What Channel Is Oxygen On DIRECTV In UK?


Are you a fan of watching women-based true crime or mystery shows and finding what channel is Oxygen on DirecTV in UK? Then you are on the right platform. We’ll discuss everything about this in detail here.

Oxygen TV features content targeting young women as they are attracted to genres like crime, action and mystery. Oxygen, like other OTT streaming platforms, is a cable TV subscription service. NBC Universal TV owns this streaming service.

Scandals, Snapped, Charmed to Death, Buried in the Backyard, Abuse of Power and Ice Cold Murders are some of the must-watch shows on Oxygen.

You can find Oxygen HD on DirecTV channel number 251. If you are living abroad, you’ll need a VPN to watch Oxygen TV in UK. A VPN will help you hide your current location and appear on the streaming service as if you are in UK.

Let’s check further details on what channel is Oxygen on DirecTV and how you can get it.

How to get the Oxygen channel on DIRECTV in UK?[ Quick Guide Steps]

To get the Oxygen channel on DirecTV in UK, here is a quick guide:

  • Go to the DirecTV website.
  • Choose to sign up for the Ultimate TV package.
  • Add all the required details, including your payment details.
  • Once your account is confirmed, sign in.
  • From the channels guide, find Oxygen TV.
  • Enjoy streaming your favorite shows on Oxygen DirecTV channel.

Note: What channel is Oxygen on DirecTV? You can find the Oxygen Direct TV channel on number 251 and enjoy watching all the thrilling criminal content.

CenturyLink with Dish TV

CenturyLink offers a satellite Television service known as Dish TV. With Dish TV, you can access Television channels through satellite Dish placed at your home. People living in the USA or its remote areas can use Dish TV.

If you want to get satellite TV, then getting Dish TV through CenturyLink is the perfect option for streaming Oxygen on DirecTV!

DIRECTV Plan with CenturyLink

CenturyLink is a Telecom company that offers TV, internet and phone services in the US and its territories. You can get DirecTV through CenturyLink to watch Oxygen HD.

Here are the pricing details of the DirecTV plan with CenturyLink:

Plan Price Availability of Oxygen TV
Entertainment $64.99 per month No
Choice $69.99 per month No
Xtra $79.99 per month No
Ultimate $84.99 per month Yes
Premiere $134.99 per month Yes

How to Get CenturyLink on Internet, Phone, & TV Services?

CenturyLink offers an unlimited internet package with a superb speed of up to 100 Mbps. CenturyLink offers:

  • No bundles
  • Unlimited data
  • No long-term contracts
  • 99.9% reliability

The starting price of CenturyLink yearly service is $50.00 per month.


Get CenturyLink services.

You can get CenturyLink’s internet, phone or TV services by calling them or visiting their website. You can also find Oxygen channel number Direct TV on its channel guide.

What Shows to watch on the Oxygen channel?

On Oxygen, you get to enjoy all the crime, action, suspense, mystery and thrilling content that keeps your eyes stuck on the screen throughout the show. Here is the list of the popular shows on Oxygen Channel:

Strut Mark Of A Killer Preachers of Detroit
Murdered by Morning The Face Killer Siblings
The Jury Speaks An Unexpected Killer Dateline: Secrets Uncovered
Last Squad Standing Accident, Suicide or Murder Framed By The Killer
Dance Your Ass Off The DNA Of Murders With Paul Holes Injustice With Nancy Grace
Cold Justice Criminal Confessions Homicide For The Holidays

Shows to watch on Oxygen.

Watch the Oxygen channel on DIRECTV Today

There is no doubt that Oxygen TV offers the best crime content. What channel is Oxygen on DirecTV? Watch the Oxygen channel on DirecTV today on channel number 251. Enjoy all the mystery and thrilling content!

If you are based in UK, then you would need a VPN to access the DirecTV Oxygen channel. Due to content licensing policies, DirecTV is only available in the USA and its territories.

If you are wondering if it is legal to use a VPN, so yes, there is no harm in changing your location virtually on a VPN to access geo-restricted websites.

For users abroad, you simply need to sign up for a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN and connect to the USA server on it to watch Oxygen on DirecTV. With the help of a VPN, you can also watch HBO Max or Telemundo in UK.


Oxygen HD is on channel number 251 on DirecTV. You must sign up for the Ultimate package on DirecTV to get it. For the channels guide, you can find this channel when you sign in. If you are in UK, you need a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass the geo-restrictions.

Yes, the Oxygen channel is free on DirecTV. But to sign up for DirecTV, you must pay the subscription free. The monthly price of DirecTV’s ultimate plan is $84.99 per month.

Yes, the Oxygen app is free for download on App Store and Google Play Store. However, to watch the premium shows on it, you must get a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription.


We hope our guide answered all your questions on what channel is Oxygen on DirecTV channel in UK.

If you are a crazy streamer who loves to watch crime and thriller content, Oxygen is a must-have channel for you. You’ll always have something exciting to watch on chilling nights or weekends. People often ask us, what channel is Snapped on Direct TV? Snapped is an Oxygen TV show on channel 251.

For those in UK, don’t forget to sign up for a VPN or else you’ll face geo-restrictions while trying to watch your favorite shows like A Lie to Die for, 911 Crisis Center or A Wedding and a Murder. Our top recommended VPN for streaming is ExpressVPN for its lightning-fast speed servers.

With the help of a VPN, you can also enjoy watching your favourite action shows and movies on Peacock TV channel or Sling TV in UK.

If you have any further questions on what channel is Oxygen on Direct TV channel, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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