How To Change Language On Discovery Plus in UK? (Step-By-Step Guide)


We are frequently asked about how to change language on Discovery Plus in UK because of not everybody around the globe talks in one language. In addition, most of us like to enjoy Discovery Plus shows and movies in our mother tongue.

Although the feature of changing the language is fantastic, it may lead to wrong settings if the screen shows a language other than what you speak.

Discovery Plus (stylized by the company as discovery+) was launched over a year ago in the U.S. with hundreds of hours of original shows and a content library from Warner Bros. It primarily features licensed content, original series, and historical programs taken from the archives of Discovery’s channels.

Its portfolio of networks includes OWN, Food TLC, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, Magnolia Network, ID, Network, Discovery Channel, and most recently, CNN. There are more than 50,000 episodes of programs and more than 40 exclusive shows and films available on Discovery+.

But sometimes, a friend or a family member sets the language unintentionally while utilizing your account. The other reason may be that the default language in the settings may not be your choice. In such a case, changing your Discovery Plus language is the only skill you must acquire.

Well, if you are traveling abroad, the bad news is that one cannot stream Discovery Plus in areas other than USA and Canada. No biggie. VPNs have got your back. A reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN can give you access to Discovery Plus Outside UK. Using a VPN, you can also get Discovery Plus free trial from anywhere.

This post will demonstrate how to change Discovery Plus’s country and language.

Discovery Plus has expanded its services internationally. It provides global content. Likewise, several foreign television films and shows on Discovery Plus have entered our domestic entertainment market. In such situations, we cannot stream every foreign movie as they include audio in their native language.

There may be two reasons for this problem. The first reason is that the language on your Discovery Plus has been switched to a language you don’t understand. The second reason includes default language settings to a foreign language. So, it might be frustrating because you must constantly guess the dialogue.

So, open the Discovery Plus website to check which language is being set for your account. Log in to its website. Navigate to the My Profile area of the Account screen by scrolling down. Next, pick the profile for which you wish to alter the language.

Place your pointer over the downward-pointing arrow in the top-right corner of the screen and then click. There should be a dropdown menu. Select the desired language from this list. It will change your audio. If you can’t find your desired language, we suggest you watch Discovery Plus English.

You may also change the subtitles. For this, choose the episode that you want to view first. You may select the dialogue box within the player once it buffers up. You will then be able to get every subtitle and audio option. Look for English or your preferred language in one of these columns. You should hold off if you can’t see your native language in the app.

However, the existence of subtitles is independent of the streaming service itself. The service only looks for the greatest dubs and subtitles available.

Certain programs lack multilingual choices. Discovery Plus is powerless to change this because the developers of such programs are responsible for it. You must b delighted to know that by following the same pathway we can even change the language on Disney Plus.

How to Change the Language on Discovery Plus Using your Device Settings in UK?

Discovery Plus usually features the content in the same language as set on your streaming device. But you don’t need to stick with it. As we said above, you can easily change the language on Discovery Plus using your device settings.

Below we have shared how you can change the Discovery Plus language on phone or web browsers.

How to Change Language on Discovery Plus in UK using Android or iPhone?

Incorrect language settings can occur on the Discovery Plus app for mobile devices. Luckily, the solution to the issue is not too tough. Here’s how to change the language on Discovery Plus on mobile devices to your native language.

  • Go to the settings menu on your phone or tablet.
  • From the options, choose System.

    Choose System from the settings menu.

  • Choose Language and Input to change Discovery Plus settings.
  • Again select Language.
  • Tap on Add a Language. A list of options will appear, choose your preferred language.
  • Select the region for the language you have chosen.
  • Drag the chosen language to the top, using vertical lines.

    Drag your preferred language to the top.

  • Discovery Plus will use this language.

How to Change Language on Discovery Plus in UK using a Web Browser?

The Discovery Plus website is set to English when buying the subscription. But you can modify it anytime.

The language selector will appear in the lower-left corner of your smartphone or desktop browser. After joining Discovery Plus, you can change the Showcase language options for each account. To alter the display language for a given profile, adhere to the steps below:

  • After Discovery Plus login, open your account.

    Sign in on Discovery Plus.

  • To access the dropdown list, click the profile symbol in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Choose the “Manage Profiles” option.
  • Click the symbol that looks like a pencil and is located on the right side of the account. Make sure you choose the account you wish to put in the Manage Profiles screen.
    choose-to-edit-your-profile (1)

    Select the pencil icon.

  • Choose the display language you want to use across your devices on the Edit Profile screen.
  • Click on the Save option.


There is Spanish audio available on Discovery Plus. You can also stream the content in Spanish subtitles on this streaming platform. In this way, you can watch all your favorite Discovery Plus Spanish shows and other shows in foreign languages.

Yes, you can stream Discovery plus shows from other countries in Spanish. Discovery Plus offers various languages like British English, American English, French, Dutch, and Spanish.

The settings on Discovery Plus are present on the video player itself. You’ll find it in the top right corner of your screen.


In a nutshell, it’s easy to switch languages. The steps mentioned above will be helpful to viewers who wish to watch Discovery Plus on Chromecast or any other device.

The prices of Discovery Plus are reasonable, along with the free trial. The plans are flexible, and if needed, you can cancel your Discovery Plus account without any problem.

But changing Discovery’s language settings may be a little daunting when you can’t even understand the options. If this happens, learning and remembering the steps to change the language on Discovery Plus in UK to something you can understand can help you prevent frustrations.

So, refer to this guide in the future as well to clear your doubts about Discovery Plus English.


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