How Much Does BBC iPlayer Cost outside UK?


Wondering, what is the cost of a BBC iPlayer? Well, BBC iPlayer is a UK based free-to-watch streaming platform. Even so, you will need a valid UK TV license to register your account on BBC iPlayer. Unfortunately, due to its geo-restrictions, you cannot view its content outside UK. But we have a fix for that too in this guide.

To access BBC iPlayer outside UK, you will need a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN to swiftly unblock its content abroad. The BBC iPlayer Cost outside UK will include the BBC license fee and the fee charged to subscribe to a VPN service to unblock the platform outside UK.

BBC iPlayer is a top streaming service with some of the best content for its audiences, from TV shows to films to documentaries and sports.

So now, if you want to know what are the costs for using BBC iPlayer, this guide is your best choice. Continue reading to know more.

How much does a TV License cost?

Are you curious to know, how much a UK TV license cost? It costs £159 per year which is equivalent to paying £3.02 per week or £13.13 per month.

It is up to you, you can pay it all at once easily. If you have watched all your favorite content on BBC iPlayer you can also easily cancel BBC iPlayer subscription.

But first, you must know about BBC iPlayer’s free trial, so you can easily watch all of the exclusive content on BBC iPlayer. Currently, you can also watch, and much more.



Why do I need a TV License?

You need a TV license because it is a legal requirement by the BBC or any other channel in UK. This law was invented many years ago in the UK and never comprehended a time when users will be streaming videos on-demand and will be able to watch their favorite shows, films and channels online.

For streaming live TV on the iPlayer or any other network in the UK, you must have a TV License. Since the TV License was developed years before internet streaming became the standard, the law and regulations were out-of-date, and catch-up watching was excluded.


Moreover, BBC iPlayer doesn’t work with a VPN due to some errors, therefore after getting a license if the platform doesn’t work, clear the cache must and check the fixes.

Where does my TV Licence money go?

As part of the BBC’s Royal Charter arrangement with the ministry, the money is contributed to the expenses of subsidizing free TV licenses for those over-75s receiving Pension Credit – a price passed on to the BBC by the authorities.

The few also have the BBC ad-free option offering some channels. When you buy the Licence you will get access to 9 national TV channels, regional programs, 10 national radio channels, etc.

Will the TV Licence go up in price?

Yes, the license is rising since 2010 and it will further go up. In 2010, it was around £145.50 till 31-March-2017.

Do I need a TV License if I’m not using a TV set to watch iPlayer?

Yes, you still need a TV license even if you are not watching BBC iPlayer on a TV set. The new law imposed for UK TV licenses, in fact, incorporates computers, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, Blu-ray DVD players and digital boxes as well.

What’s worth watching on BBC iPlayer?

There is plenty of content for you to watch on BBC iPlayer, in TV shows, documentaries, films, sports programs, and much more.

Here are some of our top picks:

Movies Sports TV Shows
Baking all the way FA Women’s Super League Bluey
Christmas in Toyland Scottish Championship I Kissed a Boy
Drag me to Hell Formula 1 Question Time
Falling in Love at Christmas Bellator MMA Project Icon
Notebook FA Cup 2023 Rain Dogs
Booksmart Six Nations Death in Paradise
Host FIFA World Cup 2022 Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job
Dancing through Christmas Super Bowl Highland Cops
An Irish Goodbye World Cup Rugby League FBoy Island NZ
Heart of the Holidays Alex Scott: The Future of Women’s Football Great Expectations

 BBC iPlayer TV License Cost: FAQs

When a user registers for a BBC account, they have to declare whether they have a valid UK TV license or not. If anyone is found using BBC iPlayer without a license, they will be known to have lied.

There are some BBC shows that are also available on other streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu that are subscription services. Although most of the shows tend to leave the platform as their content rights expire later they will be available in Britbox which is a new subscription platform for BBC and ITV.

Britbox costs £5.99/ month and currently, it has the following shows: Happy Valley, Doctor Who, Spooks, and Inside No.9.

Yes, if you stream BBC shows on BBC iPlayer – you must have a TV Licence.  If you do not have a license, you risk being prosecuted and fined up to £1,000*, plus any court fees and/or damages you may be compelled to pay.


The new rule has one loophole: students can get a TV license at their guardians’ household if they are accessing television on a device that is powered by its own internal batteries.

If this loophole does not work for you, you will have to pay the BBC iPlayer cost outside UK to purchase the license.

If you live outside UK and want to stream amazing shows on BBC iPlayer, you simply need to subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN to enjoy the best iPlayer shows and movies without any trouble!

Despite that, you can also check out our Blog about BBC iPlayer Error code 01119.

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