How to Watch 2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship Live on NBC Sports Outside USA

How to Watch 2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship Live on NBC Sports Outside USA

Do you love golf but cannot watch the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship due to geo-restrictions? Thanks to a VPN service, you can enjoy your favorite sport without worrying about geo-blocking. In this guide, you can find out how to watch 2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship Live on NBC Sports outside USA.

NBC sports is geo-specific which means you cannot watch it unless you live in the United States. However, a VPN can help you watch NBC Sports and other geo-restricted streaming platforms by masking your IP address and letting you bypass geo-blocking.

If you live in the US and have a cable subscription that includes NBC, you still need a VPN to watch the Women’s PGA Championship if you happen to travel abroad during the tournament. International viewers cannot watch the championship live without a VPN.

Read and find out the best VPN options and how to watch the 2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship Live on NBC Sports outside the USA using a premium VPN.

Quick Steps: Watch 2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship Live on NBC Sports Outside USA

Below are steps regarding how to install and utilize a VPN.

  1. Download VPN on your preferred device. We recommend ExpressVPN due to its great speed and security features
  2. Install the VPN app onto your desired device.
  3. Sign in to the app you just installed.
  4. Connect to any US server (which server you go with depends on your current location).
  5. Create an account with NBC Sports, and start watching.

Where Can I Watch KPMG?

You can watch the KPMG Championship on NBC Sports. In fact, using a VPN service, you can watch the championship on NBC Sports outside USA.  All four rounds of the 2021 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship are also available on TV.

How Can I Watch NBC Golf Live?

You can watch NBC Golf Live and all Golf events live on NBC Sports.You can also watch the championship outside USA through a VPN service like ExpressVPN. Companies like these will disguise your IP address and make NBC Sports think you’re in the United States.

Where Can I Watch the US PGA Live?

You can watch the US PGA tournament live on NBC, Peacock, or NBC Sports (the app or the website). These streaming platforms are geo-restricted which means fans outside the USA will require a VPN service to watch US PGA Live.

Where is the Women’s PGA Championship Held?

The 2022 Women’s PGA Championship will be at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland. Its course is 100 years old and has hosted 6 championships.

Schedule of 2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship

You can watch the live tournament starting June 21-26, 2022. The NBC website has specific show times listed. Tee times may not be announced until the day of the tournament.

June 23rd: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm EST
June 24th: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm EST
June 25th: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST
June 26th: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST

What is the Purse for KPMG?

The KPMG tournament has a purse of $4,500,000. Whoever wins the championship will receive the standard purse percentage of 15%, which is about $675,000.

Where is the LPGA Playing This Week in 2022?

This week (June 23-26), the tournament (titled KPMG Women’s PGA Championship) is at Congressional Country Club, Bethesda MD – USA.

Is the LPGA on Peacock?

Yes, the LPGA is on Peacock. NBC added more golf events to the application this year, allowing users to watch the LPGA and PGA tours simultaneously.

What Are the Best VPNs to Watch 2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship Live on NBC Sports Outside USA?

If you want to watch the 2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship outside the USA, you need a reliable VPN service. The most popular and secure systems are ExpressVPN, SurfShark, or NordVPN. Read the descriptions of the short-listed VPNs here:

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPNs to Watch 2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship Live on NBC Sports Outside USA


You can instantly connect to the Miami – USA server of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch 2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship Live on NBC Sports outside USA. It offers servers in 3000+ servers located in 94+ countries including the United States.

You can choose from over 25 servers across America to watch NBC Sports and other geo-restricted streaming platforms outside the USA. Their most affordable option is a one-year plan with a price of US$ 6.67/mo - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan.

Typically, whichever state closest to your destination will work best for your streaming needs, but we recommend New York as the best server.

ExpressVPN offers MediaStreamer, which is a DNS service that improves your overall streaming experience. MediaStreamer is an excellent alternative for systems that do not have a built-in VPN. ExpressVPN gives you access to streaming services such as NBC, ESPN+, and Foxtel Sports.

ExpressVPN is the most costly yet most reliable company. Get ExpressVPN today so you can start watching all your favorite shows worldwide. ExpresVPN will help you unblock geo-restricted content allowing you to watch NCAA Men’s College World Series 2022.

Surfshark: Budget-Friendly VPN to Watch 2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship Live on NBC Sports Outside USA


We could easily connect to Chicago – USA server using Surfshark

Surfshark is the most pocket-friendly VPN available in the market to watch NBC Sports and other geographically restricted streaming platforms outside their jurisdictions.

Surfshark has 3200+ servers available in 65+ countries for streaming the KPMG LPGA Championship. Surfshark can decide which location works best for your needs – it is normally a location close by.

This server offers one of the most accessible plans at US$ 2.30/mo - 82% Off on 2 Years Plan. You can use the VPN across unlimited devices. Surfshark offers the cheapest, most generous option among the three servers. With this affordable VPN, you can also watch the latest F1 Grand Prix outside the USA.

Surfshark offers the ability to stream movies privately, receive double protection by using two servers at the same time, and AES-256-GCM encryption to guard your data.

With Surfshark, you can get better search results because it helps protect email accounts. It ensures no travel restrictions allowing you to stream across unlimited devices.

With this budget-friendly option, you can stream movies from Disney+, Hulu, or Netflix and other new sports events like watch UFC Fight Night with ease across all your devices. Get started with Surfshark today to enjoy your favorite sporting events live.

NordVPN: Largest Server Network to Watch 2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship Live on NBC Sports Outside USA


Connect to NordVPN’s the United States – A US server for the ultimate streaming experience.

NordVPN is the most user-friendly VPN service available in the market. It has over 5543+ servers available in 60+ countries.

NordVPN functions on Mac, Linux, routers, game consoles, and smart TVs, among other devices. If you want to watch the KPMG LPGA Championship on your laptop, you can – convenient if you plan to travel and need something to watch during a layover.

NordVPN also has extensions for numerous browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. NordVPN offers the most servers allowing you to simultaneously stream and share while protected by a VPN.

With NordVPN, there will be no more buffering as you stream your material. Other streaming services, such as BBC iPlayer and ESPN, are available.

This VPN service offers a standard plan of only US$ 3.49/mo - Save 60% on 2 Years Deal, with other plans available at a higher price. NordVPN provides 24/7 customer support and has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you do not like the services provided.

To get started, visit NordVPN to find out more. With this VPN you can easily watch Motorcycle Grand Prix without any interruption.


You can watch KPMG LPGA 2021 on NBC Sports. All four rounds are available on TV for binge-watching. As for the fans outside the USA, a VPN like ExpressVPN is required to watch KPMG LPGA 2021 on NBC Sports.

The purse for the KPMG is $4,500,000 for the last few years and will remain the same for 2022.

Yes, LPGA will be on Peacock TV.

Wrap Up

Installing a reliable VPN to your device is crucial to watch the 2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship Live on NBC Sports Outside USA. We recommend ExpressVPN, though the more expensive option, as the most reliable VPN server in the industry. This service will be your best option for streaming NBC Sports live.

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