How to Watch NRL Season 2023 in USA on Kayo Sports


NRL is about to captivate the rugby world again with its thrilling 2023 season on March 2nd, 2023. Kayo will show each game to Aussie viewers, but you can only watch Kayo in USA via robust VPN connectivity. This post will guide you on how to watch NRL season 2023 in USA on Kayo.

Kayo’s devotion to delivering outstanding sports streaming is exemplary. Be it college basketball, X Games, UFC, or baseball, and the platform has viewers covered. But Kayo truly shines when broadcasting epic rugby games from the NRL each year. That’s when fans marvel at their favorite rugby superstars’ raw power and extreme athleticism.

The only sad side to Kayo’s excellent service is that it is available solely in Australia due to licensing requirements. Luckily a rapid fix via VPN activation is available. Check out the appropriate steps to access Kayo Sports in USA.

Quick Steps: Watch NRL Season 2023 in USA on Kayo Sports

Follow the quick steps given below to watch NRL Season 2023 in USA on Kayo Sports using a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to any premium VPN app. ExpressVPN is our recommendation.
  2. Download and install the VPN app.
  3. From the list of servers (countries), connect to Australia.
  4. Sign up for Kayo Sports and start watching NRL Season 2023!

Where Can I Stream NRL Season 2023 in USA?

You can stream all the NRL 2023 season games on Kayo. This sports streaming platform will cover each game, including the NRL 2023 pre-season. However, Kayo’s content licensing is limited to Australia.

So you’ll need a VPN for streaming Kayo abroad. This way, you’ll be able to get an Australia IP address to access NRL matches and all popular sports on Kayo.

Where is the NRL Grand Final 2023?

The venue for the NRL Grand Final will be Accor Stadium, Sydney. This venue was previously known as the ANZ Stadium. The mega matchup will feature two of the top finishers of the NRL 2023 ladder. The game is scheduled for Sunday, October 1, 2023, and will likely attract massive crowds.

Where will the NRL Finals 2023 be played?’

The NRL 2023 finals will be played in Brisbane, Australia. The city will host the massive game on October 1, 2023. Suncorp Stadium is the chosen venue for this concluding game of the season. The arena will likely fill up all 52,500 of its seats as fans will swarm into it to enjoy the mega matchup.

NRL Season 2023 Schedule

NRL 2023 fixtures are as listed below:

Date Teams Playing Scheduled Local Time
2 Mar Eels versus Storm 7:50 PM
3 Mar Warriors versus Knights 8:00 PM
3 Mar Panthers versus Broncos 8:05 PM
4 Mar Sea Eagles versus Bulldogs 3:00 PM
4 Mar Cowboys versus Raiders 4:30 PM
4 Mar Sharks versus Rabbitohs 7:35 PM
5 Mar Dolphins versus Roosters 3:05 PM
5 Mar Tigers versus Titans 6:15 PM
9 Mar Panthers versus Rabbitohs 7:50 PM
10 Mar Eels versus Sharks 6:00 PM
10 Mar Broncos versus Cowboys 7:05 PM
11 Mar Roosters versus Warriors 3:00 PM
11 Mar Dolphins versus Raiders 4:30 PM
11 Mar Storm versus Bulldogs 7:35 PM
12 Mar Tigers versus Knights 4:05 PM
12 Mar Dragons versus Titans 6:15 PM
16 Mar Sea Eagles versus Eels 7:50 PM
17 Mar Knights versus Dolphins 6:00 PM
17 Mar Roosters versus Rabbitohs 8:05 PM
18 Mar Titans versus Storm 2:00 PM
18 Mar Cowboys versus Warriors 4:30 PM
18 Mar Broncos versus Dragons 6:35 PM
19 Mar Bulldogs versus Tigers 4:05 PM
19 Mar Raiders versus Sharks 6:15 PM
23 Mar Eels versus Panthers 7:50 PM
24 Mar Storm versus Tigers 6:00 PM
24 Mar Dolphins versus Broncos 7:05 PM
25 Mar Cowboys versus Titans 5:30 PM
25 Mar Rabbitohs versus Sea Eagles 7:35 PM
26 Mar Warriors versus Bulldogs 4:00 PM
26 Mar Knights versus Raiders 4:05 PM
26 Mar Dragons versus Sharks 6:15 PM
30 Mar Roosters versus Eels 7:50 PM
31 Mar Raiders versus Panthers 6:00 PM
31 Mar Rabbitohs versus Storm 8:05 PM
1 Apr Sea Eagles versus Knights 3:00 PM
1 Apr Dragons versus Dolphins 5:30 PM
1 Apr Broncos versus Tigers 6:35 PM
2 Apr Sharks versus Warriors 4:00 PM
2 Apr Bulldogs versus Cowboys 6:15 PM
6 Apr Storm versus Roosters 7:50 PM
7 Apr Bulldogs versus Rabbitohs 4:00 PM
7 Apr Cowboys versus Dolphins 8:00 PM
8 Apr Panthers versus Sea Eagles 5:30 PM
8 Apr Broncos versus Raiders 7:35 PM
9 Apr Titans versus Dragons 4:05 PM
9 Apr Knights versus Warriors 6:15 PM
10 Apr Tigers versus Eels 4:00 PM
13 Apr Dolphins versus Rabbitohs 7:50 PM
14 Apr Sharks versus Roosters 6:00 PM
14 Apr Sea Eagles versus Storm 8:00 PM
15 Apr Warriors versus Cowboys 5:00 PM
15 Apr Knights versus Panthers 5:30 PM
15 Apr Titans versus Broncos 7:35 PM
16 Apr Raiders versus Dragons 2:00 PM
16 Apr Eels versus Bulldogs 4:05 PM
20 Apr Rabbitohs versus Panthers 7:50 PM
21 Apr Eels versus Broncos 8:00 PM
22 Apr Bulldogs versus Sharks 5:30 PM
22 Apr Cowboys versus Knights 7:35 PM
23 Apr Dolphins versus Titans 2:00 PM
23 Apr Tigers versus Sea Eagles 4:05 PM
25 Apr Roosters versus Dragons 4:00 PM
25 Apr Storm versus Warriors 7:00 PM
27 Apr Sharks versus Cowboys 7:50 PM
28 Apr Eels versus Knights 6:00 PM
28 Apr Broncos versus Rabbitohs 8:00 PM
29 Apr Raiders versus Dolphins 3:00 PM
29 Apr Sea Eagles versus Titans 5:30 PM
29 Apr Panthers versus Tigers 7:35 PM
30 Apr Warriors versus Roosters 4:00 PM
30 Apr Dragons versus Bulldogs 4:05 AM
5 May Sea Eagles versus Broncos 8:05 PM
6 May Warriors versus Panthers 3:00 PM
6 May Sharks versus Dolphins 5:30 PM
6 May Storm versus Rabbitohs 7:45 PM
7 May Tigers versus Dragons 1:50 PM
7 May Roosters versus Cowboys 4:00 PM
7 May Titans versus Eels 6:25 PM
11 May Storm versus Broncos 7:50 PM
12 May Bulldogs versus Warriors 6:00 PM
12 May Panthers versus Roosters 8:00 PM
13 May Rabbitohs versus Tigers 3:00 PM
13 May Cowboys versus Dragons 5:30 PM
13 May Raiders versus Eels 7:35 PM
14 May Knights versus Titans 2:00 PM
14 May Sea Eagles versus Sharks 4:05 PM
18 May Broncos versus Panthers 7:50 PM
19 May Dragons versus Roosters 6:00 PM
19 May Rabbitohs versus Eels 8:00 PM
20 May Sharks versus Knights 3:00 PM
20 May Tigers versus Cowboys 5:30 PM
20 May Dolphins versus Storm 7:35 PM
21 May Bulldogs versus Titans 2:00 PM
21 May Raiders versus Sea Eagles 4:05 PM
25 May Dolphins versus Dragons 7:50 PM
26 May Eels versus Cowboys 8:00 PM
27 May Warriors versus Broncos 5:30 PM
27 May Rabbitohs versus Raiders 7:35 PM
28 May Knights versus Sea Eagles 4:05 PM
31 May Queensland versus New South Wales 8:05 PM
2 Jun Tigers versus Raiders 8:00 PM
3 Jun Warriors versus Dolphins 3:00 PM
3 Jun Titans versus Rabbitohs 5:30 PM
3 Jun Sharks versus Broncos 7:35 PM
4 Jun Roosters versus Bulldogs 2:00 PM
4 Jun Cowboys versus Storm 4:05 PM
4 Jun Panthers versus Dragons 6:15 PM
8 Jun Titans versus Tigers 7:50 PM
9 Jun Raiders versus Warriors 6:00 PM
9 Jun Sea Eagles versus Dolphins 8:00 PM
10 Jun Dragons versus Rabbitohs 3:00 PM
10 Jun Broncos versus Knights 5:30 PM
10 Jun Roosters versus Panthers 7:35 PM
11 Jun Storm versus Sharks 4:05 PM
12 Jun Bulldogs versus Eels 4:00 PM
16 Jun Cowboys versus Panthers 8:00 PM
17 Jun Knights versus Roosters 3:00 PM
17 Jun Eels versus Sea Eagles 5:30 PM
17 Jun Tigers versus Storm 7:35 PM
18 Jun Sharks versus Bulldogs 4:05 PM
21 Jun Queensland versus New South Wales 8:05 PM
23 Jun Dragons versus Warriors 8:00 PM
24 Jun Dolphins versus Eels 3:00 PM
24 Jun Panthers versus Knights 5:30 PM
24 Jun Storm versus Sea Eagles 7:35 PM
25 Jun Broncos versus Titans 2:00 PM
25 Jun Rabbitohs versus Cowboys 4:05 PM
29 Jun Sharks versus Dragons 7:50 PM
30 Jun Warriors versus Rabbitohs 6:00 PM
30 Jun Storm versus Panthers 8:00 PM
1 Jul Raiders versus Titans 3:00 PM
1 Jul Cowboys versus Tigers 5:30 PM
1 Jul Broncos versus Dolphins 7:35 PM
2 Jul Bulldogs versus Knights 2:00 PM
2 Jul Sea Eagles versus Roosters 4:05 PM
6 Jul Tigers versus Sharks 7:50 PM
7 Jul Dragons versus Raiders 8:00 PM
8 Jul Titans versus Dolphins 2:05 PM
8 Jul Eels versus Warriors 5:30 PM
8 Jul Rabbitohs versus Bulldogs 7:35 PM
12 Jul New South Wales versus Queensland 8:05 PM
14 Jul Knights versus Tigers 8:00 PM
15 Jul Bulldogs versus Broncos 3:00 PM
15 Jul Sea Eagles versus Cowboys 5:30 PM
15 Jul Roosters versus Storm 7:35 PM
16 Jul Warriors versus Sharks 2:00 PM
16 Jul Dolphins versus Panthers 4:05 PM
16 Jul Eels versus Titans 6:15 PM
20 Jul Dragons versus Tigers 7:50 PM
21 Jul Warriors versus Raiders 6:00 PM
21 Jul Rabbitohs versus Broncos 8:00 PM
22 Jul Titans versus Roosters 3:00 PM
22 Jul Knights versus Storm 5:30 PM
22 Jul Cowboys versus Eels 7:35 PM
23 Jul Panthers versus Bulldogs 2:00 PM
23 Jul Sharks versus Sea Eagles 4:05 PM
27 Jul Broncos versus Roosters 7:50 PM
28 Jul Tigers versus Rabbitohs 6:00 PM
28 Jul Storm versus Eels 8:00 PM
29 Jul Raiders versus Knights 3:00 PM
29 Jul Dragons versus Sea Eagles 5:30 PM
29 Jul Panthers versus Sharks 7:35 PM
30 Jul Bulldogs versus Dolphins 2:00 PM
30 Jul Titans versus Cowboys 4:05 PM
3 Aug Roosters versus Sea Eagles 7:50 PM
4 Aug Titans versus Warriors 6:00 PM
4 Aug Panthers versus Storm 8:00 PM
5 Aug Cowboys versus Broncos 3:00 PM
5 Aug Dolphins versus Knights 5:30 PM
5 Aug Rabbitohs versus Sharks 7:35 PM
6 Aug Eels versus Dragons 2:00 PM
6 Aug Raiders versus Tigers 4:05 PM
10 Aug Sea Eagles versus Panthers 7:50 PM
11 Aug Sharks versus Titans 6:00 PM
11 Aug Broncos versus Eels 8:00 PM
12 Aug Rabbitohs versus Dragons 3:00 PM
12 Aug Tigers versus Warriors 5:30 PM
12 Aug Roosters versus Dolphins 7:35 PM
13 Aug Storm versus Raiders 2:00 PM
13 Aug Knights versus Bulldogs 4:05 PM
17 Aug Cowboys versus Sharks 7:50 PM
18 Aug Warriors versus Sea Eagles 6:00 PM
18 Aug Eels versus Roosters 8:00 PM
19 Aug Tigers versus Dolphins 3:00 PM
19 Aug Titans versus Panthers 5:30 PM
19 Aug Dragons versus Storm 7:35 PM
20 Aug Knights versus Rabbitohs 2:00 PM
20 Aug Raiders versus Bulldogs 4:05 PM
24 Aug Panthers versus Eels 7:50 PM
25 Aug Warriors versus Dragons 6:00 PM
25 Aug Dolphins versus Cowboys 8:00 PM
26 Aug Storm versus Titans 3:00 PM
26 Aug Roosters versus Tigers 5:30 PM
26 Aug Raiders versus Broncos 7:35 PM
27 Aug Bulldogs versus Sea Eagles 2:00 PM
27 Aug Knights versus Sharks 4:05 PM
31 Aug Broncos versus Storm 7:50 PM
1 Sep Sea Eagles versus Tigers 6:00 PM
1 Sep Rabbitohs versus Roosters 8:00 PM
2 Sep Dolphins versus Warriors 3:00 PM
2 Sep Panthers versus Cowboys 5:30 PM
2 Sep Dragons versus Knights 7:35 PM
3 Sep Titans versus Bulldogs 2:00 PM
3 Sep Sharks versus Raiders 4:05 PM
  • Qualifying Finals – September 8 and 9
  • Elimination Finals – September 9 and 10
  • Semi-Finals – September 15 and 16
  • Preliminary Finals – September 22 and 23
  • Grand Final – October 1

What date is the First NRL Game 2023?

The NRL 2023 start date is March 2, 2023 (Thursday). The first NRL game of the season will feature two outstanding teams (the Storm and the Eels). The Eels will likely be one of the most prominent teams this season and would love to go one step further than their runners-up finish last year.

Who are the Teams of NRL Season 2023?

The NRL 2023 teams for this season are listed below:

Team Name From
Penrith Panthers NSW
Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks NSW
West Tigers NSW
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs NSW
Sea Eagles NSW
Newcastle Knights NSW
Parramatta Eels NSW
Sydney Roosters NSW
St. George Illawarra Dragons NSW
South Sydney Rabbitohs NSW
The Dolphins Queensland
North Queensland Cowboys Queensland
Gold Coast Titans Queensland
Brisbane Broncos Queensland
Canberra Raiders Australian Capital Territory
Melbourne Storm Victoria
New Zealand Warriors New Zealand

How much do NRL Tickets Cost?

NRL 2023 tickets typically cost $15 on the lower side and $25 on the high end. These estimated ticket prices are based on what was charged for tickets at the ANZ Stadium (the venue for this year’s Grand Final) in 2022.

Club members won’t have to pay anything to enjoy the games. The exact costs might vary for different arenas.

Who is predicted to win the NRL Season 2023?

Penrith Panthers are the top predictions to take home the NRL 2023 trophy. The team is fresh off its victory in 2023 in the finals versus the Eels. But the Panthers will have their work cut out for them, especially with the rise of the Sydney Roosters.

Meanwhile, they’ll also be challenged by the league’s new entrant (the Dolphins).

Why ExpressVPN is Recommended to Watch NRL Season 2023 in USA on Kayo Sports?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch NRL season 2023 in USA on Kayo. It marks its superiority by coupling next-level security capabilities and ultra-rapid no-buffer streaming. 

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch NRL Season 2023 in USA on Kayo Sports


ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch NRL Season 2023 live on Kayo Sports in USA due to its incredible unblocking abilities and premium features.

It offers an expansive range of server networks with over 3000+ servers in 94+ countries. Among all the countries, Australia has 5 dedicated server locations and the Melbourne server offers the fastest connections.

Loaded with several top-notch features, ExpressVPN is a beast of a performer and enhances your streaming experience with features like Internet Kill Switch, Lightway Protocol, AES-256 Bit Encryption, VPN Split Tunneling, and others.

ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature is a blessing in disguise as it helps you watch your favorite content from abroad on various streaming devices such as Apple TV, Roku, FireTV, and Gaming Consoles.

You can install ExpressVPN on Android, macOS, Windows, iOS, Linux, and several streaming devices.

ExpressVPN is offering a value-for-money 12-month subscription plan which costs around US$ 6.67 /mo - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan.

You can also use this VPN to unblock other content like Australia vs India Series.


The Rabbitohs, Penrith Panthers, Bulldogs, Sydney Roosters, and Sea Eagles are the top 5 NRL teams hailing from NSW.

You can watch NRL on-demand via Kayo Sports and the Watch NRL Live stream. If you are outside Australia, you will require a VPN service like ExpressVPN to watch NRL Season 2023 outside Australia.

  1. Visit the App Store to download the Watch NRL app.
  2.  AirPlay allows you to stream Watch NRL on your TV.

Wrap Up

For rugby fans, domestic rugby hardly gets better than NRL offers each season. And the 2023 version of the exciting league will take things up another notch, including one more exciting Queensland team.

Ensure your ExpressVPN support is ready so you can watch NRL season 2023 in USA on Kayo right from its launch.

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