What Channel Is CNBC On DirecTV in UK

What Channel Is CNBC On DirecTV in UK

Are you thinking about what channel is CNBC on DirecTV in UK? Don’t worry, in this guide, we will provide you with all the information regarding the CNBC channel on DirecTV and the famous content on CNBC like The Profile and American Greed.

CNBC is a news channel. This channel was launched 30 years ago on April 17, 1989.

News networks are quite useful because they have interconnected to the world. These networks are marketed as essential channels and are included in all channel lineups.

Most TV providers in the world do not have good channels like DirecTV. Basically, AT&T powers the DirecTV service, which is available in US. You can get the ideal combination of premium, local, popular and national channels.

The streaming platforms are US based if you want to watch CNBC or DirecTV in UK you will need a VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Let’s dig into the guide on what channel is CNBC on DirecTV:

What Channel is CNBC on DirecTV in UK?

CNBC is a network that has gone a long way. Despite several obstacles and serious financial problems, the channel emerged better and stronger than before.

CNBC is included with all DirecTV packages. CNBC will be included in the channel list whether you choose the Premier or Choice package. What channel is CNBC on DirecTV in UK? Let’s find it out:

ChannelChannel Number

How do I get the CNBC Channel in UK?


DirecTV Stream is among the most popular options to cut the cord while still having access to networks such as CNBC. This service is offered by satellite rather than an internet streaming platform.

You may, however, stream CNBC without a cable subscription by utilizing DirecTV Stream. You must first subscribe to DirecTV Stream as a separate service, after which you can install the application on any smart TV or simply visit their website to begin streaming CNBC in UK.

The different channel lineups that are customized to the needs of every other home make DirecTV appropriate for numerous households and also stream some amazing shows and movies. The following are some of the qualities:

  • Channel lineups that are diverse
  • Superior DVR Service including the Premium Channels
  • Using the DirecTV application to watch Live TV

Here are the DirecTV bundles:

DirecTV BundlesPrice/moNumber for Subscription
EntertainmentGBP 53.30 ($64.99)Call to Order
ChoiceGBP 57.40 ($69.99)Call to Order
PremierGBP 110.70 ($134.99)Call to Order
UltimateGBP 69.70 ($84.99)Call to Order
XtraGBP 65.60 ($79.99)Call to Order

Shows to Watch on CNBC


CNBC provides viewers with financial news as well as real-time analysis of national and worldwide financial markets. CNBC broadcasts live financial news programs from 10 AM to 1 AM (BST).

On weekdays, which includes extensive stories, conversations with business executives, commodities and stock market data, comments from financial experts, and far more.

It transmits documentaries, economic and business-themed TV programs, and other relevant content such as discussion shows, investigative programming, and infomercials at end of the business day and on non-trading occasions.

Here are some of its shows to watch anytime:

  • Worldwide Exchange
  • Options Actions
  • On the Money
  • Restaurant Startup
  • Blue Collar Millionaires
  • Closing Bell
  • Futures Outlook
  • Fast Money
  • Restaurant Startup
  • The Profit

What Channel Is CNBC On DirecTV In UK: FAQs

Yes, you can still watch CNBC on DirecTV in UK. Thinking about what channel is CNBC On DirecTV? It’s 355.

CNBC World is on channel no 357 on DirecTV. You can watch it anytime just subscribe to DirecTV’s bundle and start streaming.

The channel CNBC is on 208 number on satellite.

CNBC was founded on April 17th, 1989 by NBC Universal. It is part of the NBC group and shares sister stations with MSNBC, CNBC World, the Weather Channel, and NBC.

DirecTV has various news channels like DirecTV News Mix, Discovery, Destination America, NTN 24, World news, BBC World News HD, and the list goes on.


CNBC is a major television station in the United States. It stands for Consumer News and Business Channel, however, this term is not widely known or used.

The channel was created primarily for business news 31 decades ago. It is now a division of NBC Universal News Group, NBC also streams fantastic movies, you might be interested in watching.

DirecTV is a satellite television service with a large number of channels. CNBC is widely accessible on DirecTV channel 355.

We hope this guide on what channel is CNBC on DirecTV in UK would be informative for you!

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