Is 9Now Not Working in the UK – Having issues for you?


Australia’s 9Now offers live streaming and video on demand. One of Australia’s three main commercial television networks, the Nine Network, is owned and controlled by Nine Entertainment Co., which also runs the service.

You’re not the only one having trouble with 9Now not working in the UK. Recently, a lot of customers have been complaining about problems with the well-liked streaming service. Together, we will identify the issues and quickly figure out how to resolve 9Now App issues in the UK, including 9Now on Roku.

You must first use a VPN in order to watch 9Now in UK. You can watch 9Now from anywhere by using a dependable VPN like ExpressVPN to get around geo-restrictions. Worried about why is 9Now not working on my TV? Check the quick fixes we have shared below.

Sports, news, entertainment, and children’s programs are all available live and on-demand on 9Now. The House, Forever, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Almost Human, Chicago PD, Resident Alien, and New Amsterdam are some of the top 9Now programs.

You can stream 9Now on Chromecast, Smart TV, PC, Android and iOS, Roku, and many other devices.

9Now has difficulties, such as outages, connectivity problems, and inaccessible content in some areas. Are you looking for solutions to 9Now problems? We’ll talk about the key issues with 9Now and how to resolve them. Let’s get to the information without further ado.

How to fix 9Now Not Working in UK – Quick Steps

The 9Now app encounters difficulties while streaming its content. Even when you can access 9Now Shows, you might encounter some issues which lead to 9Now not working. But you can fix them by just following these easy instructions and watching your favorite movies and TV series.

These are the simple, quick steps to fix the 9Now live TV not working issue.

Why is the 9Now app not working properly (loading error/server error/connection error)?

Why is my 9Now not working? The 9Now app may not be loading or functioning as it should for several reasons. These reasons consist of the following:

  1. Some loading difficulties might be brought on by the 9Now server being offline.
  2. It’s possible that your Wi-Fi or mobile data are malfunctioning.
  3. Later, you may try logging in to check whether the issue has been resolved.
  4. To fix this, kindly verify your internet connection or get in touch with your internet service provider.
  5. Reduce the number of users or wait for a little before attempting again.
  6. It’s possible that too many people are utilizing the account at once.

How do I fix the 9Now Login Issue?

The frequent difficulties that lead to login and 9now continue watching not working problems are listed below, along with solutions.

  1. It’s possible that your mobile data or Wi-Fi are malfunctioning. Retry after confirming your data connection.
  2. The login or sign-up difficulty might be brought on by the 9Now server being down. Wait a few minutes, then attempt to log in to fix this.
  3. Check to determine if third-party social media platforms like Facebook, Google, or Twitter are functioning properly if you plan to use them.
  4. You could be logging in with incorrect information. Try to locate the proper login information and log in again if necessary.
  5. Your account has been disabled or suspended. Find the error messages and the following steps by reading them.

Why can’t I receive 9Now app Notifications?

Notifications from the 9Now app may not function properly for various reasons. The following list includes some of the causes and suggestions for how to address them;

  1. To see if notifications are turned on or off, go to Apps, 9Now, and then click on Notifications. Allow them to start getting alerts if they haven’t already.
  2. Check whether you unintentionally silenced the streaming device’s applications or the app in question. Make sure all notifications are still turned on.

What Can I do if 9Now keeps Buffering on TV?

You can do several actions to guarantee a seamless streaming experience and no buffering problems when streaming 9Now on TV.

To fix the buffering problems, you may examine your internet connection, do a power cycle, examine pending updates, and examine server status.

Follow the instructions below if the problem is still not resolved.

Check Your Internet Speed

A bad internet connection is frequently to blame for persistent buffering.

When 9Now begins to buffer, one of the first things you should do is check your internet connection.

  • You might try switching to a faster internet connection, switching from Wi-Fi to ethernet, or rebooting your modem.
  • To evaluate your internet speeds, you may also run a speed test.
  • But if the problem persists and the speeds fall short of what you’re paying for, get in touch with your internet service provider.

Reboot Your Device

You restart your modem and router when you do a power cycle. A further cause of 9Now not working is a power cycle. Any problems you might be having with your internet connection might be fixed by doing this.

  • Turn off your modem and router, then wait a few minutes to perform a power cycle.
  • Wait for your modem to connect to the internet after turning it on.
  • Open your router after connecting the modem.
  • Try streaming 9Now once more after waiting a few whiles.

Note: If 9Now not working with a VPN, is your concerned then make sure that you are using a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Check 9Now Updates

Buffering problems are frequently caused by outdated software. It is also one of the most common reasons for the 9Now login not working.

Updates are the next item on your checklist to look for. This covers operating systems, streaming devices, and app upgrades.

  1. Visit the Settings menu on your streaming device, the App Store for Apple devices, the Google Play Store for Android devices, or both to check for updates.
  2. Look for any necessary updates once you’re in the settings menu or the app store.

Check 9Now Server Status.

The server status is the next thing you may check if you’re still experiencing 9now not working on Panasonic TV or other streaming devices. Check to see if the 9Now server is operating properly.

To accomplish this, go to the 9Now website and look for any alerts or changes.

To find out whether there are any known difficulties, you may also try calling customer service.

There will be a notice on the website if there is a problem with the servers.

FAQs – 9Now Not Working Issues

If it takes a while for your video to load, a security feature may be preventing it from playing. Simply add the website to your list of trusted sites in your browser’s firewall settings to check your security settings.

Your TV should return to the SmartHub when you press the Back or Return button on the remote control.

  • After that, try relaunching the app.
  • If that doesn’t work, press and hold the Power button on the remote control while allowing the TV to turn off.
  • When it comes back on, release your grip on the button.

Several things might be incorrect at the same time.
  1. Speeds may be slower during periods of heavy traffic during the day.
  2. It might also be problematic if your wifi connection is unstable.
  3. Speed may also be affected if several of you are using the same modem or router to share a single connection.

There might be a number of causes for 9Now to not load. Follow these steps to resolve this issue.
  1. Press the Home button on your Samsung remote control to fix this problem.
  2.  Navigate to and pick APPS using the remote’s directional pad.
  3. Select Install after finding 9Now in the Video section and navigating there.


We hope after going through this article, you can resolve the issue of 9Now not working in UK. If you continue receiving 9Now error messages, you may also try removing and reinstalling the application or contacting customer support. Your app will be operational quickly if you follow the tutorial instructions.

9Now is one of the best streaming services, and any minor error shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your favorite content on it. The best thing is that 9Now is a free platform, so simply follow the quick fixes mentioned above and binge-watch your favorite content on 9Now Roku or any other device.

If you have any further queries on the 9Now stream playback generic error, feel free to ask us in the comments section. Happy Streaming!

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