
3Paris RiverWolves1266
4Peterborough Timbermen1257
5Oshawa Outlaws1257
6St. Catharines Shockwave1248
7Toronto Monarchs1248
8Sea Spray LC1293
9Shooting Eagles LC1266
10Grizzlies LC1257
11Black Fish LC1248

Which Teams are Playing in Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) 2022?

A total of eleven teams are playing in Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) 2022 which are as follows:

  •       Six Nations Snipers
  •       Whitby Steelhawks
  •       Paris RiverWolves
  •       Peterborough Timbermen
  •       Oshawa Outlaws
  •       St. Catharines Shockwave
  •       Toronto Monarchs
  •       Sea Spray LC
  •       Shooting Eagles LC
  •       Grizzlies LC
  •       Black Fish LC

What are the Previous Scores of the Teams in Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) 2021

Following are the top 6 scorers of the All West and All East teams:

  •       John St. John of Oshawa Outlaws: 63 points.
  •       Aaron Woods of Peterborough Timbermen: 61 points.
  •       Luke Laszkiewicz of Oshawa Outlaws: 58 points.
  •       Jake Foster of Shooting Eagles LC: 73 points.
  •       Tyler Kirkby of Sea Spray LC: 68 points.
  •       Greg Lunde of Black Fish LC: 57 points.

How many Players are playing In Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) 2022?

In any Lacrosse game, each side has 10 players on the field: a goalie, three defenders on the defensive end, three midfielders who can roam the entire field, and three attackers on the offensive end. When applicable, the Arena Lacrosse League will play by NLL rules. The ALL roster will consist of 20 players and two goaltenders.

So for 11 teams, there is a total roster of 242 players including goalies.

Who Won the last Arena Lacrosse League (ALL)?

In the last league, In the West games, Sea Spray Lacrosse won by 2-1 (Best of 3) against Grizzlies Lacrosse. In the East games, Six Nations Snipers won by 16-11 against Whitby Steelhawks.

How much the tickets for Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) Cost?

Following are the ticket prices for Arena Lacrosse League (ALL):

SINGLE GAME TICKETS: $10 for adults; $5 for Students, Youth, and Seniors

DAY PASS TICKETS: 2 or 3 Game Event: $15 for adults; $8 for Students, Youth, and Seniors

SEASON TICKETS: $60 for adults; $30 for Students, Youth, and Seniors

Why ExpressVpn is the Best VPN to Watch Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) 2022 Outside USA?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) 2022 outside USA due to its ability to unblock nearly all popular streaming providers worldwide. It is distinguished by its superior unblocking capability, speed, security, and server coverage.

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) Outside USA

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Aaron Woods, a forward for the Peterborough Timbermen, is the 2022 ALL East’s Most Valuable Player.

Popular at all levels in the United States and Canada, lacrosse is also renowned as the fastest game played on two feet.


Whether you’re a fan of the Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) or the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL), the best VPN for streaming will enable you to view any content you desire online. With so many available streaming options, it is natural to want to watch everything.

With ExpressVPN, you can avoid geo-restrictions and unblock and stream content from regional libraries and platforms regardless of your location. However, not all VPNs are enough for the work.

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