How to Watch HBO Max on Chromecast in UK? [Updated 2023]

HBOmax on chromeCast UK

HBO Max has the compatibility to run on a wide range of third-party devices like Chromecast, so you can take your streaming experience to the next level! You can Chromecast HBO Max on your TV in very simple steps. To know how you can Chromecast HBO Max, follow this guide.

In a hurry? Here is a Short Summary of How to Chromecast HBO Max.

Chromecast HBO Max with your phone or computer. The first step is to connect the HDMI of the Chromecast device to one of the HDMI slots of your TV. Put on the correct HDMI channel on your TV. Download the Google Home app on your phone and set up your Chromecast device on your streaming device (mobile phone). Open the HBO Max app, play a show, and use the cast icon to play the show on your TV screen.

Being released in 2020, It has become the central hub for all the movies, shows, and Anime on HBO Max and other third-party distributors. It has a massive library size with uncountable blockbusters and hits!. Its popularity even reached beyond the seas which made people want to watch HBO Max in UK as well. With a feature to download movies to watch later offline, it provides the best streaming experience to the users. You can set up five different profiles and personalize your list of shows!

There are two easy ways from which you can smoothly Chromecast HBO Max and enjoy your favorite shows on your TV Screen.

How to Chromecast HBO Max With Your Phone in UK?

You can easily Chromecast HBO Max from your mobile phone to any screen having a Chromecast device connected to it. It does not matter if you have an Android phone or an iOS, the steps are almost the same.

  • To Chromecast HBO Max, you should be having an HBO Max subscription.
  • Download the HBO Max app and install it on your phone.
  • Sign in to your HBO Max app on your phone.
  • If you are using Wi-Fi, connect your Chromecast device and Mobile Phone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On your mobile phone, select a movie or a TV series you want to watch and play it.
  • Find the Cast Icon on the top of your mobile screen, tap it.
  • Select your Chromecast device from the list and cast your phone to the screen.
  • You can now see the content of your phone on your screen too, enjoy movie night!

How to Chromecast HBO Max With Your Computer in UK?

  • First, make sure that your computer and TV screen are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On your computer, open the Google Chrome browser and go to the HBO Max website.
  • Input the channel for your Google Chromecast on your TV Screen. (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, …).
  • Continuing on your computer, log in with your HBO Max account if prompted on the HBO Max website (You should have an HBO Max Subscription).
  • Choose a show that you want to watch and play it.
  • On your browser, click on the Chrome Menu Bar (three-dotted option on the top right).
  • Find ‘Cast’ and click on it.
  • Choose your Chromecast device and connect to it.
  • You are now able to cast HBO Max from your computer to your TV screen, grab some popcorn and enjoy watching your favorite movie!

How to Set Up Google Chromecast Device On Your TV Screen in UK?

  • Connect your Chromecast device to a power source and plug in the HDMI cable of Chromecast to an empty HDMI slot on your TV.
  • Switch the TV on and put on the HDMI channel (On which your Chromecast is connected).
  • You will see a message on your TV screen to download the Google Home app.
  • On your phone, download the Google Home app and open it.
  • In the Google Home app, tap on Set up or Add device.
  • Set up a new device and connect your phone to the Chromecast device.
  • Chromecast HBO Max, Hulu, or Netflix easily with your mobile phone!

How to Sign Up for HBO Max?

  • Go to the HBO Max website and click on Create Account.
  • Fill in the information (first name, last name, email address, and password).
  • Click Next.
  • On the next page, select the payment option and fill in card information.
  • HBO Max’s regular subscription plan costs $14.99 USD a month.

7 Popular Shows You Can Watch On HBO Max.

HBO Max has a library of greatest hit shows. You can enjoy all the shows with a regular subscription plan.

These are the all-time favorite shows of the audience,

  • Friends
  • Game of Thrones
  • Band of Brothers
  • Doom Patrol
  • Doctor Who
  • Chernobyl
  • The Big Bang Theory

How to Chromecast HBO Max When It’s Not Working?

Although, you can Chromecast HBO Max very smoothly as it doesn’t get encountered by any problems. But sometimes, it can be a pain in the neck when you can’t seem to figure out why features are not working or why the Chromecast device is crashing. In an event like this, restarting your Chromecast device usually solves all the problems but here are more ways if you think it’s dead-end for your methods of trying!

Quick Network Check

Sometimes we miss some of the most basic things. Similarly, check if your Chromecast device and streaming device are connected to the same network. Failing to do so makes your streaming device unable to detect the Chromecast device, resulting in many minutes of figuring out the problem.

Clear Data and Cache

Go to Chromecast built-in on your TV screen from which your Chromecast is connected and clear the cache and data. You will need to restart your TV and set up your streaming device to the TV again. This method works most of the time.

Try Updating Your HBO Max App

If you can’t seem to Chromecast HBO Max from your mobile device to your TV then check if there is an update waiting for your approval. On Android, you can go to the Google Play Store and on your profile, check My Apps & Games, find the HBO Max app and see if there is an update option available. Similarly, on iOS, go to App Store and find HBO Max from your profile and update it.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

A regular HBO Max ad-free subscription plan costs $14.99 USD for a month with a 7-day trial period. Another plan which includes ads costs $9.99 USD for a month.

If you are living in UK where HBO Max is not available yet, or you just want to access the international libraries of HBO Max then you can use a VPN service to stream your favorite movie. The best VPN services are ExpressVPN which costs $12.95 USD a month and NordVPN, which costs $11.95 USD a month.

Yes, Game of Thrones is an HBO Max original that can only be watched on HBO Max. All the seasons of GoT are available on HBO Max, you just have to subscribe to a plan and watch.


You can Chromecast HBO Max easily just with a handheld device or your computer device. It is not jerky, the video quality is good, and it works smoothly. The setup process of Chromecast to your TV screen is very basic and hassle-free. You can enjoy all the HBO Max blockbusters with your friends on a movie night!

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